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The Sun and The Moon

King Darius Feb '16
How are the first few sets looking? How do I make the form pop out even more? Should I change the color of the props? What should I do with the props? Ignore my last set. It's there for a reason.
lex1 Feb '16
The first few sets are looking good... I would change the guard colors apparel, to all yellow, keep the flags yellow though. And the props, I would change them to a circle prop, with a very pale yellow... That's just me though. I am all about the colors... lol Great job so far!
King Darius Feb '16
Thanks! The guard looks much better in all yellow and I made a different look for the props that give off that balanced sense of day and night.
lex1 Feb '16
Looks fabulous now!
King Darius Feb '16
KeenanBurton Feb '16
So right now I think that the most important thing to fix the spacing in the first set, it's just way too close, especially if the guard is going to be doing work. I don't think that it would impact the set too much, just open up the intervals significantly. I like the first couple sets in the winds but in the guard they are just still too close together, try opening up their intervals and giving them more field coverage. I can't really give much advice on the props because I don't really know what you intend on using them for. If you had a clear idea of what you wanted to do with them or how you wanted them to move in the upcoming sets, I could give you more help with that. There's not a ton here to comment on but I hope that this was helpful. I'd love to keep giving comments throughout the design process so don't be afraid to message me if you want any more help!
King Darius Feb '16
I wanted to use the props mainly for field coverage. I will definitely open the intervals for the sets. Thanks!
Trillz4Lyfe Feb '16
So far I love the idea! Maybe take away a few props just to open up the field. I know you wanted field coverage, but it just seems a little clogged, but that's just me. The colors of the guard/flags are good, just have variation in the flags, so for example don't make the guard seperated in terms of color. Don't keep them confined to only the yellows and oranges (the Sun). Can't wait to see what this show becomes!
King Darius Feb '16
Gotcha thanks for the tip!

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