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DCI 2017 Discussion - Part 1

LKendrick captainJun '17
First broadcasted event is tonight on FloMarching. Lets center discussion here. Have fun, and happy 2017 season.


Show Thread -

FloMarching Info -
Justin Altrogge Jun '17
I had to miss the stream tonight, so I'd love to see some people post their thoughts about the shows and the stream quality here when the stream is over.
LKendrick captainJun '17
Copying my stuff from DCP. Five quick thoughts on each. Wanna get another read on Thursday before I go into a ton of detail. Cavaliers were cut short by a storm and had to perform in pretty subpar conditions. So they get a pass and I'm gonna get another read on Thursday. I don't think anyone could really for a meaningful lasting impression on 8 minutes or so of a show in that.


- Colorguard staging and usage is fantastic, and I have a feeling they're pretty awesome...kinda hard when the windpocalypse happens!
- Loved the percussion writing!
- I'm pretty progressive/okay with electronics so I really liked what I heard/expect to see grow with this show.
- Another VERY aesthetically pleasing show to look at.
- This one's A LOT to process, without seeing the rest especially. I need to see the whole thing like ten more times before I form any kind of opinion on it.

Blue Stars:

- Their brass has never sounded this good early on, by finals they're gonna be incredible.
- ...especially the mellophones. There were a few times they gave me some serious goose bumps.
- LOVED the first 2/3rds of the show, the ballad especially.
- I miss drill like this.
- Not sure on the last 1/3rd of the show...I suspect that more is to come there! Excited to see what they do with it.
royalDM Jun '17
koosh Jun '17
Anyone else going to watch the premier in theaters tomorrow? This will be my first time watching it from a theater. For those who have been, how is the sound/picture quality?
LKendrick captainJun '17
Absolutely. And it's usually pretty good. Last year pit was turned up WAY too loud during the first few corps but the video quality is always great.
biscotti Jun '17
Surprised no one's talking up tonight. Well, here we go.

Premiere thoughts


-Came in halfway through. I liked a lot of the show, but had no idea what was going on. They do have a very good sound, that took me by surprise.

Blue Stars

I like the show better than last year, but I do not see how the three parts fit together. I understand they are all stories about love, but there's nothing tying the three parts together. I also think the show is too dark for a love themed show. The emotions are clashing and contradicting I think. Visually, it is still a very fast paced Blue Stars visual design which I love. Guard had a very rough day. I look forward to seeing what they look like on a good day.


Love/Hate. I think the theme makes complete sense, but just as I felt in previous years, I'm not a fan of this direction. I think it will be performed well by the group. They are doing well on the performance side. Aside from guard, their achievement scores are in line with their material scores. Guard work is extremely tough from my understanding though.


I once "hated" the Cavaliers, but now I love everything they do. Their show this year falls in line with Propaganda, slightly. I also must admit that they are utilizing their props in an unbelievable fashion. Theme is great, and I want to learn from their quad instructor. Drumline is fantastic!

Carolina Crown

You get the feeling that they are not done. I don't know where they go from here. It can either be a surprise at the end of the year, or I can see them being in 4th or 5th as they solidify their new direction with Jeff Saktig. I think growing pains are in store. Still #1 Brass.


Take last year and add to it. There's only one part of the show that I can't stand. But honestly, this is the first Bluecoats show that I might actually enjoy once I get past the part I dislike. Barring what Blue Devils do, I think Bluecoats might actually lock this year up early. Their show design is out the window, almost a full point ahead of Crown in G.E (huge). And they are dirty, which means plenty of room for growth. I'll say that I am surprised they swept overall captions. But, they have the ability to do so at the end of the year with ease.
anthony achille Jun '17
I try to wait to make comments until the first regional. I've just seen too much debating on what happens before they all meet. I am excited to see what happens this year!
koosh Jun '17
I really enjoyed watching the show in theaters last night! These groups get better and better each year. Some thoughts:

Cavaliers: they seem to be getting back to that 2011 Xtraordinary style. I loved the show. Their identity shines through and this corps could be competing for a medal this year.

Cadets: not sure I liked this one. I felt a bit uncomfortable with the whole religious aspect of the show; I understand they are the holy name cadets but it seemed to push the boundary on what drum corps is suppose to be about. See them back in 6th this year.

Carolina crown: love the show. Yes, even the singing. Adds another element and really shows how much control the brass section has. Top 5 this year, high brass.

Bluecoats: speechless. Unbelievable show. The middle section of the show bored me a bit but otherwise that design team is pulling off the unthinkable and producing an extremely entertaining show. I haven't seen the blue devils, but they're gonna have trouble knocking these guys off again.
Matthew Allan Jun '17  /  edited Jun '17
some thoughts after seeing it in the theaters:

Crossmen - Intriguing concept, and has a lot of room to develop thematically. I enjoyed the musical repertoire, and the staging at the beginning of the ballad, but nothing has really "popped" quite yet. It was a good show all around, and I anticipate it burgeoning into something memorable.

Blue Stars - Probably my favorite show of theirs so far since 2010. The first 2/3 was elegant, powerful, and frenetic. The last third sort of lost me though, at least from an emotional standpoint. I enjoyed the drill as well, and it reminded me of some of their drill from 08-10.

