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Marching Band Season 2013

jgriff17 Apr '13  /  edited Jun '13
Hey everyone, the preseason for Marching Band is just around the corner, so what will you guys be doing? Post as much as you know, just some ideas: Show name, instrument, school, competition circuit, music for your show?

For example, I'm Jeff and am in the Downingtown West Marching Band (Pennsylvania). We're playing "Spartacus" and are coming off a 5th place finish in Cavalcade and a 20th place finish at WGI with the indoor drumline. I'll be a part of our snare line this year! Here's our show:

So how about you?
SecondOfArc Apr '13
Ahh I'm from PA too! But not near Philadelphia. I'm near Pittsburgh.

Band: Kiski Area High School
Instrument: Alto Sax
Show name: I don't know if I am allowed to say publicly.
Music: ^
Competition Circuit: BOA and PIMBA
Joel Snyder Apr '13  /  edited Jul '13
Dimondium Apr '13
Band: Tate High School (Showband of the South).
Instrument: Clarinet.
Show name: I'm actually currently writing it, but not sure if my show will be implemented THIS season. If it is going to be, the show name is 'Suddenly - Ponies!'. If not, I have no clue. We do tend to focus on pop culture, though. Last season's was Styx and Stones.
Music: Arrangements of fan-songs. All novice and volunteer-made.
Competition Circuit: ?

Also, I'm in Florida. I feel so far away from everybody. (Here's hoping this can be our 42nd year of straight superiors, by the way! I know we're competing, just not where.)
Adrian Workman Apr '13  /  edited Jun '13
Band: Greenwood High School Golden Eagle Marching Band (South Carolina)
Instrument: Alto Sax (even though I'm Drum Major).
Show Name: Rain Dance
Competition Circuit: SCBDA (South Carolina Band Directors Association)
Dalton Bates16 Apr '13  /  edited Jun '13
Band: Letcher County Central High School (Kentucky)
Instrument: Drum Major/Field Commander
Show Name: "And the Tony goes to..." (Original Show Design)
Music: * Masquerade from Phantom of the Opera
* The Heat is on in Saigon from Miss Saigon
* The Phantom of the Opera from The Phantom of the Opera
* Master of the House from Les Misérables
* Cool from West Side Story
* I Dreamed a Dream from Les Misérables
*And one song of the Tony winner to be announced...
Competition Circuits: USBANDS (USSBA); KMEA (Kentucky Music Educators Association); Various Independent Sanctioned Events
Taylyn Anastasia Apr '13  /  edited Aug '13
Band: A.C. Reynolds High School Marching Rockets (North Carolina)
Instrument: Colorguard c:
Show Name: Led Zeppelin.
Theme: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin. (obviously.)
Music: It's the "Led Zeppelin" show here:
Competition Circuits: uhh...I guess North Carolina Music Educators Association, but other than that, no clue. We don't compete that often.

Jesse Stevens Apr '13
Band: Jacksonville State University "Marching Southerners"
Instrument: Front Ensemble (marimba center)
Show Name: "One More Time"
Theme: Latin
Music: Gene Puerling’s One More Time, Chuck Corea, Arturo Sandoval’s A Mis Abuelos, Spirit Of The Bull, Bill Holman’s Malaga, and of course Ernesto Lecuona’s Malagueña
We do exhibition performances at several high school band competitions in Georgia and Alabama.
Willie Careri Apr '13  /  edited Oct '13
Band: East Stroudsburg Area High School
Instrument: Baritone
Show Name: Requiem
-Dies Ares
-Time to Say Goodbye
-East of the Sun and West of the Moon
Last Season: 4th at ACCs and 1st at Cavalcade
cjf20 Apr '13  /  edited Aug '13
band: springdale highschool marching band
instrument: none i'm in guard :D
show name: grease
Song 1,
"Love is a many splendered thing"
"Grease theme"
"Summer nights"
Song 2,
"Hopelessly devoted"
"Greased lightning"
Song 3,
"Rock N Roll is here to stay"
"Hound dog"
"Hand jive dance break"
Song 4,
"Blue moon"
Song 5,
"You're the one that i want"
"We go together"
"Grease them re-prised"

