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Joe Lesko captainAug '10
Extended from the original thread here:

Who are you?
Where are you from?
Where and when did you march?
Who's your favorite band/corps?

Also, go ahead and brag about your accomplishments. =)
Kyle Halpin Aug '10
Hi everybody that congregates on the awesomness of MML!
I'm Kyle, and I'm from Winter Springs, make things simpler, its less than a 1/2 hour away from Orlando. I march at Lake Howell High School, and this is my second year in marching band. I play the French Horn in Wind Ensemble, and Top 2nd Mellophone during marching season. My favorite corps are The Cavaliers, Carolina Crown, Santa Clara Vanguard, The Cadets, Madison Scouts, Phantom Regiment, and Teal Sound.
I'm not really gonna brag, I'd rather be known for being down to earth than really braggy.
Jacob Caffrey Aug '10  /  edited Dec '10
My name is Jacob and I'm from Clovis, New Mexico. I'm a senior and I march in the Clovis High School Band. This is my 5th and final year marching in high school. I marched in 8th grade and 9th grade in Seminary, Mississippi. I moved and marched 10th, 11th, 12th grades in Clovis. My favorite band is Broken Arrow HS and LD Bell HS. I am currently a member of the 2011 Blue Knights hornline.
Buzz93 Aug '10
Hi, I'm Ben Zein and I'm from the Live Music Capitol of the World, a.k.a. Austin, TX! This will be my fourth year marching in the A. N. McCallum High School Band and I'll be the Head Drum Major this year as well.
My favorite high school bands include Marcus, L.D. Bell, Duncanville, etc. (pretty much the any band in the Dallas area) and James Bowie High School from Austin! My favorite corps is The Cavaliers, but in right behind them are Phantom Regiment, Carolina Crown, and good ol' Star of Indiana.
jordan lee Aug '10
my name is Jordan and i'm from Greenville, Ky. From 2004 - 2007 I marched with Muhlenberg South High School in the drumline. I played tennor drum for three years and snare for one. In 2007, my high school band was crown state champs in AA. My favorite drum corps is Santa Clara Vangaurd, but I also enjoy Carolina Crown, The Blue Devils, The Cadets, Madison Scouts, and the troopers. My favorite high school bands would have to be: Avon High school- In, Muhlenberg County High school- ky, Davis county high school- ky, Father ryan, and PLD-ky.
Chad blackburn Sep '10
Hi, My name is Chad... I live in West Liberty, KY, This is my second year in Marching Band... I've been in concert band going on 5 years or so... I March the Baritone Saxophone... My favorite band/corps... is probably... Phantom Regiment... the Cadets... the Blue Devils... and the Santa Clara Vanguard...
thesousabone Sep '10
Don't believe I never did this.

Name: Ryan Lamoreux
From: Northeast PA
Did the typical four years of high school band. Marched in 2008 with the Reading Buccaneers. Now I'm an assistant band director for a group one Cavalcade of Bands band. ( I love to meet MML-ers so if you're in a cavalcade band I'd love to meet up)

I don't really have a favorite corps, but I tend to prefer to watch DCA more than DCI. I like tradition.
Danger Dan Sep '10
Name: Dan
From: Fort Wayne, IN
I marched three years (07, 08, 09) in the Homestead Spartan Alliance Band from Homestead High School in Fort Wayne. Now I am doing my first year of the Pride of Mid-America Marching Band at Ball State.
My favorite corps: The Cadets, Blue Devils, Madison Scouts
My favorite bands(besides mine): Avon Marching Black and Gold, Penn Marching Kingsmen, Carmel Marching Greyhounds, Lake Central Tribe of Pride
luchas123 Sep '10
Name: Lucas
Place: Plymouth, MI
I am marching with Plymouth for my 3rd year now.
Fav. Corps: Crown, SCV, Phantom
Fav. Bands: Avon, Plymouth.
Astrognash Sep '10
Oh, I didn't see this.

Who are you? Elijah
Where are you from? Cary, NC
Where and when did you march? Currently I'm a sophomore Baritone in the CHS Marching Band.
Who's your favorite band/corps?
DCI Corps: Phantom Regiment, Cadets, and Carolina Crown
DCA Corps: Carolina Gold
College Marching Bands: ECU, WCU
High School Marching Band: Besides my own? Hmmm... Basset.
JustinTA Sep '10
Hi! My name is Justin Staalvinstvesandt. I have been a member for only a couple of months now. Our marching band is going to be performing at a sit down concert at Carnegie Hall this March. I play in the JHHS marching band, Jazz band, and concert band. I play the piano in Jazz band. Trumpet in Marching Band, and French Horn in Concert Band. I am from Illinois. My favorite is Phantom Regiment. One of the Sousaphone members in our Marching band just came back from his first year in the phantom regiment. He is AMAZING! I write my own songs - for solo piano to full blown piano concertos. My current piano repertoire consists of Gershwins RHAPSODY IN BLUE, and AN AMERICAN IN PARIS. Our Band is working on John Mackey's "TURBINE" and his "ASPHALT COCKTAIL"!
bando09swimmer Sep '10  /  edited Sep '10
I don't remember if I said my name or anything at the beginning...
Doyle Gammil.
Instrumetal Music Coordinator in Lubbock
I like good looking bands.
I hate calling them costumes.
I lose my pencils like gang busters
I think that the sash's make all the difference in the WORLD!

Joking btw lol
Im Ryan Kelly
I live in Marion, Ohio
I marched for my high shcool but I plan on auditioning for Glassmen this year
Favorite corps are Carolina Crown, Bluecoats, Blue Stars, Glassmen, Spirit and Teal Sound.

My senior year i received the John Philip Sousa award. Now I'm in college as a Criminal Justice Major.
SalemBorn13 Sep '10
Hey all MML-ers! My name is Devin Doss. This is my second year marching in the "Pride of Salem" Marching band of Salem, Virginia. I play Alto Sax and I am currently learning how to play Mellophone. My favorite Corps have to be Jersey Surf, Phantom Regiment, and Carolina Crown. One of our trumpet players marched with Jersey Surf last season, and he is EXTREMELY talented. My favorite band besides my own has to be the Centerville Jazz Band.
Ryan McKenzie Sep '10
Ryan your post made me happy. :)
bando09swimmer Sep '10
woo! haha
CJ Ellis Sep '10
Hey, my name is CJ Ellis (obviously)
It is my first year marching and im 2nd chair trumpet (out of around 18) at enterprise high school in Enterprise, Alabama
Even though its my first year marching ive been following drum corps since the 2007 season and my favorite corps are:
Cavaliers, Phantom Regiment, Crown, and the Cadets
I aspire to go to Troy University and be a band director like both of my parents
Im new to this site and would like lots of constructive criticism on my shows.
Thanks guys
Mike Hellums Sep '10
Hey! My name is Michael! I'm from hernando Miss. I'm currently a sophmore at Lewisburg High school. ( Home of the 2009 4A state champ Marching Patriots!) I play tenor sax for concert and I'm in the pit for marching.
Zach Piner Sep '10
Im just gonna go ahead and re-post, but in a much more "matured" fashion.