Cadets - Musically, I like a lot of what is happening here, though it's hard to comment on the vocal blend since I was in a theater. There's a lot of diversity in it, and even without the words, it can tell a dynamic story. With that said, I'm not crazy about the theme, as I don't believe in the mass. Visually, a lot of it reminded me of "Secret Society," as in the robes adding unneeded clutter to the corps' look.

Cavaliers - I think this is one I need to see again to appreciate more. I didn't get much from it, and I think it was because there was so much happening at once. I thought the electronics were grating at times, but perhaps it had to do with the audio feedback in the theater. With that said though, I can tell this show has a lot of personality and energy, and the performers are putting so much into it. If I watch it a couple more times, I think I'll appreciate it more.

Crown - IT IS certainly artistic, dynamic, and eclectic! Having played "Old Home Days" in wind ensemble a few years back, I was familiar with some of the material. The singer in the ballad was also effective, but the vocals in the last movement seemed somewhat inordinate, particularly in the last minute. As far as the theme goes, I think it is a bit TOO open-ended. It reminds me a little bit of "Cabaret Voltaire," which also had an eclectic repertoire, but the Blue Devils still made it all tie together under a theme we could understand. With this just doesn't seem like it's aiming for a particular destination, and it just kinda ends abruptly. It's still the beginning of the season though, and there's time to add things to make it all cohesive by August. I think once that element is added, this show will be quite amazing.

Bluecoats - One thing I really love about this corps is that they always surprise me with new things musically, and staging-wise. This was very fun to watch, and I could see this one winning by Finals once some things in the performance are ironed out. The only thing I didn't get though was how the uniforms for the guard, and corps proper related to the theme. I've heard others say that this was basically "Down Side Up - Part 2," but I didn't see that at all, or at least to the point where it's essentially the same show. I think this show is different enough from it to be its own production. One notable difference was that it seemed like the ensemble as a whole had more opportunities to shine this year than last, as soloists weren't featured as much this time around.
royalDM Jun '17
My thoughts (seeing it live)

Crossmen: I agree with biscotti with having no clue what was going on but with saying that I fairly enjoyed the show. They were coming in really strong (surprisingly). Their hornline is really strong for the beginning of the season.

BlueStars: I also agree with biscotti about not knowing where they connect but they were stronger than with the live stream. I don't personally like the theme and I don't understaqnd what their inpiration was for the show.

Cadets: Strong Corps this season. I don't like the show and there were a lot of points in the show where there should have been a big hit but it just left me sort of meh. Also prop city 2017 amiright? I was also fairly confused by the show itself.

Cavaliers: I think Cavies are really trying to reach for the gold. The show is really strong but with that I think they aren't done. I want/hope there is more to come with this show.

Crown: I personally feel like there is too much hype behind that show. I watched both the live stream and saw it live and I think what they were going for hasn't been reached yet. With their show description I was expecting something bigger and better. I just see the same crown show (minus the happy/sappy moments). With that being said I think this is a major left from the past few years BUT there are similarities between recent shows. I am getting major "For the Common Good" vibes. I hope as the season goes on they can adapt the show to be more like the description and less like a reformulated repeat.

Bluecoats: I loved the show but with that being said I think the show (at this moment) is kind coming off as kinda "high school" I feel like I've seen this concept before but with better music. I do think the music is sort of revolutionary (which is what I expected from crown) which I think the bluecoats have been doing since 2014 with TILT. I hope they can get stronger but if the don't someone will come for the gold.
Matthew Allan Jun '17
Scores from the Clovis show:

Open Class
1 Blue Devils B 57.850
2 Vanguard Cadets 55.150
3 Golden Empire 49.700
4 Blue Devils C 44.950
World Class
1 Blue Devils 71.750
2 Santa Clara Vanguard 70.050
3 Blue Knights 66.000
4 Phantom Regiment 64.650
5 The Academy 63.650
6 Mandarins 60.500
6 Pacific Crest 60.500
sohs Jun '17
I would list the typical top 12, maybe 13 to 14 corps for World Class this year by my predictions but I wanted to talk about The Academy specifically. Seeing as last night they placed only a point below Phantom Regiment which typically stays in the Top 8-6 range, could The Academy possibly jump up to a 9th or 10th place World Finals spot in anyone's mind? I'm aware some corps haven't been put up against each other yet to get any good reference point but I see The Academy heading in the Top 10 Corps direction depending on how the 2016 8-13th Place corps go. Just a thought, if not more of a question.
biscotti Jun '17

It could be two things. One, one group is off to a great start, while the others are not, or yes. Academy might move up. They've been finding a rhythm/groove unlike any other corps except perhaps Cavaliers and Bluecoats (groups also moving up). Those are my three picks to move up (I know Bluecoats can't go "up"). Meanwhile, there are quite a few corps who have not clicked the past few years, and their "Stock" is dropping. And by clicking, I don't mean their performance. Because performers in this activity are incredible no matter the group.