competition circuits: PIMBA
tchaikovsky96 Apr '13
Band: Porter High School Spartan Marching Band
Instrument: DM
Show Name: Undercover
Competition Circuits: UIL Marching and various others
Flashbak1 Apr '13
Band: William S. Hart High school
Instrument: Alto Sax/Mellophone
Show Name: ? (Director's secret)
Music: (Unknown)
Competition Circuit: MBOS, WBA, BOA, SCSBOA
Anthony Wolcott May '13
Band: Sprayberry Band of Gold
Instrument: Graduating :D
Show Name: First Flight
Music: Original by Frank Sullivan
Alec Rodriguez May '13
Band: Independence High School
Instrument: Snare
Show Name: Firebird by John Meehan :D
Music: Firebird
Competition Circuit: WBA/ Local Tournaments
parhillsb May '13
Band: Hermitage High School Marching Panthers
Instrument: Baritone
Show Name: Native Rituals
Music: Sun Dance, Rain Dance, and War Dance
Competition Circuit: ?
SecondOfArc May '13
^ Do you know who originally performed that show? I know Deer Lakes from PA performed that show last year, but I don't know if they were the first.
parhillsb May '13
I'm not sure but when I look up Native Rituals on youtube, their performance came up, so I'm pretty sure that they performed it first.
victor10 May '13  /  edited Jun '13
Band: Pride of Sunnyside Marching Band
Instrument: Drum Major and Flute/Piccolo (Section leader)
Show Title: A Tribute to the 80's
part 1: Jump
Part 2: Take On Me
Part 3: We Didn't Start the Fire/Pianoman
Part 4: Were Not Gona Take it!
bettrthanbacon5 May '13  /  edited Jun '13
Band: CCHS Red Regiment marching band.
Instrument: Marching Baritone and Trombone(I actually use both this year)
Show Title: Casino!
Theme: The life and luxury of Vegas!
Mvt 1: La Suerte de los Tontos
Mvt 2: Something For Cat
Mvt 3: Luck be a Lady
Competition curcuit: Local Contests
Quaid Swiger May '13  /  edited May '13
Band: Biglerville High School
Instrument: Visual Instructor
Show Title: Fear and Faith
Music: Chichester Psalms - Leonard Bernstein
Competition Circuit: TOB
Jothcra May '13
Band: Georgia State University
Instrument: Mello
Show Title: TBA, but it's in honor of the university's centennial
Music: Officially it's TBA but I can say there is some awesome stuff in the works.
Competition Circuit: Lol, college band
kingofmoco May '13  /  edited Nov '13
Whoops. Tried to post a topic about this.

Montgomery County High School
Baritone Saxophone
Music not confirmed (as I was told over 15 songs were to be used within the three we usually have)
KMEA and Mid-State Circuit (BOA was too far away this year)
Sir Marchalot May '13
Band: Lancaster High School
Instrument: Mellophone
Show Title: I know what it is, but I can't tell you. ;)
Music: Original(?) music by Key Poulan
Conference: NYSFBC
Brandon Owens May '13
Band: Sparkman High School
Intrument: Trombone
Show Title: Once Upon A Dream
Theme: Dream and Sleep
Music: by Eric Whitacre, Ron Nelson, and Frank Techeli
Competition Circuit: Local and BOA (hopefully this year, never have been before)
Shawn Wright May '13
The band I'm in:

Band: University of South Alabama Jaguar Marching Band
Instrument: Mellophone
Show Title: TBA
Music: Music of Broadway/Show tunes (plus 2 other shows TBA)
Conference: Football games, and Exhibitions in AL, GA, FL, TN, and MS.

And the band I teach:

Band: Daphne High School
Instrument: Brass/Music/Marching Tech; GE and Show Design Consultant
Show Title: A Latin Fantasy
-Adagio, From Concerto de Aranjuez
-El Camino Real
Conference: TBD
LKendrick captainMay '13
We don't find out our show for West Texas A&M until mid summer, so I don't know about that one yet.

