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Signup - NYI - New Year Invitational

Joel Snyder 13 days ago  /  edited 2 days ago
Welcome, all to another year of MicroMarching! Let us kick things off with the 2017 New Year Invitational. Open to all FULL BAND shows!

Groups (Based on Design Rating)
Class A: 0 - 50
Class AA: 51 - 67
Class AAA: 68 - 84
Open Class: 85 - 100

General Effect - 40
Visual - 30
Color Guard - 10
Percussion - 10
Theme - 10

Sign-ups: Jan 3 - 13
Awards: January 14 or 15

What I Need
- Band Name
- Class
- Show Link

*Hope to see everyone here!*

Class A
- Roanoke Fine Arts Academy
- The Chromatics
- Marian-Allen Regiment

Class AA
- Spirit of St. Louis
- Atlantic Ridge Drum Corps
- The Stargazers
- Blue Vipes

Class AAA
- Regiment of the West
- Spirit
- Avecmoi
- Cirque du Noir

Open Class
- Watford Marching Band
98farmer 13 days ago
Regiment of the West
Class AAA
jahunique 12 days ago
Roanoke Fine Arts Academy

class a
AaronVallero 10 days ago
The Spirit of St.Louis
Class AA
mr anon58 10 days ago
Atlantic Ridge Drum corps
Class AA
sohs 8 days ago
The Stargazers DBC
Class AA
Presenting their 2017 New Years' Program: "Vigilante"
Joel Snyder 6 days ago
~ Sign-ups end this Friday at 11:59 P.M. ET ~
Joel Snyder 3 days ago
~ Sign-ups end tonight at 11:59 P.M. ET ~
mylesj29 3 days ago
Marian-Allen Regiment
Class A
JT Watford 3 days ago
Watford Marching Band
Open Class
theman4 3 days ago
Cirque du Noir
Class AAA
Joel Snyder 2 days ago
~ Sign-ups are officially closed ~
mylesj29 1 day ago
Are Awards today?
Joel Snyder 22 hours ago
Awards are (obviously) delayed, I apologize for the inconvenience.
royalDM 4 hours ago
When should we expect awards to be?
Joel Snyder 4 hours ago
Some time, at least, this week.

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