Design however, Cadets, Blue Stars, and Phantom Regiment have been falling back. (I'm not giving up on Blue Stars yet).
Matthew Allan Jun '17
Massillon, OH scores

1 Bluecoats 72.700
2 Carolina Crown 71.450
3 The Cadets 69.200
4 Boston Crusaders 68.150
5 Troopers 61.400

If one thing is evident from these scores, the Boston Crusaders are certainly aiming not to repeat last year. Only 1.05 behind the Cadets O.O
Matthew Allan Jun '17
Sacramento, CA

Open Class
1 Golden Empire 49.000
World Class
1 Blue Knights 67.550
2 Phantom Regiment 65.500
3 The Academy 64.100
4 Mandarins 62.100
5 Pacific Crest 60.200

Mandarins breaks previous night's tie, and the Academy stays within sight of Phantom Regiment. Vanguard and Blue Devils were not at this show due to their anniversary gala.
Matthew Allan Jun '17
Whitewater, WI

Open Class
1 Colt Cadets 44.200

World Class
1 The Cavaliers 71.050
2 Crossmen 65.900
3 Blue Stars 65.650
4 Madison Scouts 64.200
5 Colts 58.250
6 Pioneer 48.300
jgriff17 Jun '17
Just a heads up, if you haven't seen Blue Devils this year, this show is something special. I'll be traveling to Pasadena with the rest of the DCI media interns and I'll see them live, but I've seen video and it's really something to behold.
koosh Jun '17
Can someone post a video of the blue devils show?
walrus50 Jun '17

I think this is their first show.

The Blue Devils this year, in my opinion, have one bizarre show... in a good way. Damn good brass section with very creative drill and staging. For sure a group to be watching for the title as usual.
Hazzmatazz Jun '17
To be quite honest, I actually like this BD show more than Felliniesque. I'm still not too much of a fan of the canned audio in the drum/dance break, but the movement itself doesn't kill the pace of the show like I felt the dance/perc breaks in Ink and As Dreams are Made On did.

That last chord feels a bit placeholder, but that closer gives me chills. Really excited to see the show live.

SoA also is looking good this year; I love how they're using Shofukan. That groove at the end is probably going to end up an earworm in the same vein as Orawa though.
koosh Jun '17
Just watched the BD show. Nothing surprising really, the usual BD we've come to know in being excellent, always top three in each category. Will be interesting to see how this show evolves throughout the season.
Matthew Allan Jun '17
Michigan City, IN

Open Class
1 Colt Cadets 44.100
World Class
1 Carolina Crown 72.700
2 The Cavaliers 71.500
3 Blue Stars 66.100
4 Crossmen 66.000
5 Madison Scouts 64.600
6 Colts 60.600
7 Pioneer 49.200
biscotti Jun '17
Contrary to some thoughts, I feel like Blue Devils do not sound like Blue Devils from right after the opening hit through the end of the bumblebee section. This show reminds me slightly of The Beat My Heart Skipped musically. I feel like they are doing less visually this year, but could less be more?

While I don't think they sound like BD in the beginning, wow do they sound great the rest of the way. If I had to rank right now...

Music-Blue Devils
Visual-Santa Clara Vanguard (I did barely see the show, was distracted most the night, unfortunately).

1. Bluecoats
2. Blue Devils
3. Santa Clara Vanguard
4. Cavaliers
5. Carolina Crown
6. Blue Knights
7. Phantom Regiment
8. Cadets
9. Blue Stars
10. Crossmen
11. Mandarins
12. Academy
13. Pacific Crest

Many are probably shocked by Mandarins beating Academy, but wow were they good in their show. I was unable to hear the music much, but Mandarins were clean, and it was hard to follow the Academy's show. I'm told it's Bugs Bunny, but it seems more about a hunter and a rabbit? Also, the hunter and rabbit become friends in the end which came out of nowhere for me. I was distracted, so maybe a second viewing will help.

Note: I've only listed groups I've seen. It would not be fair to rank groups I have no knowledge of.
Matthew Allan Jun '17
Scores from Stanford, CA

Open Class
1 Blue Devils B 58.150
2 Vanguard Cadets 56.800
3 Golden Empire 50.100
4 Blue Devils C 44.100

World Class
1 Blue Devils 72.000
2 Santa Clara Vanguard 71.050
3 Blue Knights 67.850
4 Phantom Regiment 66.700
5 Mandarins 64.300
6 The Academy 63.350
7 Pacific Crest 60.650

I am shocked by the Mandarins beating the Academy, especially since they were pretty close to Phantom Regiment. Maybe they had a rough run? Regardless, it's pretty incredible to see how far the Mandarins jumped in just a couple days!
LKendrick captainJun '17
Mandarins doing what they did with how dirty they are is a testament to just how strong their show design is this year, it's FANTASTIC! Once that thing gets clean it's gonna be SUPER dangerous. I had a feeling going into this season they were gonna be solid but I don't think I had any idea it was gonna be this good of a show. Reminds me of how I felt about The Academy going into 2016.
dtraines Jun '17
@Biscotti, do you think Boston will make finals? Or do you think that Mandirins and The Academy will beat them? The music that Boston is doing this year is really cool but I only saw them at a stand still so visually, I don't know.
koosh Jun '17
Isn't it weird to think...the blue devils seem like a "normal" group this year, with crown, cadets, and bluecoats doing weird concepts. Has been the other way around for quite sometime.
Justin Altrogge Jun '17

Biscotti only ranked the corps he has seen above, so I'm assuming by their omission that he has not seen Boston yet this year.