The drumline I'm teching with:

The Climb - Gary Gilroy
Alec Rodriguez May '13
^Just letting you know, be prepared to write stickings for Gary P Gilroy shows. For some reason in a lot of his shows, the percussion sticking aren't written. Peculiar.
LKendrick captainMay '13
We actually went through the music before we handed it out and did that. We got that covered! The kids liked that show the most out of the options they were shown, they're pretty excited for it. Pretty fun little book, I really enjoy how integral Gilroy makes the front ensemble in his shows, kinda helps with making the pit feel like a part of the band which has kinda been a problem for a lot of high schools.
Les Noche May '13
Band: Vista Murrieta Golden Alliance
Instrument: Clarinet, Possibly Drum Major
Show Title: Deity
Theme: Māori Culture, Tribal
Music: Original Music by Jim Wunderlich and Mike Jackson
Anthony Wolcott May '13
I'm officially an alumnus of this band but...

Band: Sprayberry HS Band of Gold
Instrument: Former Member (Baritone)/Fan
Show Title: "First Flight: A Prequel To 'Super Cosmos'"
Theme: The beginnings of flight
Music: All original for the show except the a portion of the opener (what I heard yesterday) is from Blue Stars 2009 "The Factory"
Circuits: I don't know
Buzz93 May '13
McCallum High School Band
Marching Staff (graduated in 2011)
- Folk Festival, from the Gadfly - Shostakovitch
- The Old Castle, from Pictures at an Exhibition - Mussorgsky
- Russian Sailor's Dance, from The Red Poppy - Gliere
UIL (Texas)
cjrick02 Jun '13  /  edited Jul '13
Band: Legend High School
Instrument: Bass Clarinet (1st time at this school)
Show Title: "Tension and Release"
Drill written by Peter Weber
Fredthebeast Jun '13  /  edited Dec '13
Band: DeKalb High School
Instrument: Baritone
Show Title: Flight
Music: Part 1- Into The Clouds-Richard Saucedo-
Part 2- One Day I'll Fly Away- Micheal Brown-
Part 3 - Theme from "Star Trek"-
Classic Jun '13  /  edited Aug '13
-Band: Eastview High School (Apple Valley, MN)
-Instrument: Bass Drum 1 (Section Leader and Co-Drumline Captain)
-Show Title: "Above the Cathedral"
-Theme: Gargoyles

-Music: "Angels in the Architecture Mvt. 1" by John Meehan
"Angels in the Architecture Mvt. 2" by John Meehan
"Angels in the Architecture Mvt. 3" by John Meehan
-2013 Competitions: -Eastview Marching Festival (Apple Valley, MN)
-Rosemount High School Marching Band Festival
(Rosemount, MN)
-Irondale Music of the Knight Competition (New Brighton, MN)
-Champlin Park Rebel Classic (Champlin, MN)
-Bands of America St. Louis Super Regional (St. Louis, MO)
Jennifer Gordon captainJun '13
Band: Pride of Borden-Borden, IN
Instrument: N/A-I'm the show designer. :-)
Show title: "We Are Red"
Theme (Music):
1-Power (Heartbeat Five)
2-Passion (My Spanish Heart)
3-Pride (Malagueña)
And some Bolero sprinkled throughout to tie the show together.

Local contests, ISSMA Scholastic Class (new circuit this year!)
Austin Eagle Jun '13
Band:Andrew Jackson Volunteer Regiment
Instrument: Lead Baritone
Show Name: "Something Wicked This Way Comes..."
Theme: Based on book by Ray Bradburry
Music: Original by Key Poulan
Competition Circuits: SCBDA?