Hey everyone! Im Zach, and although i have been away from this site for quite some time now, i do enjoy it thoroughly. I have been designing on here since just short of the site's birth.
I hail from Stafford, Viginia.
I march in the Big Blue Marching Band.
I play Trumpet, and im proud. be amazing at it.
I am currently in my first marching season!
I am an avid DCI fan, my favorite corps being the Almighty Carolina Crown.
I have absolutely no plans after highschool, besides going to college, in which ill probably major in Law or Engineering or something.
Anything else, just ask
Damian10 Sep '10
Who are you? Damian S

Where are you from? I'm From Ontario California Not Canada

Where and when did you march? I Marched In my high School Colorguard From 06-10

Who's your favorite band/corps? Blue Devil and Santa Clara Van Guard

My School took gold In 2007
Made SCSBOA 2008
Winterguard Bronze Medalist 2008
Made WGI finals Twice in a row 09 And 10
And I Was 09-10 Colorguard Captain
Grant F Sep '10
Hey my name is Grant, and I'm from Kansas City, Missouri. I'm first horn/mello in my high school band. I'm only a sophomore in high school, so really I haven't marched all that long (but I'm lovin it!). My favorite corps is the Phantom Regiment, and I hope I can be a part of them some day.
Tank Sep '10
What's up guys? My name is Patrick Hecht, and I was born in New Jersey, oved to Florida where I started band in middle school, and now live in good old California, where I learned to march. I'm a senior this year, and I play the Sousaphone in the Esperanza Entertainment Unit. Of my section this year, I've played tuba the longest. My favorite corps has to be PC, because my band director directs them as well. I'm gonna give it my best effort to join this year, because it'll be my last chance, since I move back to Florida for college. :/ Nice to meet you all.
KaylieJ Sep '10
Hey guys! My name is Kaylie J, and I'm from Avon Lake, Ohio. I march with my high school marching band where I play the third bass drum. My drums name is Ludwig. Iím a senior this year! I have marched all four years! In symphonic band I play percussion, not a big surprise there. This winter I hope to make it into a winter drum line.
I my favorite corps are: Cavaliers, Phantom Regiment and the Glassmen. Iím trying out for the Glassmen this up coming season *fingers crossed*.
Nice to meet y'all
MassacrMan Sep '10
I don't think I ever did this either, so here it goes!

My name is Devon.

I'm from The Woodlands, Texas.

From 2005 to 2009 I marched in The Woodlands high school band, I went to Grand Nationals twice in 2006 with "Hide and Seek" and 2007 with "Sequenza", both times we finished in finals in 4th place. Also we won AAA champion in the 2006 semi finals giving me a total of 3 Grand National's medals hanging in my room.

My favorite Drum Corps are Phantom Regiment and Carolina Crown.
Will Mann Oct '10
I'm Will Mann, currently a junior at La Cueva High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have played pit my freshman year, and have played 5th bass drum my sophomore and junior years. I don't necessarily have a favorite corps/band, but I really like Air Academy and Phantom Regiment. La Cueva's achievements are:
Best Percussion for 2010 POB.
1st place in 2010 Concert State Band Tournament
9th place in 2009 BOA Finals in Utah.
Other competition finals, such as ZIA and TOB.
My achievements:
Superior rating on a xylophone solo at District VII Festival
Will Mann Oct '10
Woops, sorry. I also forgot 2nd place in 2010 POB, with best solo and auxiliary.
Aaron Hudson Oct '10
My name is Aaron, a junior. I'm from Lexington, Kentucky. I marched bass clarinet for 2 years and this year I am marching 1st clarinet for the Paul Laurence Dunbar High School Marching Band. Since I joined high school, I've been a huge fan of Centerville, and I've met several members at various BoA's and they are awesome people. I also like Phantom Regiment and Carolina Crown and am hoping to march either mello or contra at some point for a World Class corps sometime in college. I'm an all state bass clarinetist with several distinguished ratings for various solo and ensemble performances. Any questions/comments can be directed to my profile. Thanks =D
MARCOpolo Oct '10
Hey im Marco...polo lol
Im from Houston, Texas and marched in the Deer Park high school band for 4 years
i Played Tuba..woop woop! and im going to continue at the University of Houston Cougar Band! And major in Petroluem Engineering (nothing to do with music)
My fav corps are Phantom Regiment and Carolina Crown
Texas has the best bands! lol
Mark Washburn Oct '10
Whats up yall

My name is Mark
I am from Houston TX I marched in the Cypress Creek marching band from fall of 2005-spring 2009 and I play the french horn
My favorite corps is the Blue Devils...BLUE SMOKE
I am a marching tech for Cy Creek now and have been involved with the band there now for 6 yrs...i have tenure on everyone there including the band directors lol

and this is where we perform for our competitions and some of our football games...its an high school stadium...$75.7 million ...
Who are you? Joshua Avelsgard
Where are you from? Largo, Florida
Instrument? Trombone
Where and when did you march? Largo High School Band of Gold 03-06
Who's your favorite band/corps? Carolina Crown, SCV

My senior year my high school band marched at state finals and recieved 5th place.
and later that year our concert and jazz band went to the Smokey Mountain Music Festival And recieved 3rd and 1st Place respectively.

Now im 4 years out of high school now playing with Voices of Jazz in Dunedin, Florida playing 2nd trombone. Visit our website @
Stephen Novak Oct '10
My name is Stephen Novak.
Chesterland, Ohio is my hometown.
I'm a sophomore at my high school, so this is my second year marching in our marching band.
I enjoy all corps. If I had to pick a favorite, based on their history and the entertainment they bring to the table, I love the Boston Crusaders.

I was first chair symphonic band my freshman year on tuba. I was also the lead role in our school musical last year, and that was a blast.
Bailee Oct '10
Im Bailee.
DFW Areaaaa in Texas.
In pit and playy the oboeee at my high schoool.
Blueeee Devils.
Region oboee level.
Alsoo in Choirr.
Musicc is myy lifeeeee.
John F Nov '10
My name is John and I'v been a member of the Tyrone Area Golden Eagle Marching Band at TAHS for 4 years now. I played bass my first year and the last three years i have been on snare. This year i was the section leader for the drum line and the center snare.The last 3 years years have brought us consecutive undefeated championships. This year we set several records, Highest score at the first competition (TOB record, 80.15), Highest score ever out of our school, (TAHS- 91.05), Best band to come out of our school (4th out of 6 states and 26 bands at the Atlantic Coast Championships). My favorite corps are SCV, The Cadets, Carolina Crown, and Rhythm X on the WGI circuit.
Zack N Nov '10
Hi, im Zack, im from Grants Pass, Oregon. Im a sophomore and march the baritone for the Grants Pass High School marching band and auxilary. Im a big Oregon Crusaders and Phantom Regiment fan. Grants pass took first at Festival Of Bands this year, which is our championship competition.
GPHS has also been selected to march in the 2010 Macy's thanksgiving day parade,
the first band from oregon to ever march in this parade. 1 of 4 bands selected out of over 150 bands across the nation.
TheQuietlyLoud Nov '10
-Location: San Antonio TX
-Band: James Madison High school band
-History: Been playing alto sax for 5 years and marching for 2. The JMHS band has not done much in my time there but we did get to march in a disney world parade, went to contest and got 1s both years, and got to be the first performers at Heros Stadium on the grand opening.
-Who is awesome: I like the Phantom Regiment.
BCZ91 Nov '10
I am Cody Zmia
I played flute in Streator Illinois all through elementary, Jr. High, and Senior High.
I was in the Streator Marching Bulldogs for 4 years I was first chair flute for 3 years.
my favorite: Carolina Crown and favorite high school marching band: prospect marching knights.
Caperraticus Nov '10  /  edited Nov '11
~Hello! I am Robert Jordan!~
~I am from Perris!~
~I am currently marching Flute! For the Citrus Hill High School Marching Band!~
~My favorite corps. is the Blue Devils~

Wow, how this
I am Robert Jordan. I am from Perris. I am currently in guard for Citrus Hill. My favorite corps. is The Cavaliers. I am currently in "training" for Pacific Crest. :)
Sean Smith Nov '10
Im Sean Smith
I march bass clarinet at College Park High School
Fav Corps: Carolina Crown!
patrick Henry Nov '10
Hello people,
I am Patrick Henry(yeah I know give me liberty or give me death) I have played my trumpet for six years, and have been marching in the Havelock High School Marching Rams, Havelock N.C., and my favorite corps is: Carolina Crown
Gillen Nov '10
Hey, my name is Gillen from Platte City, MO. I march in the Pirate Pride Marching Band, which has been terrible the past two years, unfortunately. I am a junior, and have played first trombone all three years. I have played 3rd part trombone in our wind ensemble until this year, where I am second chair. We got straight 1s at state contest last year, including a 1+ from one judge. Personally, I have made all-district all three years of my high school career, including all-state honorable mention last year. This year's auditions are in two weeks, so wish me luck!
Kara Juhl Nov '10
my name is kara i'm in marching band. i play the tenor saxophone and i love it. i also play the clarinet and im learning to play the bag pipes. i live in southern california. upland california. Upland Highland Regiment is my band and see for yourselves. we are one of those bands who like to please the crowds.
Jakob Wisdom Dec '10
My name is Jakob Wisdom, and my MML corps is the Highwater Regiment. I am currently studying Music Education at the University of Southern Mississippi. I am originally from Pensacola, Fl, and I marched sousaphone and baritone in the Tate High School Showband of the South. I am currently marching euphonium in Southern Mississippi's Marching band called "The PRIDE." Favorite corps would have to be (in no particular order) Carolina Crown, Phantom Regiment, Bluecoats, and the Bluestars.
I write drill because I enjoy it and I hope to give this gift of drill writing all for the glory of my Lord, Jesus Christ. All that being said, I really hope you enjoy what you see.