If you're interested in my opinion, I think they're a shoe-in for finals, and I could even potentially see them scoring as high as 5th(with 6th or 7th being a strong possibility). However, of course, it's still early and we'll have to wait and see.
biscotti Jun '17
Based on scores and show music, Boston will make Finals (opinion of course). But Justin is right. I don't want to say anything rankings without seeing shows first.
koosh Jun '17
There's no way boston gets 5th. Who out of these corps will place out of the top 5 in your opinion: BD, bluecoats, cavies, crown, cadets, vanguard?

At best they will place 7th or 8th. But yes they are a shoe-in for finals with the staff changes and great show concept.
jgriff17 Jun '17
Also, y'all gotta Crown a chance! This show is the furthest of any from being done and from all the things I hear musically and visually it'll be killer when it comes together. Patience, my friends.
Justin Altrogge Jun '17
You're right, they won't get fifth, I should have said sixth(I forgot to include Crown, who I think will get fifth.) That being said, I believe BAC and the Blue Knights could potentially challenge for sixth, replacing the Cadets. But I don't think it's likely.
biscotti Jun '17

I am about as diehard a crown fan as it gets. From 2010-now, they've been the one corps I like every year. The last two years, I was unsure in the beginning and loved them at the end. I believe that can happen this year. With that said, until I see what changes they add or bring to the table, it is hard for me to put them top 3 or even 4. I think Cavaliers can pass Carolina crown the same way mandarins passed academy. But, we shall see. Crown has certainly become a late season corps.
koosh Jun '17
Certainly correct. You can never count these guys out. Take 2015 as a great example. They fell behind BD, cadets, and bluecoats early but towards the last few weeks of the season they were suddenly in first. Never count this corps and staff out, they know how to make you watch your back!
dtraines Jun '17
I just saw SCV's show and holy crap batman, what an AMAZING show it is. Like visually it's so cool to watch. When I saw the props I didn't know what they were going to do with them but they are a huge part of the show. I like that the props are not taking up the whole field and there's only a few of the Circle props. The fact that I'm talking about the props in detail shows how excellent the show is put together. Drum line is wicked good as usual, some great work from the guard and I believe that they beat Blue Devils at a competition. And the best part... the horn line. They are sounding so clean at the beginning of the season is spectacular. The Mellophone line they have is unbelievable hiting above the high C (not concert pitch). They are my favorite show of the year and I hope they take gold.
Joel Snyder Jun '17  /  edited Jun '17
Summer Music Games in Cincinnati

World Class
1. Bluecoats - 74.600
2. Carolina Crown - 73.400
3. The Cavaliers - 71.600
4. Boston Crusaders - 69.100
5. Crossmen - 67.000
6. Troopers - 63.000
7. Colts - 61.800
8. Pioneer - 47.400

1. Cincinnati Tradition - 62.500
Joel Snyder Jun '17
I'm touring with Crown this summer and trust me, this show is not anywhere near complete. We're in Muncie this week and we're adding an ending to the show right now. An early season ending obviously.
biscotti Jun '17
Glad to hear Joel! Can't wait to see it!
Joel Snyder Jun '17
Innovations in Brass: Pittsburgh

World Class
1. Bluecoats - 74.700
2. The Cadets - 71.900
3. Crossmen - 69.100
4. Troopers - 62.400
5. Colts - 62.100
6. Spirit of Atlanta - 61.000
7. Genesis - 55.200
royalDM Jun '17
Will there be a thread for DCA or will this become a DCA/DCI thread?
Matthew Allan Jun '17
Evansville, IN

Open Class
1 Music City 52.400

World Class
1 The Cavaliers 72.600
2 Boston Crusaders 69.500
3 Blue Stars 67.600
4 Madison Scouts 67.100
5 Pioneer 48.600
Jennifer Gordon captainJun '17
This can be a DCA/DCI thread. Love for all Drum Corps! And while we're at it, let's include SoundSport and DrumLine Battle as well.
royalDM Jun '17
@Joel Snyder. Could you add Cincinnati Traditions scores to the Summer Music Games?
Dalton Bates16 Jun '17
WOW! Strong score from SOA, on the heels of Colts and Troopers! Would love to see them top 18 this year!
Joel Snyder Jun '17
*DCI Central Indiana to be moved indoors!*
Matthew Allan Jun '17
Oceanside, CA

Open Class
1 Gold 52.150
2 Golden Empire 51.050
3 Watchmen 46.200
4 Impulse 43.600
5 Incognito 41.650

