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mylesj29 Jan '17
Hey guys! So this is my 4th time posting a request for design help and every time I've done it I have never gotten a single response. Not once. Now although I am a relatively small personality on this site I NEED YOUr help to get better so please if you are reading this don't brush it off and disregard this because I need it.

Ok, enough with that. I started to make a show called Nebula and I wanted to know mainly if what I have now works and if not how should I change it. I also wanted to know what I should do going forward drill wise. I have a pretty good idea of the design (uniforms, props, visuals, etc.) but I don't know where to go drill wise, and one more thing. If you think it would be best to scratch the show, let me know. What ever you think or feel when you watch it, let me know. Thank in advance! I know you can do it.

KeenanBurton Jan '17
I think that my biggest critique right now would be that the show feels very cluttered and segmented; the sections aren't really working together in the drill to create a uniform visual idea. The guard, drum line, and winds seem to each being their own ideas and I would encourage more interaction moving forward. Also, the props don't really seem to be accomplishing much in my opinion, they're really only making a cluttered field appear more so.

In the sets moving forward I would suggest incorporating the sections together (or at least having the winds act as more of a unit rather than separate sections) and, unless you see a real need for them, delete the props and rework the drill of the guard members staged at the back of the field. I don't ever suggest deleting a show before it's completion, I think that you can learn a lot from seeing a show to its conclusion, even if you're not completely satisfied with the end result.

Good luck moving forward and let me know if you would like more help or any clarifications!
98farmer Jan '17
Personally, I like what you have thus far. It has nice transitions with the movement repetition for each instrument down the line. I would suggest working on the flow of it. Since these are all the same movements at different times, they should probably all happen in about the same amount of time. Using the 'L' key tells you the longest path a marcher has to take from one set to another. The closer together you can get that step size between the sets, (generally) it'll flow smoother. I would work on that as well as trying to eliminate collisions (like the flutes running through the snares in the last set). I would agree with Keenan that the props could be different or at least incorporated better. I would try to do something about that first so you have the best set up you can for the rest of your show. The percussion circle also somehow got messed up on the last set, that should be a quick and easy fix. Certainly not a show you should scrap, in my personal opinion.

In regards to response in the forums, if it isn't marching season, this site generally has less activity. It can be frustrating to get no responses in the forums but that's just how it is on this site occasionally. If you want more direct and/or reliable response, you can go to the 'Help' button at the bottom of the page and click 'Mentors'. You should be able to select a Mentor who has signed up to be one and message them directly. This is helpful because you can pick someone with a show style you like and they receive a notification when you message them so they can help you more quickly.

Hope this helped!

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