Jakob Wisdom
Breakneck Inc Dec '10
I live in Kennesaw, GA and go to Kennesaw Mountain High School. I play Baritone and have played in these shows:

2008: "The Gift" - 8th Place Grand National Finals, 1st Place Atlanta Super Regional
2009: "Unlocking Destiny" - 2nd Place Atlanta Super Regional
2010: "Awakening Angels" - 6th Place Grand National Finals, 2nd Place Atlanta Super Regional.

My favorite Drum Corps. are definitely the consistent top half of Finals...but my favorite 3 are Phantom Regiment, Carolina Crown, and the Bluecoats. I am auditioning for the Bluecoats this year at the camp held at my school.
Anthony Wolcott Dec '10
I go to Sprayberry HS in Marietta GA. and I am in the Marching band. I am on the Second part for our 2010 Show:"Super Cosmoes". We went to Exhibition on Oct. 4 and BOA Jacksonville State University on Oct. 9,(We placed 11th out of 21) Southern Invitational Music Festival on Oct. 16,(Best upper body carriage of the day and this was at 8:00 pm after hosting the event), and Milton HS Competition on Oct. 23,(Overall GRAND CHAMPIONS WITH A SCORE OF 91.4!).
Favorite Corps:
Carolina Crown
Phantom Regiment
Santa Clara Vanguard
Blue Devils
Blue Coats
Madison Scouts
The Cavaliers
The Glassmen
Blue Knights
The Colts
Sean Reeves Dec '10
My name is Sean Reeves and i am from kingsport tennessee. I am a senior at Dobyns-Bennett High School. I play the tenor saxophone. I have gotten to perform at Grand Nationals as well as in Atlanta and in Arizona. I got to perform at the Midwest Clinic last year for wind ensemble which was really awesome.
I realized I never posted in this lol
Real name: Christian Garcia
2010 Mandarins '\\\ 2nd Baritone
From California
BD, PR, BK, Scouts, BLOO!

Wind Ensemble as a Freshman. Junior High School Honor band as a 7th grader, Junior High School Honor Jazz band as 7th grader. And just more of that stuff lol
Texan Ninja Dec '10
I'm Lauryn and I play PERCUSSION! (bass drum/snare during marching)
I'm from Houston, Texas
this past marching season was my first. I played bass drum for the Clear Lake High School Marching Band. we did pretty good this year, too.
Favorite Corps= Phantom Regiment, Santa Clara Vangard

wind ensemble as a freshmen also ^^^. i made first chair.
well, I made region band in 8th grade and I had an allergic reaction before the first round of region this year (9th grade) :'(
bobo1 Dec '10
Hi my name is Chris but everybody calls me Bobo i'm from Claxton Tennessee
I'm a music education major at University of Tennessee at Martin where I play the TUBA
I went to Clinton high school where I was in band for all four years
I have marched in the Troopers from 2007 to 2009 in 2009 we made DCI finals
I am going to march in the blue stars this summer and i'm very excited if anybody is looking to sponsor somebody I could really use the help
I really don't have a favorite corps I pretty much love everybody
If you want to know anything else just ask i'll gladly answer i'm a friendly guy
Kever Lewis Dec '10
I never did this either... My name is Kever Lewis, and I'm from Southaven, Mississippi. I march with the SBEC marching band on mellophone. I'm marching Music City Drum Corps this summer on 1st mellophone. My favourite corps are Stars, Crown, and Cadets. I made 4th chair on trumpet at Jr. High All-Region. I made 10th chair All-Region on trumpet last year.
phantom92 Dec '10
My name is Clint.
I am from Orlando, Florida
I just finished my first year marching Trombone, and I'm switching to Baritone
My favorite corps(s) are:
Phantom Regiment
Carolina Crown
Santa Clara Vangaurd
Madison Scouts
Boston Crusaders
Teal Sound
Dem Bones Dec '10
I'm Sabrina living in ATL.
I have marched a year on the t-bone in high school marching band.
My favorite corps is the Phantom Regiment of course.
(And kind of Spirit too.)
ashlay67 Dec '10
Hi, I'm Ashley a Freshman or Freshmeat Haha. I'm from Horseheads New York. It's my first year in Marching Band. I'm in the color guard and I absolutley love it. We just ended our season in October. We got 3rd place at the Syracuse Dome, and I might say that we did really really good. :)
Julie Brackett Jan '11
Hey Ya'll :) I'm Julie
I'm from Cary, NC
I'm a sophomore playing mellophone at Green Hope High School
I played the trumpet last year, and I also do winter guard cause I'm cool like that...
Hmmm, my favorite corps/bands...
There are the obvious ones being Phantom Regiment, Cadets, Cavaliers, Glassmen and Carolina Crown.
DCA corps: Alliance, Hurricanes, Buccaneers, and Carolina Gold
College Bands: Western Carolina, and NC State
High School Bands: Avon IN, Tarpon Springs, Bassett, Boiling Springs, Cary, Croatan and Green Hope ;)

In 2009 we went to the Gator Bowl, swept the competition, and received first place, and the chance to perform our show in the preshow for the Game. Not gonna lie, that was epic. :)
derek4902 Jan '11
My Name Is Derek
Im From Morgan County, KY
This Year my my first year marching in Morgan County
My Favorite Drum corps is either The Cavaliers or Phantom Regiment
Dan Rowson Jan '11
Hi! My name is Dan. I am from Fairfax, Virginia and marched baritone for four years at Robinson Secondary. Now I go to James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA and have marched another four years with the 435 strong JMU Marching Royal Dukes. I was able to march my age out this past year with Carolina Crown and it was the best experience of my life!
My favorite bands are Avon (Matt Harloff rocks my socks) Tarpon Springs, and (old school) Ronald Reagan. My favorite corps are Crown, Cavies, Phantom and SCV.
nicky jones Jan '11  /  edited Jan '11
Hi, my name is Brittany. Im from Locust Grove, Oklahoma. I go to junor high, i have been in band for almost four years now, I play the trumpet. Marched for two years now. I am second best trumpet player in the whole band. On Jan. 15, 2011, I went to my first all disrict try outs, for some one that gets nervis as I do, I did very good, but I did not get in. My fave band/corps, I have not choosen the one I like the best.
Dan Balash Feb '11
My name is Dan Balash. I'm a 2005 graduate of Marian Catholic High School in Chicago Heights, IL, and I am the proprietor of the website Illinois Marching Online. I've been lurking around here for the better part of 3 years.

I'm a big BOA and DCI follower...perhaps too close?

Favorite marching bands: Avon, Tarpon Springs, Lake Park, Lassiter, Marcus, and Plymouth-Canton.

Favorite drum corps: Santa Clara Vanguard, Blue Stars, Boston Crusaders, The Cadets, Phantom Regiment.

I look forward to getting to know you folks better!
Austin Arias Mar '11
My name is Austin Arias. I go to school at newsome highschool in Lithia, Fl. I am a sophomore.I play bass and contrabass clarinet in my schools wind ensamble. I participate in the Marching program at my school, also strive to become drum major. My top 4 favorite corps are probably Phantom, Carolina Crown, Cavaliers and Madison Scouts. I have participated in the all-county band for the past two years playing bass clarinet.

I really enjoy marching and the music that flows from it. I hope one day to work with music, whether it be writing it, playing it, or teaching it.
acelj9 Jun '11
Late i guess, but my name is Lentzy Jean-Louis. I just finished My Freshman year at Palm Beach Central High School in Wellington,Florida. I March For our Bronco Band, and Im playing First Part, 3rd chair. My Favorite Drum Corps Are: Blue Devils, The Cavaliers, The Cadets, Blue Stars, and Bluecoats.