World Class
1 Santa Clara Vanguard 72.600
2 Blue Knights 69.100
3 Phantom Regiment 68.050
4 Mandarins 65.300
5 The Academy 63.450
6 Pacific Crest 61.800
Hazzmatazz Jun '17
Wow, Mandarins really pulling ahead of Academy and getting within 3 of Phantom -- even taking a couple sub captions from them and BK.
Jennifer Gordon captainJul '17
Mandarins are on fire this year! That would be incredible for them to push into or knock on the door of Finals.
Matthew Allan Jul '17
Pasadena, CA

Open Class
1 Golden Empire 53.700
2 Gold 53.350
3 Watchmen 48.800
4 Impulse 44.950
5 Incognito 42.600

World Class
1 Blue Devils 74.500
2 Santa Clara Vanguard 73.850
3 Blue Knights 69.700
4 Phantom Regiment 68.300
5 Mandarins 66.200
6 The Academy 64.300
7 Pacific Crest 62.600

I was at this show, but I might write something about it later. All I'll say right now is that it's exciting to see the Mandarins doing so well. They're practically on the heels of 12th place...

Lisle, IL

Open Class
1 Colt Cadets 45.200

World Class
1 Bluecoats 75.400
2 The Cavaliers 73.600
3 Boston Crusaders 70.700
4 Blue Stars 68.700
5 Madison Scouts 66.300
6 Troopers 63.400
7 Pioneer 49.600
Joel Snyder Jul '17
Good vibes coming from Crown! 77 even tonight in Cranston. Clean sweep of all sub-captions!
biscotti Jul '17
July 2

Clifton, NJ

World Class
1. Carolina Crown - 76.50
2. Cadets - 75.40
3. Crossmen - 71.5
4. Colts 65.50
5. Spirit of Atlanta - 64.60
6. Jersey Surf - 53.90
Open Class
1. 7th Regiment - 52.9
2. Raiders - 46.9

La Crosse, WI

World Class
1. Bluecoats - 76.90
2. Cavaliers - 74.80
3. Boston Crusaders - 71.40
4. Blue Stars - 69.9
5. Madison Scouts - 69.6
6. Troopers - 63.5
Open Class
1. Legends - 51.1

Riverside, CA

World Class
1. Blue Devils - 76.1
2. Vanguard - 75.05
3. Phantom Regiment - 70.3
4. Blue Knights - 70.2
5. Mandarins - 67.6
6. Academy - 66.05
7. Pacific Crest - 63.6
Open Class
1. Gold - 53.85
2. Golden Empire - 52.35
3. Watchmen - 48
4. Impulse - 45
5. Incognito

July 3

Cranston, RI

World Class
1. Carolina Crown - 77
2. Cadets - 75.1
3. Crossmen - 71.7
4. Colts - 65.9
5. Spirit of Atlanta - 64.8
6. Genesis - 57
7. Jersey Surf - 52.5
Open Class
1. Spartans - 53.4
2. 7th Regiment - 51.6

Cedarburg, WI

World Class
1. Cavaliers - 75.4
2. Boston Crusaders - 73.1
3. Madison Scouts - 70.3
4. Pioneer - 55.3
Open Class
1. Music City - 59.4
2. Colt Cadets - 48.1

Mankato, MN

World Class
1. Bluecoats - 78.3
2. Blue Stars - 71.6
3. Troopers - 64.4
Open Class
1. Legends - 55.3
2. River City Rhythm

Mesa, AZ

World Class
1. Vanguard - 75.7
2. Academy - 66.7
Open Class
1. Watchmen - 48.8

...thought we could use an update on here. Very shocked how well Crossmen are doing. I can't wait to see more of the shows!
biscotti Jul '17
Spirit of Atlanta Review -

I'll give them a level of visual cleanliness. But I would love to see more out of the visual program, especially the color guard. The choreography seems lackluster compared to what a World Class Corps typically will demonstrate. I think they are a bit away from hitting the intent of their program. Titled "Crossroads: We are here", it is hard for me to understand what the intent of the show is. The group makes nice sounds but plays within a box. In all, it feels like there is an energy absent from the show itself. It would be nice for them to just unleash. In my opinion, they only reach a high moment in the last movement. This comes out of nowhere though, when there is a huge opportunity to build into the finale.
biscotti Jul '17
Jersey Surf thoughts -

1. I like the use of soloists
2. It's hard to believe that they do not have a "campy" show. They appear way more competitive this year.
3. There is room to mature in sound.
4. You can feel a sense of effort from the group. It seems to be one of their more demanding shows in recent years.
5. I would like to see what this group looks like when they are stronger.
6. Not impressed with the music or visual selections. I think this is the most talented Jersey Surf group in years, with little to showcase their strength.
7. What a full sound in the ballad. Again, some refinement needed, but unexpected in a positive way.
biscotti Jul '17
Colts - Unfortunately I am watching without sound now. But I love that I could figure their show out without needing sound. I can't wait to see what the show is like with sound! Some Visual dirt, but it is not unexpected dirt. I am very pleased with what they are doing.

Crossmen - Seeing their whole show, again I am impressed by how they've taken leaps the last two years. A large part of that, I believe, is Andrew Markworth learning how to play the DCI game with his arranging. Much improved. I still don't quite understand the show other than it being about breaking free. I don't think it is displayed the best way. If the props are cages, I feel they shouldn't move as much. It just distorts the cage idea way too much in my opinion. As for the corps, great sound. And that soloist near the end of the ballad has done a great job!

