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Tips for auditioning for DCI?

Larry Lawrence Feb '11
I hope to try out for the Cavaliers after highschool, any tips on how to prepare myself for then? I am in drumline.
Practice the basics. Technique, marching...
Wolf Feb '11
I agree with BandGeekChristian..Knowing the basics really really well is the first thing they look at during the first camp, I would recommend you go online and buy (if you can) the "Green Beats" percussion method book that contains all the basic rudiments they want see during the first audition. As far as marching for the first audition you just need to be very good at your technique, while quickly learning our marching technique. Always remember that auditioning is a process that takes time and that the people who get contracts are the ones that show the most improvement between camps. Good luck and I hope to see you soon!
Breakneck Inc Feb '11
What I found out when auditioning for the Bluecoats this past year is that they REALLY want to see your work ethic. Bust your butt when you are there and if a staff member tells you to fix something then fix it quick. This will get you a huge chance of getting in. Of course talent/technique matters to so come prepared.
Carl Jalm Feb '11
1 - Nail the basics. By having a good foundation to build on, you can improve and learn so much easier.

2 - Have a good attitude. From what I've seen and heard, staff at most corps evaluate you while you're not in block as well. If stuff starts to get rough, just be flexible and roll with the punches. This is a vital skill during the summer.

3 - Work smart, not hard. If you are given a correction from the staff, apply it immediately so you don't have to do rep after rep after rep after rep with the wrong technique.

4 - If you don't exercise on a regular basis already, start doing so. Stretching in the morning and running at least a mile everyday is a good start. Camps can be physically tough, and the more you can prepare for it, the better. You'll probably be expected to do this anyways, so why not start now?
Jerry Feb '11  /  edited Feb '11
If you don't make it, but they refer you to another (lower) corps to get some experience, do it. Don't say "Well, I don't want to march there. I want to march with you" because they don't want people like that in their corps.

Seriously, this was on one of my facebook friend's comments in a status update. He's a caption head at a very high placing corps.

"I have told every kid that didn't make it to march elsewhere. I have had a few kids that told me that they "are not interested in marching anywhere else..." but my response is basically "well, if you don't want to march anywhere else first, then you probably won't march in [this corps]."

I don't like that attitude. If the staff thinks you need experience, then go get experience."

Also, who knows? Maybe after that first year you will end up liking it so much that you will just stay with your corps. I didn't join my corps for experience to go somewhere else, but I have stayed with them for a long time. When I joined in 2007, we got 20th. Two years later, we made finals. Also, none of our members that year were even alive the last time our corps made finals.
Dave F captainFeb '11
Jerry is completely right. Even if the staff doesn’t refer you to another corps, go try to march with an Open Class or all-age/senior corps rather than sit on your butt all summer and “try” to get better for the audition next year. World Class corps *love* people with previous drum corps experience; that was a big helper for me when I tried out for Blue Stars.
Larry Lawrence Feb '11
Awesome! Thank you all so much! I will take all that in to consideration for when I audition!
MusketeerGroovy Feb '11
Be relaxed. Know your talent and be confident in it.

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