I hope to know you guys better, and this is a great site, as marching is a great art. =D
cgowriluk7 Jun '11
My Name is Connor Gowriluk, Im from Broken Arrow Oklahoma, I currently March In the Pride of Broken Arrow, and I will be a sophomore this year. I played the Mellophone this year and last year. Our band got second last year at Grand Nationals. Some of My favorite bands are- Carmel, LD Bell, and Tarpon Springs. Some of my favorite drum corps are- The Cavaliers, The Cadets, Bluecoats, Crossmen, Phantom Regiment, and the Madison Scouts.
Larry Lawrence Jun '11
Hello, my name is Larry, I'm from Middlebury Indiana. I march snare in my junior year of high school at Northridge. Our band tied its highest at state with 7th. My favorite corps is the Cavaliers.
Stradivarius Jun '11
Name: Jake Everett
From: Jordan-Elbridge
Age: 15
Marched: 4 years with the Jordan-Elbridge Marching eagles (by senior year I will have marched 7 years) and 2 wih the winter percussion ensamble on crash cymbals(4 years by senior year). I am currently marching with the Empire Statesmen in DCA for the first time :D
My favorite DCI corps: Bluecoats
My favorite DCA corps: Empire Statesmen

I am section leader for the low brass in marching band and play first low brass. :) 2nd baritone in the Empire Statesmen. The last 2 years I have gotten 1st place and 4th place in all-county. And I got 2nd and 1st place in jazz all-county. I currently play trombone, baritone, tuba, piano, flute, violin, snare drum, tener drum, bass drum, and crash cymbals. Says in a proud voice: "I am god's gift to the band(s)!"
allstater09 Jun '11
Hey fellow MML Members
The name is Abraham "AB" Moreno
I play both trombone and baritone
I'm 20 years old
Drum Major for 3 years in high school
First year marching in a Drum Corps(Genesis)
Brysche Jun '11
Bryce Hall
Colleyville Texas
Colleyville Heritage High School, 2010 (My freshman year) and I'll continue until my senior year.
L.D. Bell!

I was the only freshman alto saxophone to make my school's wind ensemble (Top band) my sophomore year.
Hi! My name is Justin, and I go to West Bloomfield High School in West Bloomfield, MI (outside of Detroit). I am a senior and will start my fourth season marching mellophone in August. I also played synthesizer in our indoor drumline in '09 and '10, and marched bass 5 last winter. I was first trumpet in the concert band freshman year, second horn in our top band for the last two years and will be first horn this year. I was also second trumpet in our jazz ensemble this year (which is yet to be named.) I am hoping to march mello in the Blue Stars starting next summer. My favorite corps are the Blue Stars, Carolina Crown, Phantom Regiment, and the Cavaliers. My favorite bands are Broken Arrow and Tarpon Springs.
Forgive my huge paragraph.
stephen gough Jul '11
Hey jb85 do you know a Mr. Figlewicz, cause he used to be my band director.


My name is Stephen Gough. I'm Spring Grove, IL, which is in the Chicago suburbs. I marched 4 years on sousa in the marching band, 3 years of concert band, 1 year in wind ensemble,4 years on trombone in the jazz band(Louie Armstrong winner, but I only won it cause I was the only one to play for 4 years). My junior year I made all-conference and my senior year I made all-county. I turned down the opportunity to march at Iowa by decising to go play tuba/sousaphone at Bradley University. My favorite corps are The Madison Scouts, The Cavaliers, Santa Clara Vanguard, and The Star of Indiana. My favorite bands are the RB Rocket Marching Band, Prospect, and Lake Park.
Arimurti Wardhani Jul '11  /  edited Oct '12
After I see this Forum I am interest to introduce myself like everyone did.

I am Arimurti, my full name are Arimurti Wisnu Wardhani. I'm 15 and live in East Java Province, Indonesia. I joined Micro Marching League on 9th January 2011. The History- 2009: I was trying to find some Drum Corps Video on YouTube and then I found Jerry's Joy(Troopers 2007 synced show) on YouTube, and then I tried to find what is MML in Google, but I failed, I didn't find Micro Marching League but what was I find is (I am not sure, because I forgot, it's been 2 years) Microsoft Windows Software Data Base, So I stopped to find MML. May 2010: I tried again to find MML, at that time I wrote on Google "Jerry on MML" and that is! I found Jerry's Account, I start to learn MML with Watch Jerry's Shows. January 2011: I made MML account! until now I've been playing MML for 6 month, now I am a Pro and almost a Star with a little XP to go.

Do you need to know my hobbies?
MY HOBBIES are Bicycling, Making Drill(With MML or Pyware), Arranging and Composing Music, Soccer, Running, Gaming(I like PES, CounterStrike, Point Blank, all GTA, F1 06, MotoGP,...), BBoying. I don't like reading.

I've been in Marching Band for 5 - 6 Years. First time was in Elementary School. I studied in Al-Badar Islamic Elementary School. I marched with snare in Al-Badar Corps '06 '07 '08. 2009, I graduated from ES, and then I study on Jr. High School until now, I'm now in 9th Grade. I Study on Kauman 1 Jr. High School, and March with Their Marching Band With Mellophone '09 - '11, I will retire from marching band after this. In 2009 founded a Marching Band Community, DMiT is the name, their FB group ( ). Oct 2010 they made a Marching Band, and I marched with Mellophone on DMiT Marching Band '10 '11.

I was a Huge and an Avid fan of Troopers, Cavaliers, Blue Devils, The Cadets, Carolina Crown, and Bluecoats.

That's me, but not all, Thank you
Andrew Ford Jul '11
Hey I am Andrew Ford! I am from Columbus Ohio! I have marched for two years with my high school but I am a field commander/drum major this year and hopefully next year! My favorite corps have changed honestly from year to year. 2007 was my first year I was introduced into DCI and in 2007 Carolina Crown's 'Triple Crown' happened to be my favorite and still is today my favorite show! 2008 was of course Phantom Regiment :) 2009 Carolina Crown again had my heart with Grass is 'Always Greener.' 2010 was a tie between the Cavaliers and Carolina Crown. 'Mad World' just had it all and 'Second Chance' was my top pick for last year even though it didn't win. 2011 my heart belongs to the Cavaliers because they have put on one heck of a show.
Andrew Ford Jul '11
Sorry I forgot to mention that the Cadets are bugging me right now since they have beaten the Cavaliers ;)
gQf19demented Sep '11
Hi, I'm Austin. I am from Spring, Texas. I go to Spring High School and march saxohone there. I am a freshman and sit highest in our second band which has received tons of sweepstakes and best in class recognitions. Our marching band is a constant finalist in state competitions. We provide numbers in the TMEA All-State band. Spring High School's marching band won BOA's Grand Nationals in 1993. My favorite HS bands include Avon HS, L.D. Bell HS, and Marion Catholic HS. My favorite Drum Corps are the Santa Clara Vanguard, the Cadets, and the Cavaliers.
FinalBlitzV2 Sep '11
My name is Tommi. I'm part of the Fountain valley Royal Regiment in Southern California. I'm a sophomore right now. We're doing so far so good. We're not nationally known more known in CA. I started band when i was 7th grade. I loved music and band alot. When I hit 9th grade, I love talking to the visual caption head and technician about cool visual ideas which we actually put in our show. My Director, Mark Irons, came from drum corps Vanguard and was admitted into DCI Hall of Fame in 1999 i think. As Continued, I love making drills. I tried understanding it better. I even wrote my own on certain and interesting themes before i discovered MML. How i found about MML? One of my friends was a crazy bando who loved making drills and showed me 1 and i thought it was cool. I signed up and i started using MML almost everyday. Met great people on this site, and learned from pretty amazing designers as well :)

Age: 16
What i can play: Tuba, Baritone, Piano, Trombone, and Euphonium (Concert)
Goals in Life: I want to be part of Vanguard or Blue Devils some day.
Favorite Bands: Ayala High School, Avon, Marian Catholic, Tarpon Springs, and much more.
Band Rivals: Ayala, Vista Murrieta, Chino, Upland, Mission Viejo, and Trabuco Hills
Favorite Drum Corps: Blue Devils, Vanguard, Cadets, Cavaliers, Academy, Crossmen, Phantom Regiment, Carolina Crown, etc...

