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Signup - AIM - All-Inclusive Marching Competition

98farmer Jan '17
Welcome to the All-Inclusive marching competition! This competition is essentially four different competitions combined into one! There's the Full corps competition, the Full corps Synced show competition, the Indoor drumline competition, and the Indoor color guard competition. Each category will be judged and scored separately. Since there are so many options, you have the choice to submit TWO shows, as long as they're in different categories. You cannot submit two shows that are both in the same category (i.e. two indoor drumline shows).

Sign-ups will run from now until January 20th at 11:59 pm central time. The awards ceremony will take place on January 22nd. Finals will be determined based on the number of entries for prelims.

Judging will be as follows:
(General effect scores include subscores such as theme, impact, etc.)
(Visual scores include subscores such as fluidity, collisions, etc.)

General Effect - 40pts
Visual - 30pts
Colorguard - 10pts
Drumline - 10pts
Brass - 10pts

General Effect - 50pts (includes musical effect)
Visual - 20pts
Colorguard - 10pts
Drumline - 10pts
Brass - 10pts

General Effect - 40pts
Visual - 40pts
Appeal - 20pts

General Effect - 40pts
Visual - 40pts
Appeal - 20pts

(Scoring process subject to slightly change)

A class system will be created based on design ratings and number of submissions.

How to sign up:

*Competition type
*Ensemble name
*Link to show
(Repeat these three if submitting two shows)
*Design rating

Hope to see a lot of submissions! Message me if you have any questions or concerns!
sohs Jan '17
The Stargazers Performing Ensembles proudly present their 2017 programs:
In Indoor (Colorguard but there are winds) performance, "Mystic Glacier"
In Full Corps performance, "Vigilante"
royalDM Jan '17  /  edited Jan '17
Presenting their 2017 show "The Waiting Place" AIM is proud to present Silk Winterguard:

And in the Marching Band category: Presenting their 2016 show "Burn the Witch" AIM is proud to present "Spirit!"
Joel Snyder Jan '17
Performing their 2017 program "I Am... Legend", AIM is proud to present The Academy of Excellence

Presenting their 2017 their 2017 show "Diaphanous", AIM is proud to present to THE AOE Indoor Guard
98farmer Jan '17
Two more weeks until sign-ups close! You do not have to submit two shows, you can submit only one if you want to!
mr anon58 Jan '17
Full corps
Atlantic Rodge Drum corps
AaronVallero Jan '17
Full corps
The Spirit of St.Louis

Presents our show: "The Terminator"

weathermanmessi Jan '17
Full Corps...
4D Drum and Bugle Corps
Presenting: GRAD/ENT
MichaelAlan Jan '17
Full Corps
Presenting: "Nyctophobia"

Indoor Colorguard
Presenting: "Exprexions"

DR: 76.8
Collab Jan '17
Full corps
Inner City Regiment
Presenting: "Roman Images"
DR: 14.4
JT Watford Jan '17
Full Corps
Watford Marching Band
"Truly Beautiful"

Indoor Guard
Watford Winterguard
"The Uninvited Guest"

DR: 72.5
98farmer Jan '17
3 more days until sign-ups end!
parhillsb Jan '17
Full Corps
Parsippany Sound
Brazilian Carnival

Indoor Guard
Tossing Pantherettes

DR: 77
98farmer Jan '17
Two hours until sign-ups close!

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