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E = MC^2

BaconNinja Feb '16
My version of the E = MC^2 closer. I guess I want some advice on what I've already written, havent written guard yet obviously. Mostly though, my real question is if anyone has any advice for or a link to a show that has successful done the rotating pyramid.
KeenanBurton Mar '16
In the first couple of sets, it feels odd to me that some of the marchers are moving but others are not while passing through. Also, the show overall feels very static because there is no movement in terms of field coverage; the brass and percussion all stayed in the same place on the field throughout all of what you've written so far. Also, because you haven't yet written the guard drill (and you presumably wrote the drum drill afterwards as well) there is a compartmentalization of the sections that isn't ideal. You really want all of the sections to be moving through and around each other or working together to create forms. Right now the drums are just floating around the field and don't seem to serve a purpose. Though this is more of an aesthetic comment I'll go ahead and let you know my opinion: I would consider changing the color of the drum shells and removing the props all together. They are taking up space but are not really serving any purpose. As far as the pyramid goes, if you want it to be successful, you really need to open up the spacing; the intervals are too small for that to work realistically. To figure out how to recreate the pyramid, just watch a video of Crown doing it several times. There are some gifs of Crown performing the pyramid drill move that could be helpful.

I hope that this was helpful. If you have any questions please let me know.

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