What do u do in your spare time? I'm a black belt in Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do, I play alot of Combat Arms, and use MML daily. I do my homework and what not. I also make songs.
Zach Elliott Sep '11
Hi my name is Zach! I'm a member of the San Marcos High School Knight regiment in Southern California. I'm currently a sophomore. This year is the best year we have had in a long time. Our director marched with the old Velvet Knights and Blue Devils. Our other instructors marched with Blue Devils, Vanguard, and Velvet Knights.

Age: 15

I play anything that is percussion based.

My goal is to march Phantom Regiment or Bluecoats.

Our rivals are Mission Viejo, Arcadia, and Rancho Bernardo.

Outside of MMl I write music regularly, I am with Band people doing band people things, and yeah...That's me...or some me of that is!
Will Panter Sep '11
I'm Will :] My goal is to march with Phantomm Regiment or the Blue Devils after High School. After that I want to go to college to become a band director.

I think i'm addicted to marching band, and MML. I'm always on this site, ususlly judging shows or in the forum. I like to play around with finale. I play 6 instruments, including the flute, clarinet, trombone, french horn, piano, and adult handbells at my church.

Well, that's about it. If you want to learn any more about me message me :)
Matthew Allan Sep '11
I think I'll update mine; it's been 3 1/2 years:

Name- Matthew Allan
Location- West Covina, CA
South Hills HS Marching Band 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
Pasadena City College Lancer Band 2006, 2007, 2008
Marched in Tournament of Roses Parade 2006, 2007, and 2008

I currently go to Cal State Los Angeles and will hopefully graduate with a Bachelor of Music this spring. I've been composing for nearly eight years and most of what I learned was on my own. I don't favor one corps over another. If they're entertaining and show some class, that's all that matters to me.
Vincent Pezza Sep '11
I shall update myself as well!

Name - Vincent Pezza
Location - Manahawkin, NJ
Marched 4 years with the Southern Regional Golden Rams Marching Band.
I play Baritone Sax and soon-to-be Tuba player.
I'm a music major at a community college.
Hope to transfer to Rowan University.
Soon-to-be Jersey Surf 2012 member. You guessed it. Tuba! Bridgemania away!
Been playing Sax for almost 12 years now. I think. Lost count. haha
I'm fun loving and get to know me and you'll have a great friend on your hands!
Kat Rose Sep '11
Hello Im Kathleen.
From: Covington Kentucky
Experience: Well i'm only a freshman in high school so this wont be much.
I started on tuba and played until now. Last year I played auxilary in the front ensemble. This year I am playing Marimba. Im learning to play with 4 mallets now. Somehow I have managed to be section leader of the front ensemble this year, it's great.
Our band is a 3A band
kinda small
3 saxaphones
3 bass drums
4 baritones
2 trumpets
5 gaurd
6 front ensemble
Please check out Blue County High School Band :) (my band)
Toni Sep '11
i am Toni,
i am 14 this is my 4th year of band and where are quite large compared to our compotion, we have :
9 trumpets 4 mello 1 contra and 5 baritones dont know the guard but we have 4 bass drums 1 tenor and 3 snares
This year we aredoing oliver in divisoin 3 but are giong up to division 2 next year
i am lead trumpets woop woop
Tyler Garriott Oct '11
Hi my name is Tyler And this is my 5th year marching and i am honored to say i am Drum Major for Salem High School Marching Lions. We are a small-ish band with roughly 32 members total. I am a senior this year and i am going to miss band sooooo much!
John Davis Oct '11
My name is John!
I live in San Antonio, Texas, and I attend a 5A school, Sandra Day O'Connor H.S. in Helotes, Texas!
I have marched for three years, this being my junior year.
I was in the front ensemble freshman year and played/am playing second bass sophomore year and junior year!
My favorite corps is the Cavaliers! I love their drumline!
Wade Oct '11
Hey I'm Wade Hampton Myles, and I'm from Winona, Mississippi (can be found by finding the intersection of Interstate 55 and HWY 82). I started band in sixth grade and played all throughout jr high and high school with my senior and junior year being 1st Chair Tuba player and Section Leader. I am currently a sophmore at Holmes Community College in Goodman, Mississippi, and I am in the band as well playing the tuba. My favorite band is the Cavaliers because I agree with John Davis in that they have an awesome Drumline.
mlsku Oct '11
I'm Michael, I'm from Kansas City. I March with the Shawnee Mission North Marching Indians. This is my first year, I am a freshman, and have loved every second of marching. My favorite corps would have to be the Academy of DCI Division II and the Phantom Regiment for the stories they tell and the energy they put on the field.
massexodus Oct '11
I'm Arthur, but everyone calls me AJ. I started doing band in the 6th grade. And I played the tuba. I eventually switched to the euphonium after playing tuba for 3 months. I marched with the Jeffersonville High School Marching Band for all 4 years of high school. I also participated in the Jeffersonville Winter Percussion Ensemble my junior and senior year of high school. In April, at Tri-State Circuit Championship, the J.W.P.E took the Gold Medal in Percussion Class Concert A. The score we recieved was the highest score that J.W.P.E has ever recieved.

I'm currently attending Indiana University Southeast for Music Education. My favorite high school marching bands are Avon, L.D. Bell and Tarpon Springs. And My all time favorite drum corps is the Cavaliers.
Bacon11 Nov '11
I'm Amanda and I marched in the Pride of Yukon in Oklahoma, but unfortunately my senior marching season is over. I marched two years of clarinet, then I switched to the Bass Clarinet and marching the other two years on that. I haven't really known about DCI for very long, really until they came to Yukon this past summer, but my favorite corps are probably the Oregon Crusaders and Santa Clara Vanguard.
Bradley18 Nov '11
I'm Josh and I march for the Western Marching Panthers in Indiana. I'm a Freshman and this is the end of my second year. Last year I was in the front ensemble, this year and forever more, the DRUMLINE! I enjoy it 90% of the time. My favorite corps are Phantom, and the Cavs! I love watching BOA, the shows are different and unique a lot of the time. I play the piano and drums so I play a lot.
GodbyMarcher1 Nov '11  /  edited Jun '12
My name is Philip Sciame. I'm from Tallahssee, Florida. I marched for the Amos P. Godby High School Marching Cougar Band (07,08,09,10). I marched cymbals my freshman year and played 5th Bass for Sophomore-Senior Year. I not only play marching percussion, I'm an expert at playing 4-6 mallets on marimba.
In all 4 years in Percussion, I've gotten all 1's at solo and ensemble at both district and state four years in a row. In Marching band we march at FBA, we've gotten straight 1's for the four years I was there both marching and concert. Our Band was chosen out the few to march in Disney Worlds Dreams Come True Parade my senior year and it was a great experience.
My Favorite bands are of course my high school band Marching Fighting Cougar Band, Phantom, Cavaliers, Carolina Crown, Cadets.
Balko37 Nov '11
I go to Lafayette High School... I play trumpet (aka greatest instrument ever) i am a sophomore, we have like 18 trumpets in our band and my older brother, michael, is a senior and 1st chair, i am 6th chair... we have 3 concert bands at our school, i made the top one... i also got into the top jazz band at our school. Next year i will be going to Pasadena California because Lafayette was accepted into the 2013 tournament of roses parade so that should be exciting... Our band has been 2 time Grand National Finalist,16 time State Champions, we've won numerous small regional BOAs, in 1999 we scored a high score of 97.47
Fav. Bands:
LD Bell
Bourbon County
Tarpon Springs
Adair County

Fav. Cores:
zamir Nov '11
zamir anderson

Las Vegas

Centennial high school (undefeated in state for 3 years)

basically evreyone exept BD and Blue Stars

first chair bass trombonist for las vegas youth phill
roo15 Nov '11
Hi I am a marcher from New Havin IN New Haven High school. I am courently in 9th grade. We did a calathumpian parade and got 4th out of 8 bands, and the Larry reed award wich is the band with the most spirit award and got it.
Andy D Nov '11
Andy Dailey


Northwestern H.S. Marching Band 2008-2011

Officer for 2 years section Leader for one year, also had solos three out of four years
Riley Callahan Dec '11
Hey guys, I'm Riley Callahan!