Senior year, super excited =D
marcoshows Jun '13
Band: Lopez High School
Instrument: Clarinet
Show name: ?
Music: Not sure yet, but the show will have Spanish Literature
Competition Circuit: BOA San Antonio, UIL Marching Festival
adavis14 Jun '13
Band: Council Rock South
Location: Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia
Instrument: Trumpet
Show: "The Race" (Only us officers are supposed to know that though)
Music: Nothing recognizable
Competitions: Cavalcade, US Bands, and some local festivals

It's my senior year, so I'm pretty excited. I'm the band secretary for next year, so that's pretty neat (it also means I'll have to attend a bunch of special officer meetings over the summer). It's our second year with a new band director, and we're coming off of a pretty solid year. We tried Cavalcade for the first time last year, and got an 89.55. We also did extremely well at some local festivals. This year, we're bringing in a bunch of new staff to work with smaller sections, we're adding a bunch of summer rehearsals in, and we're making band camp longer. It'll be demanding, but hopefully we'll be able to go out there and dominate next year because of the extra work. Also, we're gonna try US Bands for the first time, and go to several Cavalcade competitions.

See you in Cavalcade, jgriff17.
Rozemary Jun '13
Band: Perk Valley
Instrument: Alto Saxophone
Show: We don't have an official name yet..
Music: Selections from Gustav Holst
-Second Suite in F
-First Suite in Eb
-In the Bleak Midwinter
-Mars: we will not actually be playing it, just hinting at it
Competitions: USBands, Cavalcade, BOA Regional

So excited! And I guess I'll be seeing adavis14, Willie Careri and jgriff17 at Cavalcade, best of luck to you guys!
Aiden Delowery Jun '13
Band: Jensen Beach High School
Location: Jensen Beach FL, near West Palm
Show: Angels in the Architecture!
Competitions: FMBC (states)?
wesley denney Jun '13
band: ranburne high school known as( bulldog band)
location: ranburne,al
instrament:TRUMPET (ROCKS!)
show:blues brothers
music:cant turn you loose,soul man,think.
i will post the sound tracks on you tube and put the web address on here and post the competitions later thanks
cuhrareoh Jun '13
It's so weird to read a lot of these comments and know exactly where a good portion of the band are from. For instance Kiski and Girard, I have competed against both of those bands. I just graduated from McKeesport Area High School, I was the drum major there.
FreakoftheArts73 Jun '13  /  edited Oct '13
Band: Thomas Dale High School "Marching Knights"
Location: Chester, VA
Instrument: Arranger and Brass Instructor
Show Name: Heart of Courage
Theme: It's a Salute to the Armed Forces, featuring the music of Two Steps from Hell
Music: Hypnotica, Undying Love, To Glory
Competition Circuit: Virginia Band and Orchestra Director's Association (VBODA)

VBODA State Marching Assessment:
Evha7x Jun '13
Band: Gahr High School Marching Gladiators
Location: Cerritos, CA
Instrument: Snare(Center)
Show Name: Outbreak
Theme: A Disease has Broken Out(Dark Theme)
Music: Hope Runs Deep( Rest Unknown as of now but some from Gears of War)
Competition Circuit: Southern California Judging Association(SCJA)
Alec Rodriguez Jun '13
Band: Independence High School Falcon Sound
Location: california
Instrument: Snare (center)
Show name: FIREBIRD
Theme: Firebird lol
Music: Firebird lol
Competitions: Local Contests, WBA
Mike Dunn Jul '13
Band:Mcgavock High School Marching Band
Instrument: Bass Drum 4 section leader (might change to 5)
Show name:nLIGHTn (Enlighten)
Theme:Light Forms
Music:it's arrangements by our director Mr.John David Hazlett
Competitions:LAX contest at Antioch HS,BOA Regional Muncie,IN , Music City Invitational, Contest of Champions at Middle Tennessee State University
binciso Jul '13  /  edited Sep '13
Show: Life, Love, and Joy (Scenes of Simple Gifts by Key Poulan) (Mvt. 2 replaced with "As the Bridegroom To His Chosen" by Tim Salzman)
Instrument: Alto Sax
Silverado High School
Competitions: Henderson Bandfest
Silverado Showdown
Summerlin Spectacular
Las Vegas Invitational
Joel Snyder Jul '13  /  edited Aug '13
Girard High School Marching Band
Girard, PA
I. Falling Asleep
II. The City
III. Love
IV. Nightmare
V. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Instrument: Tenors
Circuit: Tournament of Bands - Chapter 8
Tromboon Jul '13
Band: American Heritage "Marching Patriots"
Location: Plantation, FL
Instrument: Trombone
Show Name: Operation Pompeii
Theme: The eruption/ mythology of Vesuvius
Musical Selections: Works by Frank Ticheli/ arr. Chandler Wilson
Competition Circuit: FMBC
-Flanagan Falcon Sound Invitational
-Santaluces Invitational
-Park Vista Invitational
-FBA District 15 Evaluation
-FMBC States Competition 2013
kingofmoco Jul '13
@fredthebeast You guys have a flight based theme too!
doublecc Aug '13
Anyone hear what some of the big names' shows are this year? Avon, Carmel, Broken Arrow?
ScotchTheKing Aug '13
Band: Tarpon Springs High School
Section: Percussion
Show name: N/A
Music: Original Composition
Competition Circuit: BOA
Competitions: BOA South East Super regional, BOA Grand Nationals Indianapolis, Seminole Sound Spectacular, East Lake Invitational as well as an FBA Evaluation

