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Marching Band a Sport?

Joel Snyder Apr '13  /  edited Apr '13
In my English class at school, I'm writing an essay about whether Marching Band should be considered a sport or not. I want your say on it. Tell me yes or no, then why. I say yes because of the fact that it is as physically demanding as any other sport.

Yes - 9
No - 1
I would say yes because of the competition aspect that so many participant in yearly
Jazz man Apr '13
I say no. I see it more as a performance. Do I deny the physical demands? No. But, it's less a sport and more a performing art.
kamoro Apr '13
It meets all of the criteria set up by the dictionary, so I would say yes.
james98 Apr '13
I say yes. We do as much physical work as most other sports. Also we compete against other bands! Yes it is performing, but aren't other sports performances in a way? So I don't see why it shouldn't be considered a sport.
I agree with james98. Formerly, marching band is one of sport that contested in Indonesia National Sport Week(A National Sport Olympic in Indonesia). But since 2009, marching band have been deleted from PON(Indonesia National Sport Week).
Bre Munroe Apr '13
Yes. It is most definitely a sport. Not only does it match the physical endurance of most sports that exist, but everything must be exactly precise, done the same time, every time, and all while heavily restricting your breathing. Furthermore, there's the performing aspect added on. I don't see how there could possibly be any doubt that if golf and ping pong are sports, marching band (or at least drum corps) can't not be sports as well.
Joel Snyder Apr '13
Baritone B1 Apr '13
It's interpretation. Maybe your essay should be about how sports are an art, not just how marching band (an art) is a sport.

Also, I hope you are asking people of other sports as well. Most of us are pretty biased. I have a friend who played baseball and marched. He would probably consider marching band a sport. I had another who was a swimmer and marched. I think you should have a variety of people's opinions to enrich your essay and back it up.
*Marching Band students only
*Athletes in sports typically considered sports (tennis, cycling, softball)
*Students focused on academics only (with music no marching)
*Students focused on academics only (no music at all, if applicable)
cjf20 Apr '13
i would say yes
cause of the effort put into it (colorguards a sport to)
Joel Snyder Apr '13
ghsmb Apr '13  /  edited Apr '13
Sorry to disappoint, I personally say no but for this yes because in the dictionary it is anything in which takes physical demand and has one or more people competting against other groups.
Willie Careri Apr '13
I'm surprised this topic hasn't been taken down yet. Captains usually take it down by now.
Starfruit1 Apr '13
A sport, according to, is defined as:
1. an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature, as racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, wrestling, boxing, hunting, fishing, etc.
2. a particular form of this, especially in the out of doors.
3. diversion; recreation; pleasant pastime.

Marching band easily meets all three of these requirements, so I believe that it's safe to say that marching band is indeed a sport.
Joel Snyder Apr '13
Really Willie, and why would this be taken down?
Joel Snyder Apr '13
Willie Careri Apr '13
It's really controversial. I personally think it is though- a sport
Willie Careri Apr '13
@Jazz man, nice point. Usually I would get mad at something like this but you had a good point and you said it is physically demanding.

Also, I think it depends on the band and how tough the drill is.
I think that military-style marching band, can be more of a sport. Definitely parade marching. But I also agree with Jazz man, the modern shows are designed as performances and are meant to be seen all at once, with the music being connected either with segues or thematic material.
I see both your points, Geoffrey and Jazzman, but if you think about it Gymnastics (more rhythmic) is a performance but it is still considered a sport and in the Olympics.

I feel that this is something that can be argued either way for many hours on end and if you need a persuasive essay LeojoCrazy then its a perfect topic but if its not I would follow Baritone's lead in how sports are an art.
Alex Shanafelt Apr '13
In my opinion, I firmly believe that marching band is a performance art rather than an actual sport. A lot of arguments derive from the fact that we move around for 10 minutes, but unless you're in DCI it's pretty much just a fast walk the whole time. Also, if we took away the music aspect, what would the activity be then? Would it still be a sport? I think people watch marching band shows to see the aesthetics of the performance, rather than think about how that group is going to match up with the group after/before...or at least, that's what I do.
LKendrick captainApr '13
^ I have to agree here.

At least for high school bands. There was only one show in high school that I felt was truly physically demanding, and even that one wasn't awful. The rest were not that bad. I always thought parades were more physically taxing than the shows we were doing. Now the shows were harder for sure, but more from a focus and coordination aspect than physically demanding.

As far as competitions go, the main difference from most of your average sports than marching band is the factor of winning. In almost all regular sports, winning is the goal and what is sought after. In marching band world, your goal is (or should be) to perform as good as possible, make finals, ect. Winning is second to putting out your best possible product regardless of what everyone else is doing. If you win that's the little cherry on top. I'm not saying that wining isn't desired in marching band, but it's second to putting your best foot forward and not focusing on your rival band's weakness's and trying to beat them in those areas. Whatever the other bands are doing is out of your control. This factor could go either way IMO. That is just how I personally see it.

DCI's a different story, I have a feeling my butt's going to get kicked pretty hard during the first few weeks of where ever I'll be next year. But for your average high school show, I have to say no.

I really enjoy how civilized this discussion is, usually these are argument filled by now. Let's keep it that way! :)
jgriff17 Apr '13
band, no. corps, yes.
Jennifer Gordon captainApr '13
I'm really happy this hasn't turned south before now...but I am closing this topic because at some point, it always does. Please (everybody) avoid this topic in the future. Thanks!

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