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Baripwn Jan '17
Hi all!
I'm working on this show "if," inspired by the Pink Floyd song of the same name. So far it goes up to the first impact. I'd like critique on the general effect of the impact, pacing, and color guard work/integration. Thanks a lot!
Baripwn Jan '17  /  edited Jan '17
I'm continuing to work on this show; top to page 16 is the only part that's really polished, but feel free to give critique on GE, flow, etc. for the stuff after that as well.
98farmer Jan '17
Be very careful with collisions and transitions. What makes a marching band or drum corps show good is not the pictures of the sets themselves but the transitions between the pictures. So it's far more important that your color guard or drumline or hornline create a more interesting path for getting from one impact to another rather than throwing them across the field in one set. It makes the show impractical and makes a lot of collisions.

I would also be careful with close drill as sometimes the marchers clip into one another although this is more of a personal opinion. Many people still do tight drill, myself included sometimes, and oftentimes, it'll end up looking fine.

I like what you have so far and I think you've got the start of a good show. Keep it up! Let me know if you have any more questions!


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