Broken Arrow was doing something called "The Promise of Living" at some point, but it very well could have changed.
Sir Marchalot Aug '13
I heard that a lot of bands are using the flight theme this year. I guess that's what you get when it's the 110th anniversary of the first (successful) airplane.
biscotti Aug '13  /  edited Aug '13
alma mater
Timber Creek High School (Orlando, FL)
On the Shoulders of Giants
-Stars and Stripes Forever (don't agree with this but oh well...)
-Childrens Hour of Dream
-Appalachian Springs
Competing at BOA Atlanta, and at the Tarpon Springs Outdoor Music Festival

School I tech for
East River High School (Orlando, FL)
-Overture to the Wind
-To Tame the Perilous Skies

FMBC Regional at Leesburg, Tarpon Springs Outdoor Music Festival (very creepy coincidence)
Jennifer Gordon captainAug '13
Henryville Golden Band
Henryville, IN
Woodwind Specialist/Visual Tech
Show name: Picture This!
Music: Pictures at an Exhibition, arr. Gary Gilroy
Competition Circuit: ISSMA Open Class D
ScotchTheKing Aug '13
See you around :P
mlsku Aug '13
Shawnee Mission North Marching Indians
Junior Drum Major
James Bond
Music: 1- "Theme/Latin Groove/Swing Theme/Theme Reprise"
2- "For Your Eyes Only/From Russia With Love/Skyfall"
3- "Die Another Die/Live and Let Die/Swing Theme"
Circuit: Non-affiliated, though we compete quite often.
Titan Armor Aug '13
Victoria East High School
Section:Drumline (tenors)
Show name:"Luminosity"
Music: N/A (Circe de sol)
Competition circuit: Lamar invitational,west lake festival,Sam Houston state university contest,UIL contest (area finals,state contest)
LKendrick captainAug '13
West Texas A&M University:

Pre Game Show:

- En Fuego
- Pegasus
- Johnny One Note

Half Time Show:

- Heroes, Myths, and Legends

Pregame is really 80s, 90s drum corps style, you'll recognize those tunes from Madison and Blue Devils at some point. The Half Time Show is really modern drum corps style, and is an original show. One of our professors, BJ Brooks, wrote the drill and the winds, and Alan Miller form the Cavaliers staff (WT Grad) wrote the drum book. It's pretty hard stuff, the drum feature is insane. Will have to share a video with you guys, it's going to be pretty freakin awesome! Nothing like a page full of 32nd bass splits among other things.
doublecc Aug '13
Not sure what the music is for the show, but Avon's production this year is called "Statuesque".
almatho9 Aug '13
@doublecc I could see them using Pines of Rome or Nessun Dorma easily
ScotchTheKing Sep '13
It's kinda hard to speculate as far as Broken Arrow goes, simply because the kids don't even know. Apparently the word "Utopia" is in the title now, but nobody can say for sure, and of course, nothing is final.
cjf20 Sep '13
@ScotchTheKing, I heard broken arrow are not going to grand nationals this year due to budget, weather thats true or not i'm not sure.
Sir Marchalot Sep '13
^ I heard that's true; they will, however, be going to Atlanta for the super regional there.
ScotchTheKing Sep '13
I did not hear about them not going to nationals, but they are most definitely going to Atlanta. Which is great. I love nothing more but to perform with the best.
doublecc Sep '13
Strange that they are going to Atlanta! I'm headed to Grand Nationals with friends for the first time this year to watch as an "enthusiast" more or less. Looking forward to seeing these bands live.
Charles Presley Sep '13
New Smyrna Beach High School


