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Willie Careri Dec '16
Hi everyone!

I published this show a little over a week ago and would like further critique. Not many post their shows up for critique anymore and would really like to see what the MML community has to say.

So this is my second synced show on MML, the first being a sync of Crossmen 2015. I really enjoyed the music for the Boston Crusaders 2016 show, specifically the opener, and wanted to take a crack at it.

Things I like about my show:
- The first few sets into my first impact
- The intricate drill between sets 17 and 20
- Using the guard to add color in the background (is it bad I didn't integrate them more though?)

Things I want second opinions on:
- Placement of the props (good idea or bad idea?)
- The drill from the moon set to the end (Is it too non-realistic?)

Please let me know what you guys think and be as detailed as possible. Thanks in advance!
KeenanBurton Dec '16
This is a really fun show, but I think if you were aiming to be realistic it still leaves a lot to be desired, largely because the majority of intervals in this show would be impossible to execute in real life. Especially in sets 9-20 or so, everything is too close together. In real life trying to perform those passthroughs in such close quarters would lead to horns running into each other. For MML it works fine, but if you're going for something more realistic, then you should also open up those intervals substantially. Set 29-30 isn't really doable; I'm not sure if you've ever tried jazz running while holding a long, loud chord but it is not easy.

I think a lot of the spacing problems that you had throughout came from the placement of the props. While they seemed that the prop placement was going to be emphasized by the drill, that never really happened and they mostly just restricted the drill and made those intervals too small. Even if they were in the same triangle shape but further apart I think it would have been more successful.

Guard staging seemed to be an afterthought in this show; there were some great opportunities for integration that were just pretty much passed up.

There were some things that I really liked about this show, and it was definitely an improvement on past shows so nice job and keep it up!

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