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When Light Fades to Gray

King Darius Jan '17
How does my drill look? Specifically with guard? I'm also open to any other advice you guys have. Thanks!
98farmer Jan '17
First off, I love the opening set! Looks really good! May want to smooth out a couple places where arcs meet in the lightbulb but honestly it looks great! Now I myself have not been very good with guard drill in the past and I've recently been focusing on improving that aspect of design. I will say to make sure the guard is taking up most of the empty space so that the field doesn't look too big for the band. I realize you're only using half the field in the beginning for a reason so I don't mean take up the entire field but the spread of the guard in the last set you have could be a bit bigger. I usually try to have at least four step spacing between guard unless it's a rifle/sabre line or some kind of feature.

The fast pace is really well executed and so far it's looking good! And I like where the show is going as well! Let me know if you have any more questions!

King Darius Jan '17
Thanks for your advice! My plan for the show was to use half the field in the first part to show the light at its brightest and the other half to show when it has faded. I could definitely use some more field coverage though.

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