Show: Les Miserables

Songs: Work Song/ At the end of the day, On My Own/ Do you hear the people sing, and one day more

Work Song/At the end of the day:

On my own/Do you hear the people sing:

One day more:
james98 Sep '13  /  edited Dec '13
walrus50 Sep '13
Lafayette High School

Show: With All of My Heart

Music 1: Appalachian Spring
The Tender Land
Music 2: On the Lake (from the notebook)

Music 3: Bolero
Spanish Fantasy by Chik Corea
My Heart will go on

We were in the Rose parade last year, and we're going to Indianapolis super regionals.
jgriff17 Sep '13
Congrats on rose parade walrus! We went in 2001 and 2011, but i won't be able because you can only go every 10 years.
walrus50 Sep '13
It was an amazing experience!
Heres our band-fest performance:

Heres this years show:
rubenkappe14 Sep '13
I play at adest musica sassenheim (Netherlands).

instrument: snare drum

show name: mother earth
bigfishv Sep '13
Keller High School (Keller, TX)

Instrument: Drum Major

Show: Sprung!

Source material: "The Rite of Spring" by Igor Stravinsky, "Appalachian Spring" by Aaron Copland, and "Spring" from "The Four Seasons" by Antonio Vivaldi

Contests: Birdville Marching Contest, Bands of America Regional (Allen HS), Bands of America Super Regional (San Antonio)
jacuzz4 Sep '13
Southington High School (Southington Connecticut)

Show: Neptune's Realm

Various USBands Competitions including NE States and National Championships
John Davis Sep '13
Band: Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas
Halftime Show: Vegas Music!
1st Mvt: Luck Be a Lady, A Little Less Conversation
2nd Mvt: Music from Cirque du Soleil
3rd Mvt: Viva Las Vegas
I'm in the front ensemble, representing all you vibraphone players out there! Haha

Here's our last halftime performance against Prairie View A&M University! (I'm in the front ensemble, back row far left)
Trystan Sep '13
Band: Clovis Wildcat Marching Band
Instrument: Mellophone
Show: Anime
Music: Ark, power of light, war ship, and deep trench from Brain powered, Tank from cowboy bebop. all by yoko kanno
Competitions: Boa St. george, UT, Zia Marching Fiesta, Tumbleweed classic, and Uil district contest lubbock, Tx
tom02 Sep '13
Band: South Mecklenburg Sabre Regiment
Instrument: Baritone
Show: Tempered Steel
Music: Tempered Steel, Loss, Machine
Competitions: Providence Cup, Butler Festival of Bands, Hickory Ridge Festival of Bands, all in Charlotte, and Band Beat Marching Band Championship, Rock Hill,SC
Oliver Ryan Sep '13
Band: BMR Chargers (Blackstone Mass)
Instrument: Bass 3
Show: In a dream
Music: Symphonic Metamorphosis #2 and March all by Hindemith
Competitions: Many Usbands competitions including our home show this Saturday, Nesba Finals, Micca Finals, and Boa regional in Towson Maryland
NetherLander Sep '13
Band: North Mesquite Big Blue Band
Instrument: French Horn
Show Name: Revolution
Music: Bolero, Les Miserables
Competitions: Mesquite Marching Festival, Little Elm Marching Invitational, UIL Region 3 Marching Competition, Frisco Marching Invitational

visit for occasional updates, competition and performance dates, and possible videos
mortuusvii Oct '13
Band: Homestead High School (IN)
Instrument: Baritone
Show Name: The Night Circus
Music: Original works by Kent Klee
Competitions: Bluffton, Lafayette Jefferson, East Noble, Penn, Homestead, ISSMA preliminaries, ISSMA Regional, ISSMA Semi-State, ISSMA State.