Cadets - A lot cleaner in two weeks. Still not a fan of the show. I have to give the Guard Credit for their work which has been incredible to watch.

Crown - My feelings remain the same. I like it slightly better with the completed show (or so I think it is complete). But I know more changes are to come. I know this organization too well.
biscotti Jul '17
For those who are wild about comparing scores across competitions, Crown and Bluecoats are .1 away tonight. I wonder what that will translate to when they are under the same panel again. Not sure what Bluecoats have been up to lately.
Hazzmatazz Jul '17
Drums of Fire - 7/7/2017 - Hillsboro, OR
World Class
1) Blue Devils - 79.950
2) Blue Knights - 72.950
3) Oregon Crusaders - 63.400
4) Cascades - 62.400

Open Class
1) Golden Empire - 55.000
2) The Battalion - 53.900
3) Columbians - 53.750
Quite interesting open class scores here. Watching it, I thought that it would've been in reverse order -- however the subcaption scores feel completely on point.

CrownBEAT - 7/7/2017 - Columbia, SC
World Class
1) Carolina Crown - 79.200
2) The Cavaliers - 76.900
3) The Cadets - 76.700
4) Boston Crusaders - 74.450
5) Spirit of Atlanta - 65.200
6) Jersey Surf - 57.600

Show of Shows - 7/7/2017 - Rockford, IL
World Class
1) Bluecoats - 79.300
2) Santa Clara Vanguard - 78.600
3) Phantom Regiment - 73.400
4) The Academy - 68.900
5) Troopers - 67.300
6) Pioneer - 53.900

Open Class
1) Music City - 59.600
2) Legends - 58.000
Joel Snyder Jul '17
SCV tops Bluecoats 80.200 to 80.100! Crown and Devil's both score 81.900!
koosh Jul '17
LOVE seeing SCV competing for a medal this year!
Jennifer Gordon captainJul '17
Boston beat Cadets for the first time since 1980!
Willie Careri Jul '17  /  edited Jul '17
biscotti Jul '17
Battalion can produce some sound!

Colts, I think guard choreography is not matching the musical program right now
Enjoying academy more and more
I just realized that with crossmen, their show is not supposed to have a meaning.
I am mixed about Blue Stars. I think their visual demand is always so high, that it might hold the group back in other captions, btw, they do a great job visually. I just find it very intense. I imagine it's tiring
dtraines Jul '17
So after watching a bunch of shows on YouTube, here's my prediction of the top 12:

1. Blue Devils
2. Santa Clara Vanguard
3. Bluecoats
4. Carolina Crown
5. Cavaliers
6. Boston Crusaders
7. Cadets
8. Phantom Regiment
9. Blue Knights
10. Crossmen
11. Blue Stars
12. Madison Scouts

I definitely want Santa Clara to take it this year but Blue Devils are very clean this year and also Blue Devils beat Bluecoats by a full point at the first competition they were at together.

Bostons show is sooo good this year and very entertaining so there general effect I feel is better than the Cadets. BUT, I am very familiar with a lot of my mans Leonard Bernstein and I really enjoy watching the Cadets show.

Between Phantom and Blue Knights, I think it's anyone's game. I don't really enjoy Blue Kights show as much as I have with there past 3 year shows, but it's still a pretty interesting show and there Drumline likes to hit those drums. And Phantom's show this year is really well written and there color guard was the best part of the show. Those costumes are scary!

Now also anyone's game is between Mandarins and Madison Scouts. I think that the Madison Scouts have a weird show that is VERY different then what they have done in the past, but has some cool musical moments in the show. And for the Mandarins, I think they could beat Madison after a lot of cleaning visually but I was very surprised at there closer. It was very entergetic and I clapped at the end while I was in my room by myself..

But yeah that's my opinions and things could change, it's mid season now! :)
biscotti Jul '17
Based on a mix of opinion and score. I'd like to note that I've yet to fully view Blue Devils, Blue Knights, Boston Crusaders, Mandarins, Oregon Crusaders, and Spirit of Atlanta.

1) Blue Devils
2) Santa Clara Vanguard
3) Carolina Crown
4) Bluecoats
5) The Cavaliers
6) The Cadets
7) Boston Crusaders
8) Blue Knights
9) Phantom Regiment
10) Blue Stars
11) Mandarins
12) Crossmen

13) Madison Scouts
14) The Academy
15) Troopers
16) Colts
17) Oregon Crusaders
18) Pacific Crest
19) Genesis
20) Spirit of Atlanta
21) Cascades
22) Jersey Surf
23) Pioneer
walrus50 Jul '17
Guess I'll add my opinion based on those that I have seen so far.

