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Signup - YVI - YouTube Video Invitational

JT Watford 12 days ago  /  edited 6 days ago
Hello Everyone! I've decided to do something that hasn't been done on MML in a while. I want you to send me a video of your own (or favorite) high school Marching Band to see how well they match up with each other. Rules are, it has to be a High School group. Here's how they will be judged.

Music Performance (20 pts)
Visual Performance (20 pts)
General Effect (60 pts)

I will also give awards for Guard and Percussion, but they will be used in the overall score for various captions. (E.g Guard will help determine Visual Effect to be included in General Effect)

A- 50 or less
AA- 51 to 99
AAA-100 to 150
AAAA- 151 or more

>Sign Up
Group Name
Show Title
Show Link

Sign Ups are due on a TBA day in July!
Joel Snyder 12 days ago
Girard H.S. Marching Band
Class AA
Daniel Timofeyev 12 days ago
Cedar Park High School Marching Band
"Oh Hollows Eve"
Class AAAA

Can we post more than one group?
Daniel VanHassent 12 days ago  /  edited 11 days ago
Broadneck High School Marching Bruins
"Dimensions of Light"
Class AAA
mr anon58 12 days ago
Strong Thurmond High School Rebel Regiment
Class AA
sohs 11 days ago
South Oldham High School Marching Dragons
Class AA
parhillsb 8 days ago
Deep Run Marching Wildcats
"Celestial Journeys"
Class AA
AlanT 7 days ago
New Deal High School Lion Pride Marching Band
*'Neath An Irish Sky*
Class AA
MightyWarrior 5 days ago
South Grand Prairie Mighty Warrior Band
Out of the Box.
Class AAAA

The show starts about half way into the video
Daniel Timofeyev 3 days ago
Antelope Titan Band - I am one of the quad drummers
Letters from the Front
Class AA -- There are 97 Players
Justin Altrogge 14 hours ago
Fort Zumwalt North high school marching band

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