For those of you who don't know us because we don't do BOA, we're a big name up here in Indiana. Avon and Carmel both worry about us at state competition. We worry about them, too, of course.
ScotchTheKing Oct '13
Band: Tarpon Springs High School
Section: Percussion
Show name: Unidentified
Music: Original Composition by Frank Sullivan,
Percussion by Todd Leighton, Chris Koss, Jason Burris, Jeremy Brown
Competition Circuit: BOA
Competitions: BOA South East Super regional, BOA Grand Nationals Indianapolis, Seminole Sound Spectacular, East Lake Invitational as well as an FBA Evaluation

The last post was in August, and I couldn't say much of anything. Hope this remedies the situation. We just had our first show last night.
LKendrick captainOct '13
Well my old high school and the drums I am teching with won Grand Champion, High Percussion, and High Colorguard yesterday! Proud of them!
ladygagadisco Oct '13
Band: Jenks High School

Section: Saxophone

Show Name: The Red Line

Music: "Symphony in Bb" and "Symphonic Metamorphosis" by Hindemith, "Vide Cor Meum" by Cassidy

Circuits: BOA and Oklahoma Stuff

Competitions: Owasso Invitational (3rd with Hi-Music), BA Invitational (2nd with Hi-Music and Hi-GE), St. Louis SR, Grand Nats


Information on Broken Arrow's Show this year! Just watched it last night!

Show Name: Utopia

The only musical selection I recognized the Simple Gifts section of Appalachian Spring. It begins with a flute solo. No props, but guard are wearing dresses with short fronts and long backs, which they are using as a visual, it's pretty cool. They also open with a double flags feature and the band members are doing visuals with a partner. The last thing I remember was at the end, the guard have double flags which looks like Darth Maul's light saber.
Alex Shanafelt Oct '13
Carmel High School



Original Music by Richard Saucedo, with themes from Flight of the Valkyries

LC Invitational (2nd), Avon Invitational (1st), BOA Muncie Regional (1st by default), ISSMA Regional, ISSMA Semi-State, ISSMA State, BOA Prelims, BOA Semi-Finals, BOA Grand Nationals
*I may be forgetting some competitions, I'm not too sure on the schedule...and anything past ISSMA Regional and BOA Prelims are only if we move on*

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

For those wondering, our show is based off the cultures involving totemic myths. These can include concepts such as drought, war, rain dancing, prosperity, tribal dance, and celebration.

The show includes 4 movements:
1: Introduction/Atop the Totem
2: War and the Snake
3: Drought
4: Rain Dance, The Rain, Celebration
HarleeAnne Oct '13
Band:Macon County Marching Tigers
School:Macon County High school
Show name:Journey of Man
Circuit:I honestly have no idea
Competitions;Station Camp,Yellow Jacket invitational,Blue Devils invitational,and UsBands

I am from about a 50 ish peice band in Tennessee.We aren't a very well know band.
PiccoloFreak Oct '13
Band: La Porte High School Band
Instrument: Piccolo
School: La Porte High school
Show name: Fusion (Cirque Du Soleil)
1- Distorted
2- Journey of Man
3- Incantation
Circuit: ?
US Bands: 1st place in our division and overall in our class
UIL: Straight 1's
Really fun show, but contest season just ended for us.
Our show :)
Nick Funke Oct '13
Band: Rockwood Summit High School
Section: Trumpet
Show name: Ritual
Music: Thunder (Cirque du Soleil), Uninvited (Alanis Morisette), Invocation and African Dance (Matt Conaway)
Competition Circuit: Local Shows, BOA
Competitions: Belleville East Invitational (1st in class AAA, Grand Champion), O'Fallon Twp Metro East Marching Classic (1st in class AAA), Lafayette Contest of Champions (1st in class AA, Grand Champion), BOA Muncie (1st in class AA), BOA St Louis Super Regional (4th in class AA, 15th overall), Greater St Louis Marching Band Festival, BOA Grand Nationals
KPeters Oct '13
Band: Homestead High School (IN)
Instrument: Tenor Sax
Show Name: The Night Circus
Music: Original works by Kent Klee
Competitions: Bluffton, Lafayette Jefferson, East Noble, Penn, Homestead, what-used-to-be-ISSMA-District ISSMA Regional, ISSMA Semi-State, ISSMA State.

