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sohs Dec '16
Okay so I've been on MML for a while now, I'm now using this account even though I've been here since 2014 on a separate account that I've lost the login to. I've always wondered if it would be easier or harder to write drill for smaller ensembles so I gave it a shot. I treated it like it was larger band with the same form styles that I typically do, and this is how it turned out. I took some conceptual design from The Crossmen's 2016 Program "Continuum" and Grant County 2015's "MAD WORLD" to create this show. I would like to see if I could get some critique on my colorguard especially, but also overall. Thank you!
biscotti Dec '16
Very effective. Remember that they are not necessarily going to be trying to take up the field in a small band show. There are two things I would try to keep consistent.

1) Keep the forms close by so the members can use each other to know where they should be. Some drill writers get too complex and lose form development. If anything, form development means even more in a small band show because you don't want to breakt he form up too much. I think you do this well!

2) Try to keep them in front of the front hash. I know that on this site, the front of the field is only 13 steps, but for example, Sets 9, 21, and 29 could be brought forward a little bit. The reason being is to help with sound projection. Moving up a matter of 5 yards can change a small bands sound incredibly. Don't hinder their playing by taking them further away from the stands.

In addition, set 29 you may want to bring the form over left to fill up the dead space. The show doesn't have to finish on the 50, and this would put the guard staging in a much better spot.

Guard comments: Band is back field, but is anyone being featured in the beginning, guard could be used here. Keep them spread out (set 5), and keep them doing movement. Flag work doesn't really fit the tone that you've set. I kind of like the guard where they are at in Set 9, but I kind of want to see them featured at the front of the field, and maybe drumline behind the winds (Create a full circle a.k.a world). Personal opinion to get the groups together. Up through 16 guard looks fine, and then they get into a line with drums, maybe do something different? Especially because they open back up? Too contrary of a motion. 19 to the end is great though! No comments other than the last set staging I mentioned earlier.

Overall a very nice job! It is not easy writing small drill. These are just a few ideas I have that I would like to pass along to you!

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