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How to get feedback and how to give it on WIPs

LKendrick captainDec '10
I've seen a lot of people putting their same WIP in the Critique forum multiple times, and people posting the exact same thing on multiple WIPs. So:

When Posting It:

1) When you are posting your WIP, state what you want people to comment on. If there is nothing specific, just say that you want a general critique, if you want a certain spot or section to be looked at, state that as well. Not putting what you want looked at usually draws me away because I don't know what you want help on.

2) Make sure you have a good start on a show, at least 5 sets to be critiqued, because if you can't get past a set or two, you don't have much to be looked at, and you probably won't be able to get past those sets anyway. (I used to be guilty of this one a lot, and I didn't get the feedback I wanted)

That's how I currently do mine, and I usually get the feedback I want.

When Critiquing a WIP:

1) Unless they are asking for "is it good or bad", don't put those kinds of cookie cutter comments, if they are asking what a certain section looks like at a certain point, don't be scared to share your opinion on it, it will probably help them with their show.

2) If you don't know what to say, then just don't say anything. Over the last few months I have seen a BUNCH of WIPs with the same "do some follow the leader next" or "blocks would look good" by the exact same person on multiple WIPs, when they aren't even asking for something like that. So help them with what they want you to or just don't post at all.

Those are some guidelines I would follow when helping WIPs, just so that the forum is being used to it's full ability. If you still don't get the feedback you want, then go to a mentor, they are great designers that would be very glad to help!

Happy Designing!
LKendrick captainDec '10

Great example of what to do. Posted what he wanted, and Jason posted a great response.
Dave F captainDec '10
Unless Joe opposes for some odd reason...

LKendrick captainDec '10
:D Yay.
Baritone B1 Dec '10
When critiquing a WIP:
2.1) Don't copy and paste the same comment in every WIP topic.
J Doerr Dec '10

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