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Signup - Drill Writer's Review

biscotti Jun '17
Welcome to a one round event where you have the opportunity to not only compete with fellow members of the MicroMarching community, but also receive genuine feedback on your shows!

Now, I know that I have been inconsistent on the webpage, but with the DCI season in full swing, I am here participating in the day to day conversations, and observing how much people have grown in the past few months! For those who do not know, here's a little bio about myself.

I've hosted major competitions from 2011-2015. I have also been a judge in competitions held by experienced MML writers like Justin Altrogge, Landry Kendrick, Aaron Hudson, and the previous hosts of the Parade of Champions (an MML trademark event). My trademarks shows on the site are anything related to synced productions.

How is this competition similar to others? For one, just sign up by posting:

Micro-corps name
Show Link

And Two, it has a straightforward scoring system:

General Effect: 30 (Demonstration of show design, and effectiveness of drill)
Visual: 30 (Intervals, Clarity, Forms, Transitions, and Variety, Staging as a whole)
Auxiliary: 20 (Staging of guard, variety of drill, Choreography in relation to the drill)
Percussion: 20 (Staging of percussion sections, variety, Intervals between musicians)

How is this competition different? Every person will have a score breakdown, and a critique available to them upon request. With each critique, you will receive suggestions on how you might be able to improve your writing for future projects.

The only thing left for me to say, is come on in and join the fun! Best of luck to all competitors!

Sign Ups will close next Friday, July 7th @ 11:59 PM EST
sohs Jun '17
Stargazers Drum and Bugle Corps
Justin Altrogge Jun '17
The Silent Sound

Your competitions are always great, and I'm really looking forward to this one!
loganrf14 Jun '17
Running Rhapsody Marching Band

It's been a while!
royalDM Jun '17
Spectrum Drum and Bugle Corps
mbfreak99 Jun '17
The Ambassadors Drum and Bugle Corps
mr anon58 Jun '17
mr anon58
Atlantic Ridge Drum Corps
biscotti Jul '17
Four more days! Six sign ups are good! But can we double that?
parhillsb Jul '17
biscotti Jul '17
Today is the last chance to sign up! Don't miss out!
JT Watford Jul '17
JT Watford
Watford Marching Band
Odell Watford Jul '17
Odell Watford
Watford JV Marching Band
biscotti Jul '17
No more sign ups, thank you, and good luck!
royalDM Jul '17
When are awards?
biscotti Jul '17
Tomorrow night! :)
Bhanson Jul '17

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