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Flame Aug '08
Alright, this has been getting on my nerves ever since I signed up for this website. I've been seeing people leave comments like:

*Awesome job, I gave you a perfect 10 out of 10!
*I saw one minor mistake and that's why I gave you an 8 out of 10.
Awesome show, you got a 10 from me!

Well, that's not how ratings work in a marching band competition. If you give someone a 10 out of 10, you're really giving them the worst possible score they could get. Judges always give shows a rating of 1-10 yeah, but as 1 being the best (excellent) and 10 being the worst. I just think everyone should know the real way to rate a marching band show before they continue judging any more.

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My browser version is:
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michaelcarnes Aug '08
But this is how it's always been on here and thats how it's set up. If you get a 10/10 you get more XP than if you get a 1/10 and it's a good thing to receive more XP.

Not saying you're wrong, but, I've never seen a competition or anything judged like how you are explaining it.
Jerry Aug '08
1 - 5 is the rating system, MML doesn't use that.

As in:

1 - Superior
2 - Excellent
3 - Good

In a scored marching band competition, judges give actual scores. So on MML:

1 - 10.0
2 - 20.0
3 - 30.0
10 - 100.0
Danderson Aug '08
Last time I checked "Box 5" was the best. Not Box 1.
Joe Lesko captainAug '08
If you ask anyone on the street to rate something on scale of 1 to 10, the assumption is always that 10 is best. As in "that's a Perfect 10!" This is what the MML system is based on.
Tim Devino Aug '08
not everything has to be done a certain way, this is the way it is done here.
Finkleton Aug '08
yeah, everyones different, in all the Concert band competitions we go to its 1-4, Superior, Excellent, Good, Poor, but our marching band comps always are scored out of so many points for each category.

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