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How To Comment On Drum Corps Videos (Parody)

I posted this a while ago on the DCI discussion thread, but here it is again. For better or for worse, this is my first true youtube vlog, so I hope you like it!
Joe Lesko captainJun '14
I'm going to sticky this.
Jennifer Gordon captainJun '14
Well done FotA! You did a really good job keeping it funny but informative.
Thanks a lot! I'm humbled and glad that you like it.
I forgot to mention: if you want me to do more videos like this one, let me know either here or directly on youtube!
Eric Michael Jul '14
I'm amused :)
Thanks for watching!
kingofmoco Aug '14
Nicely done. Made me laugh. But, to be clear, it is Drum Corps? lol
Thanks for watching! "Drum Corps" is correct.
dci4lyfe Sep '14
OMG I remember seeing this when it came out on youtube! So funny!
Kneehigh Nov '14
California Palms Beach High School loves u people !
Just as an aside/inquiry, is there anyone here who would be interested in seeing me make more drum corps videos or vlogs like this one?
Trillz4Lyfe Jun '17
Definitely! That was hilarious!
sohs Jun '17
Make another! That was very amusing

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