We are coming off of a state runner-up to Carmel last year and state championship in 2011 in Indiana. We are headed to State this weekend and are trying to beat bands such as Lake Central, Carmel and Avon (why wouldn't you want to win State?). We don't do BOA, so many out-of-state bands may not hear as much of us, but we are consistently ranking up with recent Grand National Champions Carmel and Avon. We hope our not-really-a-circus Night Circus will take the trophy this year.
ShowofSpring Nov '13
Now that the season is over, I can say!

Band: Bassett High School
Show name: "Wings of a Dream"
Music: "The Rite of Spring" by Stravinsky, arranged by Frank Sullivan
Competitions: Franklin County, Western Carolina University, BOA Winston-Salem Super Regional, USBands Mid-Atlantic Championships

I would say we had a fairly successful season, and I plan for next year to be even better. Our show should be appearing on YouTube any time now.
Greg Holdiness Nov '13  /  edited Nov '13
Now that it's the end of the season, I play Mellophone in the Ouachita Parish High School Band from Monroe, Louisiana. (It is said wash-it-ah)

Our show this year was titled "Viva Las Vegas Baby"
It consisted of: Viva Las Vegas, Strangers In the Night, and Money Money Money

We placed 3rd in the Parkway Marching Contest after coming out at 1st last year.

We were also the only band to receive all 1's at District Festival.

The other contest we normally attend decided they would all of a sudden become a festival a few days before the competition, so we dropped out of it, along with 5 other bands.

So our season went pretty well I must say! If you would like to watch our show, you can see it here: This was our District Festival performance, and least performance of the show. Trust me, it won't be a waste of your time!
BenLensenmayer Nov '13
Band: Warhill high school marching lions
Show: 'one arabian night'
Music: Arabian nights, (select movement of) Scheherazade, (winds portion of) Sand volcano from the mummy, (which has since been added to our warmup regime and will possibly be added on as a corps or band song) and (movement from) Danse Bacchanale.
That was our final performance of the show. I literally cried after the performance. At least, at first, it was the sexy (or one tear) cry!
nawno Nov '13
connally high school
austin texas
show name- green
the last performance of our show this year was at the texas state marching contest, we were 6th in state
E Dizzle Dec '13
Ferndale high school golden eagle marching band
Ferndale WA
Show name: In the DEAD of night (zombie theme. last year we did the mayan apocalypse)
Music: Amazing grace, themes from the walking dead, you raise me up, and thriller.
First in the AAA class (94 people) in the state of washington, second overall (lost to an open class band from oregon with 150 people)
LKendrick captainDec '13
FINALLY found a good recording of our show "Heroes Myths and Legends"
KiddHorner Dec '13
University of North Alabama "Pride of Dixie"
Our show was "Viva'
The selections included:
La Nouba, Filet, Something, Viva Las Vegas, Thriller, Eleanor Rigby, Lucky Be a Lady Tonight, Can't Buy Me Love, and Selections from Ka, Alegria, and Quidam

From our performance at BOA Grand Nationals (although with not the best quality of a camera and with our black pants)

From homecoming (if you want a more face melting yet dirtier experience with our cream pants)
knah14 Dec '13
1)Union High School (from NJ, not from OK) Marching Farmers
2)Our show: Selections from the hit broadway, award-winning musical, "Miss Saigon".
3)Selections include: The Overture (consisting of The Ceremony, Why God?, and The [actual] Overture, and What's This I Find?), Sun and Moon, Morning of the Dragon, and The Fall of Saigon (Kim's Nightmare)
4)Circuit: USBands. Came in 2nd for group 4A NJ states (score of 85) and 3rd for USBands group 4AA nationals(Score of 92.093). Group 4AA was added due to the amount of 4A bands competing. They had the top 8 4A bands and put them in their own section and let them compete in a separate national from the regular 4A bands.
5)Performance @ USBands nationals in Metlife Stadium:

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