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Signup - AHI - Arch Highlights Invitational I

AaronVallero 6 days ago  /  edited 2 days ago
Hello Everyone,

The Spirit of St.Louis is proud to announce our first show ever “Arch Highlights Invitational I” This will be a full drum corps/marching band competition. Must have each section to qualify. I will set up divisions based on xp and each band will get a BOA style ranking of I, II, or III. There will be placements for top 3 of each division along with Outstanding Winds, GE, Visual, Colorguard, and crowd appeal. This is a prelims finals competition so finalists will be determined based on the turn out of competing groups. Prelims due by 1/15/17 and judging will begin on 1/16/17.

Please Include:
Group Name
Title of show
Link to show

CLASS A: 0-3500 XP
CLASS AA-3501-5500 XP
CLASS AAA- 5501-7700 XP
CLASS AAAA- 7701- 9000 XP
CLASS AAAAA- 9001 XP or higher


Winds- 20 pts
Execution- 10 pts
Visual- 5 pts
Realistic Approach- 5pts

GE- 20 pts
Execution- 10 pts
Visual- 5 pts
Realistic Approach 5 pts

Percussion- 10 pts
Placement0- 5 pts
Execution- 5 pts

Guard- 20 pts
Execution- 10 pts
Weapon- 5 pts
Flags- 5 pts

Visual- 30 pts
Execution- 10 pts
Realistic Approach- 10 pts
Crowd Appeal- 10 pts

Total= 100 pts

Best of luck to everyone! Lets make this a fun competition!

Competing Groups so far:

Class A
4D Drum and Bugle Corps
Blue Vipes
The Chromatics
Atlantic Ridge Drum Corps
Inner City Regiment

Class AA
Alan Teddar

Class AAA

Class AAAA
Kentucky Regiment
Cirque du Noir
weathermanmessi 6 days ago
4D Drum and Bugle Corps
Class A
royalDM 5 days ago
Blue Vipes 5 days ago
Blue Vipes
Class A
MichaelAlan 5 days ago
walrus50 5 days ago
Kentucky Regiment
Swan Lake
schrine77 5 days ago
The Chromatics
Class A
Strung Together
AaronVallero 4 days ago
7 Groups so far! Lets try for 15! :)
mr anon58 4 days ago
Atlantic Ridge Drum corps
Class A
Suspicious Minds
AaronVallero 3 days ago
8 groups so far! Great turn out!
theman4 3 days ago
Cirque du Noir
Class AAAA
AaronVallero 2 days ago
9 groups! Awesome:)
AlanT 2 days ago
Alan Tedder
Class 2A
The Mask (Selections From The Opera,) Part 1.
Collab 2 days ago
Inner City Regiment
Class A
"Roman Images"
lex1 2 days ago
AaronVallero 2 days ago
12 groups so far! Nice! There is still time to sign up! you have until the 17th now!
AaronVallero 1 day ago
Sign ups are closed! Top 7 will advance to finals!
AaronVallero 1 day ago
Classes will be A-AAA I changed them based on the turn out which is still awesome! Thanks in advance!
sohs 1 day ago
I know it's late but I haven't been on here much so if you could accept this show, it would be great!

Stargazers DBC
Presenting their 2017 New Years' Program : Vigilante
Class A
mylesj29 1 day ago
I know that it is late but if you could accept this one please.
Marian Allen Regiment
Class A
AaronVallero 4 hours ago
Absolutely guys sign ups are now closed with a total of 14 groups! :) Thanks for signing up! Awards will be announced between now and Thursday!

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