I currently reside in Lumberton, Texas, and have marched one year with the Lumberton High School Lumberton Mighty Raider Band as a trombonist. I also play baritone, and look to march the b-tone next year in marching season.

Favorite corps? Cavies and Bluecoats all the way!
JenniferSalvo Dec '11
I am Jennifer Salvo and I live in Yukon, Oklahoma! I am a junior this year and I am a proud member of the Pride of Yukon Marching Band! My favorite of the shows I have performed is probably my freshman year's(2009) show. I play the Mellophone for marching and the French Horn for my high school wind ensemble! The horn is such a beautiful instrument. I am also in the process of relearning the Clarinet. :D
I haven't, until recently, known much about DCI or other large scale marching things, but I rather enjoy Carolina Crown!
warheadsful May '12

I'm from Singapore, i was in the marching (2005-2007) in 2005-2006 i played the 2nd bass drum. On 2007, i played timpani. In 2006, our school achieved Gold in Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging.. In 2007, we achieved Silver in Singapore Youth Festival (Indoor) that was our first time participate in indoor competition..

My favourite band of all time is The Cavaliers. But in local bands, my favourite will be Bukit Panjang Government High School,Bowen Sec School,Deyi Sec School and Tanjong Katong Sec School. and last but no least, Sultanah Asma from malaysia(All Girls Marching Band)
Kuhlkat Jun '12
Hello fellow humans.

My name is Christian Kuhlman, but people call me Christmas (not for religious reasons, so no offense to anyone).
I am from Lee's Summit, Missouri.
This is my first year in marching band, and I am marching snareline as a freshman at Lee's Summit North High School. I am also involved in jazz ensembles, solo piano for classical and jazz, choir, and orchestra.
My favorite band/corps are The Cavaliers, Phantom Regiment, the Glassmen, Music City, the Bluecoats, and the band my dad directs...which is mine.
I don't have many things to brag about except making snareline my freshman year, and getting the top band student award in middle school as well as getting the "Biggest Band Geek" award.
MBoP Jun '12
Hey, my name's Alyssa and I'm from Charlestown, Indiana. This is my fourth year in the marching band of pirates as a junior at my school. I've also been in jazz band and solo and ensemble.
I've played saxophone for almost six years now. My favorite sax is the bari sax because of it's deep sound. I've always wished to be able to march with it and hopefully someday I'll be able to! ;D The band knows me as one of the best sax players.
My most favorite band are the Cavaliers (I'm pretty sure I spelled that right).
Joel Snyder Jun '12  /  edited Jul '14
Turbulence13 Aug '12
Hey guys, Im Zach. Im from Florence,Ms. I attend Florence High school, where ive been marching for the past 4 years. I played snare my 9th ,then from there i switched to tenors and ive been there ever since! In 2010, our drumline won the mhssa 1st place medal in scholastic novice! 2011 we moved up a class and faced harder competition, it was a hard year, cause I had a car accident the day before championships, where they recieved dead last. Its something i hold on to make up for this coming season.. Anyway, this year is my senior year and i, gonna make the best of it, by returning the Southern States Championships in Chattanooga Tennessee to defend our 1st title! Go big red!
And go look at some of my shows(:
mstrchf Sep '12  /  edited Sep '12
My name is Zachary Nicholas.
I am a sophomore at the DCHS in Indianapolis. This is my second year marching. During the year I am second trumpet in our top jazz ensemble and third trumpet in our top wind ensemble. As a sophomore this is amazing. Our show this year is called mechanized and the first week we had the fourth highest score in Indiana behind Avon. My favorite drum corps are The Cavaliers and The Blue Devils
JustinTA Oct '12
Hello there!

My name is Justin! I live in the Suburbs of Chicago and am a Junior at John Hersey High School. I have marched since I was a freshman and through marching (and band in general) I now want to be a High School Band Director when I grow older. I absolutely LOVE marching; which is contrary to most people's views. I play the Mellophone in marching band and the French Horn in concert season. I also have played the the trumpet for 5 years and the piano for 9 years. My favorite drum corps is ABSOLUTELY the Phantom Regiment and The Cavaliers.

Some accomplishments:

My band is by fact one of the best in the Nation, having won the Sudler Flag of Honor in 2007 (given to two (2) band every year). We have performed in France in the French Riviera Reeds Festival in La Croix. This coming Summer (June 2013) we will be traveling to Italy to perform in Venice, Rome, and Florence. In March 2011 (When I was a freshman) my entire band program got the wonderful opportunity of performing in the world-renowned Carnegie Hall in New York City. Just last year, we performed in Orchestra Hall in Chicago where we premiered a work (Paean) composed by Steven Bryant. We have competed numerous times in the U of I Marching Band Championships and in 2009, won Grand Champion and the Governor's Cup. In our most recent competition, we placed 2nd out of 30 bands and won all caption awards.

Well enough bragging.

-Take care 'yall ;)
tokyo Oct '12
Hi my name is Taylor (but everyone calls me tokyo) and Im from San Antonio, Texas
This will be my third year marching Baritone in the Claudia Taylor Johnson high school marching band
were a 5 year old school and we've gotten 5th at the b.o.a San Antonio super regional And placed 8th at b.o.a. grand nationals
my favorite high school bands other than my own : Marcus ,L.D. Bell, Bowie, Ceder Park, Avon and Broken Arrow
my favorite drum corps are: Cadets, Phantom, Cavis, Blue Devils, Blue Stars, and SCV
cjrick02 Oct '12  /  edited May '13
I am Colton and i'm from Parker, CO!
This is my second year in marching band, and has marched bass clarinet and a bass drum, has played synth, and xylophone. My favorite shows are Rite of the Equinox, Shadows of Eternity, Masquerade, The Storm Approaches, and Black Widow. My favorite drum corps is Phantom Regiment. I am wanting to be a band director and private teacher as a profession when I am older. I also am an owner of a music chart that I want to get known! It's called C's Top 40, and I need more followers!
kkenji Nov '12
Who are you? Kendra
Where are you from? Pennsylvania
Where and when did you march? 4th year with high school band. (2 years in guard, 2 years in pit)
Who's your favorite band/corps? Cavaliers

Also, go ahead and brag about your accomplishments. =) Pit Section leader this year.

I'm hoping to move up to some DCI corps soon!
Aaron Hudson Nov '12
Hey guys, I'm going to go ahead and update mine since it's now been two years.

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Aaron Hudson. Currently I am a freshman Music Education and Music Performance student at the University of Kentucky. In high school I marched at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School in Lexington, KY from 2008 to 2011. Aside from marching two years of bass clarinet and a year of Bb clarinet, I was also a drum major my senior year. My favorite drum corps is by far Phantom Regiment, while my favorite bands include Bourbon County High School, Lafayette Senior High School, Kennesaw Mountain High School, and Centerville High School.

Some of my accomplishments in the marching arts world include winning KMEA AAAAA State Marching Band Championship in 2010 and 2011, winning the 2008 Murray Bands of America Regional Championship, and a total of nine Grand Championship awards over my four years in marching band.

In the concert world, I was selected to the KMEA All-State Symphonic Band twice, while also being selected to the KMEA All-State Concert Band once. I was first chair bass clarinet in the KMEA District 7 Symphonic Band four years in a row.

Also, to just throw this out there, I am always welcome to help anyone with almost anything music or drill related. I've been around the site for four years now and always willing to give a few tips to anyone.

Have a great day!
Joe Lesko captainNov '12
Welcome to the site, Aaron!
alexjamesjedi Nov '12
hello, i'm Alex Sweeney. i hail from surprise, arizona. i am currently stationed at shadow ridge high school. i am proud to be apart of the only dysart unified school district high school whom were the only school 2 gain excellent at our first festival at the Agua Fria High School Music Along The Estrellas (willow canyon = good/ valley vista = good/ dysart = no marching band [just a kid whom bangs on the stand with snare sticks]).

