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Looking for Music Arrangers and Drill Writers

Chrisf98 5 days ago

I am starting a SoundSport team for the first time and the team has a lot of ambition and special plans for the future. However we are very low budget right now and we can't afford the $3,000-$4,000 price tag of most arrangers and drill writers. Would anyone with experience be interested in helping us for at least a much lower price than those?

Anything would be greatly appreciated, and thank you!
jacuzz4 4 days ago
What's your email?
Chrisf98 4 days ago
(email hidden)
Jennifer Gordon captain3 days ago
I would suggest you look at charts on JWPepper for music, that will cut down on costs and with buying it, you get the rights to play it. It's a lot cheaper that way. Or look at public domain music so you don't have to worry about buying rights, you'll just need to worry about he cost of arranging.

As for drill, keep it minimal, more staging of players than traditional drill. The idea of ApundSport is not the same idea as Open and World class drill. Keep it simple and attainable and give moments for your players to have fun.

(Advice from a fellow SpundSport director). Best of luck!
AlanT 2 days ago
Agree with Jennifer Gordon.
Jothcra 1 day ago
Hey there!

I was a co-director of a new SoundSport team last summer. I also wrote our show. I sent you an email to discuss your specific needs and questions.

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