1) Santa Clara Vanguard
2) Carolina Crown
3) Blue Devils
4) Bluecoats
5) The Cavaliers
6) Boston Crusaders
7) Phantom Regiment
8) The Cadets
9) Blue Knights
10) Blue Stars
11) Crossmen
12) Mandarins

13) Madison Scouts
14) The Academy
15) Troopers
16) Oregon Crusaders
17) Colts
18) Spirit of Atlanta
biscotti Jul '17
Glad to see it tonight, Carolina crown is starting to show dividends. The time off has paid off. They added so much to their show, and yet I can tell they're still not done. Probably another new ending coming later.

I am concerned by their stick props on the field taking up too much space. It makes the visual design look filthy.

My results (opinion)

Blue devils
Carolina crown
Santa Clara vanguard
Blue Knights
Phantom Regiment

Actual Results
8th - 79.7 - Phantom Regiment
7th - 79.8 - Blue Knights
6th - 81.65 - Cadets
5th - 83.25 - Cavaliers
4th - 85.15 - Bluecoats
3rd - 85.85 - Carolina Crown
2nd - 86.25 - Santa Clara Vanguard
1st - 86.75 - Blue Devils

What surprises me about this, I thought Blue Devils had an extremely clean run compared to the rest. Curious to see where this goes.
Joel Snyder Jul '17
Crown takes Brass and finishes 3rd! in percussion! 2 tenths behind SCV
walrus50 Jul '17
I always enjoy seasons that are extremely close like this. I could see any of the top 4 take 1st.
koosh Jul '17
SCV about to pull a PR 2008 finals night. Calling it now.
Matthew Allan Jul '17
Belton, TX

World Class
1 Carolina Crown 87.400
2 Boston Crusaders 84.700
3 Blue Stars 80.400
4 Crossmen 80.350
5 Mandarins 76.750
6 Madison Scouts 75.900
7 The Academy 74.800
8 Colts 72.700
9 Troopers 72.700
10 Genesis 66.700
11 Jersey Surf 62.250
12 Pioneer 60.200

Go Mandarins!
Matthew Allan Jul '17
Matthew Allan Jul '17
Open Class
1 Guardians 58.450

World Class
1 Santa Clara Vanguard 87.100
2 Bluecoats 86.350
3 The Cavaliers 84.900
4 The Cadets 83.050
5 Blue Knights 81.600
6 Phantom Regiment 80.300
7 Spirit of Atlanta 69.600
8 Oregon Crusaders 69.400
9 Pacific Crest 69.250
10 Seattle Cascades 66.200
AlanT Jul '17
Crown has pulled ahead of SCV, by .3
Joel Snyder Jul '17
The top 8 meet again tonight in Houston!
Joel Snyder Jul '17
TOC - Texas
Houston, Texas

World Class
1. Blue Devils - 89.00
2. Santa Clara Vanguard - 88.60
3. Carolina Crown - 87.65
4. Bluecoats - 86.45
5. The Cavaliers - 84.90
6. Blue Knights - 82.55
7. Phantom Regiment - 81.85
8. Crossmen - 80.10
Joel Snyder Jul '17
Top 3 separated by 0.20 in General Effect, and 0.05 in Total Music. Crown's Visual Proficiency and Color Guard are bringing down their Total Visual and overall score (2 captions they won last year)
Joel Snyder Jul '17
If Crown would have tied for 2nd tonight in CG & VP, they would have finished ahead of BD tonight
AlanT Jul '17
I got a big feeling Crown will make some changes to the CG. We will all see for ourselves.
Hazzmatazz Jul '17
It is to note that the Crown CG team this year is partially different -- caption head went to BAC along with a decent portion of the guard proper.
AlanT Jul '17
Oh dear.
biscotti Jul '17
Crown will be okay. Blue Devils, SCV, and also Cavaliers all have the same staff as the past few years so naturally they will be doing slightly better.

Bluecoats had very high expectations, if not impossible expectations.

Crown is doing very well for the staff turnover, and I believe Cadets will be a lot stronger next year. I heard a rumor that they only kept 14 members on their brassline from last year. I don't know if this is true or false.
biscotti Jul '17
Does anybody know why the Cavaliers ending will never sync up? Is it a prerecorded singer and they just aren't timing it right? Or is there someone singing with the corps, and one group is not performing in time?
royalDM Jul '17
I feel like that ending audio is supposed to not synch. Every show I've seen them at its been off.
Joel Snyder Jul '17
Not going to spoil anything, but Crown is gearing up for some rehearsal days. Expect something new for Nashville & Powder Springs!
biscotti Jul '17

I'd be shocked if that's how it's supposed to be. I was speaking with one of the staff members I work with and he was saying that it might be a result of lag in the synth that they haven't been able to nail down since it requires proactive playing before the beat arrives.