Adrian Workman Nov '12
Hello everyone, my name is Adrian Workman, and I am from Greenwood SC. I attend Greenwood High School and I have marched 3 years and next year will be my senior and final year marching. I am an original saxophone player, and in 9th & 10th grade I marched sax, but this year I marched trumpet. The only reason I marched trumpet is because I had been playing mellophone on the side for a year already and our band needed trumpets, so my director asked me to play trumpet. I like every corps in their own distinct way, but I have a special desire to march Phantom Regiment, or Carolina Crown. My favorite HS bands would have to be the Nation Ford High School Marching Band (Fort Mill, SC), the Fort Mill High School Marching Band, and the Rock Hill High School Marching Band (Rock Hill, SC). (BTW, I find it very funny how those three bands are located very close to Carolina Crown's base and they are EXTREMELY good! Maybe Crown's awesomeness rubs off on them lol.) On the other hand, South Carolina has the organization SCBDA (South Carolina Band Directors Association), and every year we have region band auditions and I have made it on alto sax in 2009 (8th grade), 2011 (10th grade), and hopefully I will make it this year. Our marching band has our ups and down, but our best year was in 2010 when we went to SCBDA 4A Upper State Championships and placed 5th place out of 14 schools (the top 7 schools in upper state proceed to state. The top 6 schools from lower state proceed to state. All 13 schools meet at state and compete). South Carolina school districts separate schools into the # of students each school has. 1A the least # of students, then 2A, 3A, & 4A, so therefore, the SCBDA uses this system for the upper state championships to determine who is in what class. My school is in 4A, and we proceeded to state in 2010 and got 6th place (highest placement we have ever received). SCBDA also has 5A for the REALLY big and good bands, but high schools aren't classified as 5A, just bands. But that's it from me. Sorry if it was a lot :p
broseph61 Nov '12
My names Joe, i'm a freshman tuba player at Marian Catholic, my favorite corps are the blue coats and the cavaliers.
Taylyn Anastasia Nov '12  /  edited Dec '13
My name's Taylyn, hey there c; I'm a sophomore at Ashbrook High School, home of the Marching Greenwave. This year was my first year in marching band, and I'm a proud guard girl (and I'm actually learning clarinet to do spring concert band.) Our band is currently 2A, but we're actually expecting 4A next year since our band keeps growing and all band kids are gonna be required to do it next year, not just sophomores and up. (It's insanity, but perfect.) We swept the class for our last two competitions, and we won "Divisional Grand Champions" meaning the highest out of the few bands in our class and the class below us.

-edit Apr. '13, since I moved- I now attend A.C. Reynolds High School. I play clarinet with them, and I plan to put down the flag and rifle and march with my instrument this year. Our marching band is class 3A and mostly non-competitive. I'm excited for this year's marching season at my new school. c:

-edit Dec. '13: I marched colorguard again lololol

But, enough about my band. My favorite corps are Phantom Regiment (for their romantics, no lie,) Blue Devils (for their music,) The Cavaliers (for their drill,) The Cadets (for their creative shows, my favorite being Angels and Demons) and my favorite by far, Carolina Crown, because they're just perfect. I want to march with the Crown Guard when I'm in college. c:

Thanks for the warm welcome to MML in advance, everyone c:
ohhmyjesus Nov '12
I am Jesus. I am a sophomore at a 5A school in El Paso, Texas, Americas High School. I play Alto-Saxophone. This year was my first full season marching and I really enjoyed it. Our show was called Angels in the Architecture. In our last competition, Tournament of Bands at NMSU, we placed 4 th out of 35 bands.

Who's your favorite band/corps?
My favorite high school bands are Tarpon Springs, Broken Arrow, Keller, LD Bell, Keller Central, Marcus, and Hebron.
My favorite corps are The Cadets, and The Blue Devils.
bugrmb98 Nov '12
Hi there! I am Justin and I am a Freshman at Berne Union High School in Sugar Grove, Ohio. We are supposed to be a Class C band, but compete currenly in Class A and Class AA. I have marched three years as trombone (we march 7-12) and auditioning for drum major/field commander next year. Marching band is something that I definitely enjoy! My favorite corps are Madison Scouts and Blue Coats.
musicdude52 Nov '12
Hello! I am David, and I am a Sophomore at Dublin High School, in Dublin, Texas. We are a medium-sized class AA band. Go Sound of Dublin! I have marched two years on bass drum, but next year I will get to march tenors. I also play baritone saxophone, for our jazz program. My favorite drum corps are Phantom Regiment, and Carolina Crown.

Some of my accomplishments, are making first chair at our district band tryouts, on baritone saxophone. I have region band tryouts in about a week.
I have received a Division 1 "Superior Rating" at the U.I.L. State Solo & Ensemble Contest in Austin, Texas, with my saxophone quartet.

I love MML!
ladygagadisco Nov '12
I am Felix Guo from Jenks, Oklahoma. I marched for two years in Jenks High School Trojan Pride. Unless you're from Oklahoma, you probably never heard of us :/ I play the tenor sax for marching band and wind symphony. I favorite drum corps in the Cavaliers and Cadets. My favorite high school band is Broken Arrow (go OK!). Marching in Oklahoma kinda sucks cuz we have to compete with Broken Arrow, Owasso (made 7th at Nats in 2011) and Union (made 13th this year, and 6th last year), so we always get 4th at State competition. And finally, hopefully, I become drum major next year!

I've made it into the district honor band in 7th, 9th, and this year (10th) on alto, alto, and tenor, respectively. I have all state in a week which I care less about than drill writing, not necessarily the best order of priority.
ohhmyjesus Nov '12
Yeah, I don't think anyone really knows about Americas High School (my school) unless you are from Texas or like El Paso :P
7mtyler Nov '12
I am Tyler Martin from Fort Collins, Colorado. I am a junior at Fossil Ridge High School. The school is only 8 years old and has gone to Music For All Nationals in concert band, and just won the Colorado state championship in marching band in only it's 4th year competing in class 5A. I have played xylophone and bass drum in the marching band, and I am in their Wind Symphony (the top concert band). The FRHS band program was nominated for the Sudler Flag of Honor this year, which is an amazing accomplishment for only being a school for 8 years. The marching band had 186 members this year and minus around 30 colorguard, those members are split up into 3 concert bands.

State Championship marching performance:

My favorite corps are:
-Phantom Regiment
-Blue Knights (I am auditioning this year for snare)
-ANYONE BUT THE BLUE DEVILS (yeah I hate them cause there shows are not musically enjoyable, they use way too many props, and they win too much)
almatho9 Nov '12
Hi everyone, my name is Alex Mathiowetz and I am from Marshall, Minnesota. I am currently a senior at Marshall High School. I was a drum major my junior year, and then I decided that I didn't like it very much and marched alto sax my senior year. Just recently, my band placed 1st in Class A at the BOA St. Louis Super Regional and taking Outstanding Music Performance and Outstanding General Effect! My director was also chosen to be SBO Magazine's Minnesota director that makes a difference. My favorite corps is definitely the Scouts! :) And my favorite high school band of all time is definitely Ronald Reagan!

State performance:
Bre Munroe Jan '13
^When you say Ronald Reagan High School, where would that be?
Jason Kaz Jan '13
Hi everyone, I am Jason and I am from Sterling Heights, MI which is about an hour north of Detroit. I graduated from Henry Ford II High School in the class of 2012 and am currently a freshman attending Oakland University. I marched with my high school band all 4 years playing the alto saxophone. In our Symphonic and Jazz bands, I was lead alto and soprano saxophone player and lead tenor saxophone in our Concert band. I follow DCI and my favorite corps are: (in no particular order) The Cadets, The Cavaliers, The Bluecoats, The Blue Devils, Phantom Regiment, The Madison Scouts, The Troopers, The Glassmen, and Legends.
SticksStephens Jan '13
What's up guys, I'm Nick, and I'm from Seguin, TX- 45 minutes out of San Antonio. I'm a sophomore at Seguin High School. I played marimba on our pit (which is huge) as a freshman, and made the snare line as a sophomore. As a soloist, I've made the region band as a freshman and sophomore, as well as receiving a 1 at the state S&E contest last May. My two favorite corps are SCV and Bluecoats (BLOO!).
SecondOfArc Feb '13
I'm Jack. I'm from Lower Burell, PA. I just finished my first year of marching band this year. I am in 8th grade(so I will march for 5 years). I march with the Kiski Area High School Marching Band(we compete with BOA, and are one of the better bands out there...look us up[=) I play alto saxophone for marching band, bassoon for concert band, and piano and saxophone for jazz band. I also play cello, violin, oboe, clarinet, and trumpet. I want to march in Phantom Regiment someday=)
xxjacaribanksxx Feb '13  /  edited Jul '14
Hi, my name is Jacari and I am from Fort Wayne, Indiana. I am currently a sophomore at Homestead High School. Ive played trumpet since 6th grade. I was section leader every year in middle school. I have marched in the Homestead Spartan Alliance Band for 2 years. My freshman year, I played upper second part and my sophomore year i played First part. My freshman year, 2011, We were the Indiana State 2011 Champions. Knowing that we beat the 3 time BOA champion, Avon, made me very happy. My sophomore year, 2012, We were the Indiana State 2012 Runner-up. We were only tenths of a point away from the current 2012 BOA Champion Carmel. I am also trying out for drum major this year. Here are the videos of my freshman and sophomore year. ENJOY!

