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2017 Drum Corps Shows

LKendrick captainJan '17  /  edited May '17
jgriff17 Jan '17
Boston looks like it may have something to do with the Salem Witch Trials based on a video tease they released yesterday.
Baripwn Jan '17
jgriff17 do you mean the Blair Witch Project?
jgriff17 Jan '17
No, I mean the Salem Witch Trials...
jgriff17 Jan '17
The witch trials took place in Salem, MA which is relatively near Boston
Matthew Allan Feb '17
I can't provide a direct link to it, but the Blue Stars have announced their show, "Star Crossed." It's just the top headline on their page.
LKendrick captainFeb '17
(gonna update now)
Baripwn Feb '17
jgriff17 I know what the witch trials were, their video just reminded me of the Blair Witch Project
matt46 Feb '17
Kidsgrovescouts - Montagues and capulets (according to this post
Lithium Nitro Feb '17

- Alliance -

- Atlanta CV - Through the Glass Looking...

- Bushwackers -

- Cadets² -

- Carolina Gold - So Into You...

- Connecticut Hurricanes "Porgy and Bess"
My Man’s Gone Now, Summertime, Bess, You is My Woman Now, It Ain’t Necessarily So, Oh Lord I’m On My Way (from Porgy and Bess by George Gershwin)

- Fusion Core -

- Govenaires -

- Hawthorne Caballeros -

- Kidsgrove Scouts - Montagues & Capulets

- Long Island Sunrisers -

- Reading Buccaneers - Behind the Suit
Music of Hans Zimmer, Michael Daugherty, Samuel Barber and Richard Strauss, original compositions by Mark Lortz, Johnny Trujillo and Mike Lalli

-Minnesota Brass - Pins & Needles

- Skyliners "Xscape"
All the Rowboats (Regina Spektor), Escape to Paradise (from Chicken Run, by John Powell and Harry Gregson-Williams), Xscape (Michael Jackson), Lost Boy (Ruth B), Kingfishers Catch Fire Movement 2 (John Mackey)

- White Sabers "WaterwayS"
Waterways (Ludovico Einaudi), Equus (Eric Whitacre), Rain (Brian Balmages), Bridge Over Troubled Waters (Simon and Garfunkel), Niagara Falls (Michael Daugherty)


- Chops, Inc. - Aria 51
Flight from Man of Steel (Hans Zimmer), Arrows of the Gods from Titus (Elliot Goldenthal), Flower Duet from Lakmé (Léo Delibes), I Will Follow You Into the Dark (Death Cab for Cutie)
Source: (Announcement under details)

- Cincinnati Tradition -

- Erie Thunderbirds -

- Excelsior -

- Kilties -


- Highland Regiment - Fearless
Moorside March, Psalm 23, and Henry V (from William Walton), Black Bear, Scotland the Brave!

- Legacy - Out of the Ashes
Dies Irae (from Requiem by Giuseppe Verdi), March to the Scaffold (from Symphonie Fantastique by Hector Berlioz), Nimrod (from Enigma Sketches by Edward Elgar), Infernal Danse, Bercuse, and Finale (from Firebird by Igor Stravinsky)

- New England Centurions - The Journey Home
Going Home from New World Symphony (Antonín Dvořák), The Hut of Baba Yaga from Pictures at an Exhibition (Modest Mussorgsky), Last Train Home (Pat Metheny)

- Southern Knights -
LKendrick captainFeb '17
Thanks for DCA! Didn't meant to exclude them, just don't follow as much. I pasted your post in.
royalDM Mar '17
here's a link from that shows all the released shows so far. Including DCA and International corps
Matthew Allan Mar '17  /  edited Mar '17
Mandarins 2017 - Inside the Ink

Must be a spin on BD's 2015 show :P

edit: oops, I said "outside" instead of "inside." It's fixed now.
LKendrick captainMar '17
Listening to their description it sounds VERY cool actually, it's using the Rosarch Ink Blot tests (look at the ink blot and tell the psychiatrist what you see thing) as the theme basis, they said they're going to have sanity versus insanity going on the whole time.
LKendrick captainApr '17
Yes, let's keep this at announced shows please and thank you.
Matthew Allan Apr '17
Cavaliers: Men Are from Mars

Featuring the music of:
Richard Strauss
Aaron Copland
John Mackey
Steve Vai
Max Richter
Laurie Anderson
Johann Johansson
Gustav Holst
Frank Sinatra
LKendrick captainApr '17
Updated with (what sounds like a very cool) Cavaliers show.
Matthew Allan Apr '17
Madison Scouts: The Last Man Standing
Matthew Allan Apr '17
The Cadets will be performing Bernstein's Mass this summer:

(show title still unknown)
royalDM May '17
By watching a few performances from Mass I definitely think cadets will be taking a biblical stance this year and I love it. I really hope George does more of a "Gods dead/Gods not dead" (Think Pride of Cincinnati 2012) sort of show with this music. I've got this urge to see a corps do something really controversial and I can see cadets doing that.
Matthew Allan May '17
Blue Knights: i

Is it a show about imaginary numbers? xp
Matthew Allan May '17  /  edited May '17
Can't get the link since I'm on my phone, but the Academy announced their show, "By a Hare," on Twitter. I'll edit in the link when I can.
Matthew Allan May '17
Colts: Both Sides Now

I like the concept of this one.
Matthew Allan May '17
Blue Devils: Metamorph

Blue Devils B: The World the Children Made

Blue Devils C: Come Fly with Me
Matthew Allan May '17
Santa Clara Vanguard: Ouroboros
Justin Altrogge May '17
^im calling It now. This year is the year SCV will medal. (Yes, I'm aware people say this every year.)
royalDM May '17
From what we've gotten so far I think the top three (not sure about placement)
1. Blue Devils
2.Santa Clara Vanguard
Willie Careri May '17
Jersey Surf - "Make It Our Own"

Shofukan - Snarky Puppy
Chandelier - Sia
An Olive Tree - Basia

Source -
Jennifer Gordon captainMay '17
Shofukan is a great fit for Surf. I can't wait to hear their arrangement.
Matthew Allan May '17
Spirit of Atlanta: Crossroads: We are Here

I'll try to fetch the link soon; doing this on my phone atm

Here it is:
Matthew Allan May '17
Pacific Crest: Golden State of Mind
Willie Careri May '17
Boston Crusaders - "Wicked Games"

Movement One: "Full Moon Forest and Rising of the Sun"
- Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven
- The Adoration of Veles and Ala (From Scythian Suite) by Sergei Prokofiev

Movement Two: "Whispers and Accusations"
- Whispers by Colin McNutt, Iain Moyer, Michael Zellers
- Cortege Macabre (from Grohg) by Aaron Copland

Movement Three: "Tortured"
- Wicked Game by Chris Isaak

Movement Four: "Hunt for the Afflicted"
- Toccata (from Piano Concerto no. 1) by Alberto Ginastera

Movement Five: "Trial and Execution"
- The Verdict by Ryan George, Colin McNutt, Iain Moyer

LKendrick captainMay '17
I'll try to get a more organized post up by the end of the day.

(Boston Crusaders sounds pretty...wicked).
Hazzmatazz May '17
Shofukan? That's amazing! Was wondering when someone would play some Snarky Puppy stuff.

Also Grohg!
Willie Careri May '17
Both Surf and Spirit are playing Shofukan. I'm interested to see each corps' rendition of it.
Joel Snyder May '17
Phantom Regiment announcing on June 1, might have something to do with "reimagining"
Willie Careri May '17
The Cadets - "the faithful, the fallen, the forgiven"

Joel Snyder May '17
Repertoire announced from the Bluecoats...
LKendrick captainMay '17
Updated with a link to corpsreps, their page is more organized than I'm able to do on here. Also posted a link to a playlist with all of the officially announced source music courtesy of DCP.
Jennifer Gordon captainMay '17
Cascades: "Set Free"
Hazzmatazz May '17
Columbians: “Do Not Go Gentle”
Funeral March - Edvard Grieg
Adagio for Strings - Samuel Barber
Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night - Elliot de Borgo
A Mighty Fortress
walrus50 Jun '17
Phantom Regiment: "Phantasm"

Finlandia – Jean Sibelius
Symphony No. 12 – Dmitri Shostakovich
“Entering the Nightmare” from Dreamscapes – Maurice Jarre
Piano Concerto No. 2 – Sergei Rachmaninoff
Symphony No. 3 – Aram Khachaturian
Matthew Allan Jun '17
Carolina Crown's repertoire:

"Everything in its Right Place" - Radiohead
"Little Fugue in G Minor" - Johann Sebastian Bach
"Crown Imperial" - William Walton
"Symphony No. 3" - Vittorio Giannini
"Old Home Days" - Charles Ives
"Raveling, Unraveling" - Philip Sparke
"For Good" - Stephen Schwartz
"NO one To kNOW one" - Andy Akiho
royalDM Jun '17
Cavaliers Released their full repertoire:

Richard Strauss - "Also Sprach Zarathustra"
Aaron Copland - "Fanfare For The Common Man"
John Mackey - "Wine Dark Sea"
Steve Vai - "Little Green Men"
Max Richter - "On The Nature Of Daylight"
Laurie Anderson - "O Superman"
Johann Johansson - "Sun's Gone Dim"
Gustav Holst - "Mars"
Frank Sinatra - "My Way"

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