Again, I'd be shocked if it's supposed to be off, but I'm also shocked that it hasn't synched up yet. Catch 22 I suppose. It would be great to line it up, cause it just comes across as a tear.
royalDM Jul '17
@Biscotti I mean I get an exciting build up from the way that it is now. I personally like that its like that.
biscotti Jul '17
Once again, .1ish separating BD and SCV. This will be interesting to say the least.
AlanT Jul '17
.138 @biscotti
biscotti Jul '17
Actually it was .013 that separated them. Was definitely speaking relative terms. But now it is close to .5
AlanT Aug '17
@biscotti no wonder why I can't read numbers correctly
Joel Snyder Aug '17
Drums Along the Waterfront
Buffalo, New York

World Class
1. Blue Devils - 95.900
2. Santa Clara Vanguard - 95.275
3. Carolina Crown - 94.575
4. Bluecoats - 93.725
5. The Cadets - 89.975
6. Blue Knights - 88.150
7. Phantom Regiment - 87.325
8. Blue Stars - 86.700
walrus50 Aug '17
Congrats to the SCVC!
Joel Snyder Aug '17
2017 Drum corps International
Open Class Finals

1. Vanguard Cadets - 80.725
2. Blue Devils B - 79.625
3. Legends - 77.250
4. Music City - 76.763
5. Spartans - 75.925
6. Louisiana Stars - 73.213
7. Gold - 72.750
8. 7th Regiment - 72.000
9. Southwind - 70.125
10. Guardians - 69.737
11. River City Rhythm - 67.688
12. Raiders - 64.975

General Effect - Vanguard Cadets
Visual - Vanguard Cadets
Color Guard - Vanguard Cadets
Percussion - Vanguard Cadets
Brass - Vanguard Cadets
Joel Snyder Aug '17  /  edited Aug '17
World Championship Prelims

24: 81.500 - Vanguard Cadets
25: 80.175 - Blue Devils B
26: 76.800 - Legends
27: 74.950 - Music City
28: 74.350 - Spartans
29: 71.563 - Louisiana Stars
30: 70.100 - Gold
31: 70.037 The Company
32: 69.800 - 7th Regiment
33: 68.838 - Southwind
34: 67.838 - Guardians
35: 65.700 - River City Rhythm
36: 63.525 - Raiders
37: 62.000 - Shadow
38: 60.925 Colt Cadets
39: 57.550 - Impulse
40: 54.725 - Les Stentors
Trillz4Lyfe Aug '17
World Championship Prelims (1st through 24th)

1. Blue Devils - 97.362
2. Santa Clara Vanguard - 97.000
3. Carolina Crown - 96.363
4. Bluecoats - 94.638
5. The Cavaliers - 94.125
6. Boston Crusaders - 93.200
7. The Cadets - 92.263
8. Blue Knights - 90.175
9. Phantom Regiment - 89.150
10. Blue Stars - 87.550
11. Crossmen - 87.425
12. Madison Scouts - 86.150
13. Mandarins - 84.213
14. Colts - 83.450
15. The Academy - 83.075
16. Vanguard Cadets - 81.500
17. Troopers - 81.025
18. Blue Devils B - 80.175
19. Spirit of Atlanta - 80.050
20. Oregon Crusaders - 78.700
21. Pacific Crest - 77.787
22. Legends - 76.800
23. Genesis - 76.125
24. Music City - 74.950
Joel Snyder Aug '17

- Semifinals features the top 25. Spartans finished 25th with a 74.350.
Trillz4Lyfe Aug '17
Sorry, didn't mean to forget them! It was late!
biscotti Aug '17
I have to vent.

Viewing DCI this year, just confirms the reality that scores barely matter and it is about whether or not you like a show because of the performance.

I do believe Blue Devils should be at the top. But I am a consistent fan of the shows Carolina Crown puts on, and following the recaps this year, it is amazing how General Effect judges simply have no idea what to judge in their show. The caption has been very inconsistent.

On top of this, tonight a judge gave an unusually low score in repertoire of Visual Proficiency where they are usually near the top. I know this tends to happen often, but shouldn't scores be consistent to an extent? Not to mention that judge said half of the groups performing were outdoing their repertoire. Only one group might be doing that this year, and that is the Blue Devils.

Not a complaint. Just some food for thought. All groups have done amazing this year, and I feel the judging has been pretty correct. It just amazes me that Crown's G.E has ranged from 2nd to 4th or 5th at times. No other corps has fluctuated so much, and yet people blame their Guard and Percussion.

I'm curious to see if the community has any opinions?
Joel Snyder Aug '17
Based on caption scores from last night and tonight... Vanguard leads in Color Guard, Percussion and Visual Proficiency. Crown and Devil's have a two tenths lead in Brass and GE respectively.
Joel Snyder Aug '17

I don't know if this will help, but a lot of people have been "blaming" our vocalist for our fluctuating GE. Not many people were buying it early in the season, and only now is it starting to catch on a little.
AlanT Aug '17
I'm here at the DCI world championship, and Crown's going to have to play sooooo much louder, I can understand why their Percussion got 5th overall, their GE is down, not because of the vocalist.

1st: Blue Devils,
2nd will come down to SVC and Crown.

Tonight will be interesting.
Joel Snyder Aug '17
Congrats to the Blue Devils and Vanguard organizations on 1-2 finishes in both the Open and World Class competitions!
Joel Snyder Aug '17
Based on average caption scores...

- Blue Devils won General Effect over Vanguard by 0.317
- Blue Devils won Visual over Vanguard by 0.034
- Crown won Brass over Blue Devils by 0.166
- Vanguard won Color Guard over Blue Devils by 0.017
- Vanguard won Percussion over Blue Devils by 0.141

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