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The Buzzing (Color Scheme help)

Hazzmatazz Aug '16
Well it's been a while! This show is roughly about "The Bees" from the game "The Secret World" although it started themeless.

My primary question is about the color scheme. I'm at a bit of a loss here, never did any art/color theory stuff. Color-wise it should look reminiscent of bees/honey/honeycomb

A) The brass is what I'm most confident in color wise; I went for a Cadets-y off white with some light yellow sash/plume. Only worry is that the uniform is a bit too bright.

B) Drums I just did some grey sleeves. Wondering if there is anything better, or does it look fine as is?

C) I really don't know what to do with the guard, currently it's bumblebee colored. My main worry is that anything colored according to the theme would blend in way too much with the brass/drums. Any ideas of what to do here?

Although color is really what I'm having trouble with, general feedback is always appreciated!
royalDM Aug '16
Do you want the guard to stand out? If so I was thinking keep the yellow buthave accents of a pale blue
Hazzmatazz Aug '16
Yup! Seems to work, stands out enough that it won't muddy the form, but blends in enough to seem cohesive.

Honestly I would not have thought of anything beyond shades of yellow, black, and white. Thanks for the help!
royalDM Aug '16
No problem :)
Justin Altrogge Aug '16
This is just my opinion, and I don't consider uniform design to be a strength on any of my premium shows, so take this with a grain of salt.

I'm personally not a fan of the hornline uniforms, and I think that some contrast would improve them. The way I would suggest doing this is by having the guard contrast with the hornline. To carry this out, I would personally go with a black uniform with yellow accents (I.e. Black pants and jacket with yellow plume and sash). Or you could try the opposite(i.e. Yellow pants and jacket with black accent and mostly black guard uniforms.)

I think that adding in some black would add some contrast and give the color scheme a more "bee" vibe.

P.s. Just reiterating, feel free to try this, but rely on your own judgement, I'm no expert here. Good luck with the rest of the show :)

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