Favorite HS Bands: Homestead and Broken Arrow
Favorite Drum Crops: Carolina Crown, The Cadets, Bluecoats, Phantom Regiment
cjf20 Feb '13
hi my name is connor and i'm from springdale PA(15 minutes from pittsburgh) i am in 8th grade and i just finished my second year of colorguard in the springdale high school marching band we compete in pimba and we had a winning streak of three competitions in a row and i am going to audition for guard captain later this year thats pretty much all you need to know so here is a video of my band.
2011(theme "magic!")
2012(theme "the music of john williams")
(no recording yet)
Brennan Lisk Feb '13
Hey everybody, Im Brennan. I graduated high school in 2011 and im a 4 year marching veteran. I was on drumline 3 years, 2 on tenor drums and 1 one 3rd bass drum, and 1 year in the color guard. I was on winter guard all 4 years and also did symphonic band...yeah, i was in it all lol :P Im all for the Cavalliers! :) Nice to meet everybody!
SwagATron Feb '13
Hello, I'm James, I live in Loudoun County, VA. I'm an eight grade Tenor Sax player in the WHS Marching Wolverines. My mainly favorite marching band is the Dukes.(I'm not really into DCI and all that jazz, but after I learn how to play baritone, I might.) Our band is an ok size 2A band that consists of:around 8-9 trumpets, 5 saxes, 3 mellophones, 2 tubas, 5 flutes, 3 clarinets, 4 trombones, 2 baritones, 2 awesome drum majors ,and an even awesomer band director. We took second in 3A competition in states, we snuck in. Our show was Billy Joel themed this year.
Hope you enjoy this.
Willie Careri Apr '13  /  edited Dec '14
I never did this hmm well a year later isn't that bad.

My name is Willie Careri and I'm from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. I march with the East Stroudsburg High School North (wow that's a mouth full) Football and Competitive Marching Bands. I started marching in 2011 and I plan to continue until I graduate. We always go undefeated all season long until Championships when we compete against our rivals Governor Livingston and Biglerville. My favorite drum corps are The Cadets, Bluecoats, Carolina Crown, Phantom Regiment, and Blue Stars. My favorite folded corps is North Star.
A little more about myself, I am a volunteer firefighter and have been since I was 14. I am an artist who has had the highest art GPA in my entire school for the last two years but my real calling is music. I plan to become a band director after I graduate high school. I was offered a contract with The Raiders and I plan to march with them during the 2014 DCI season.
Hobbies include art, music, hanging out with friends, and long walks on the beach.

Edit: I marched with Jersey Surf in 2014
kingofmoco May '13
My name is Robert Fields. I come from Mount Sterling, KY. I currently march with the Montgomery County High School Marching Band, and have been since 2011. My favorite corps would have to be Bluecoats. I have mastered thred instruments: clarinet, tenor sax, and currently bari sax. I create my own music as well. Look up MyWayMusicServices. If you like what you hear, I can send you some others.
dede14 May '13
My name is Deion Williams from Victoria,TX, I march with the Victoria East High School Marching Band.A Triple winner every year,and area finalists.This coming school year(2013-2014) is my final season to march with VEHS I was on the baseline my freshman and sophomore year and junior year-to current I play tenoes(quads) my favorite corps is phantom regiment and second favorite corps is the cadets. This coming year I also plan on trying out for phantom regiment/cadets/Crossmen Drum major and this summer gonna work my way up to being a professional drill designer.
Twhs18 May '13
Hey! I'm Chris from The Woodlands Texas! Also I play trumpet in the band here:)
I have marched all four years with the band: 2009(Amen) 2010(Pictures) 2011( Uninvited) 2012(Letters to Home)
Besides my high school band, my favorite bands are CT Johnson and Marcus.
I plan on becoming a professional drill writer someday..(which is why I joined MML:D)
Hilldominate Jun '13
Yo! My name is Hillot (pronounced Hill-it. And yes it's a family name. I'm the fourth.) Anyways! I'm from Crowley, Tx. I have been marching for 7 years and I've been playing trumpet for 10 years. I marched in 8th grade at Queens Lake MS in Williamsburg, VA. Then I marched with the Bruton HS Panther Band my freshman year in Williamsburg and I moved to Crowley after my freshman year and attended and graduated there. I was in the Mighty Eagle Band for 3 years. When I first got there as a sophomore I was put in the honors band because I was new and wind ensemble trumpet section was senior heavy. I also learned the marching show in about 2 weeks. That year I was also a part of the jazz band. For the next 2 years I was in the wind ensemble. At the end of my senior year I was marching with Forte Drum and Bugle Corps and then we folded. After that time I was offered to march with Academy but I rejected the offer so I could get ready for school. I go to Hill College now and this will be my second year there. I am in the concert band, jazz band, and brass ensemble there. I am also a high school marching tech. I am now currently marching with Genesis DBC. Make sure you come see our show this summer. ;) My favorite corps are: Cavaliers, SCV, Carolina Crown, Madison Scouts, and Bluecoats. oh and I cant forget Genesis and Forte.

so here.
Marching: Queens Lake MS 2007-08
Bruton HS 2008-09
Crowley HS 2009-2012
Forte DBC 2012
Genesis DBC 2013
deburavel Dec '13
My name is Krys Warfield, from London, England. I marched with Lawrence Central from 2009-2013 in Indianapolis. My siblings were drum majors for Lawrence Central in the shows La Rosa, Shadows and Light, and Echosphere. My main instruments are Alto Saxophone and Clarinet. I had the saxophone solo in the Lawrence Central 2013 show Shades of a Day. My favorite drum corps are: Star Of Indiana, The Cavaliers, The Cadets, Blue Devils, Santa Clara Vanguard, Bluecoats, and Phantom Regiment. At Lawrence Central, I am currently in the Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, and various other small groups.
NetherLander Dec '13
Oh... Didn't know this was here... Well i'm only a couple of months late lol

Hey, what's up. My name is Sean Robinson. I'm a Senior in the Class of 2014, playing French Horn for the North Mesquite High School Big Blue Band! Our band boasts 300+ members this year, including guard and drumline, and we're also the biggest and best band in the city of Mesquite, for the 2nd year in a row. We've gotten gradually better each year for 8 years, and were named the Alternate to the Texas State Marching Contest from Area C on October 27, 2012! That itself is a major accomplishment considering that 8 years ago, when we started our climb to the top, the band had considered qualifying for the Area C Competition a far-fetched idea.

As for me, like I said, I play the French Horn for the top band at my school. I'm the best French Horn player that my school has to offer, and I'm the 18th best French Horn player in the Region. I've qualified for the Texas State Solo & Ensemble contest for the last 3 years with both my solos and ensembles, and I plan to go back for a 4th consecutive trip this May. I was a featured soloist in my school's 2013-2014 Show entitled "Revolution", and I've always had a love for music and drawing images, so marching band just fit perfectly for me. I hope someday (although I doubt it'll work financially) that I'll be able to be a part of a DCI Drum & Bugle Corps, preferably either the Blue Devils, Cavaliers or Madison Scouts, but until then I look forward to the possibility that I may be part of the Pride Marching Band from Texas A&M Commerce for the Fall of 2014.

As for my future careers, I'd like to try to make it writing, producing and performing contemporary classic rock music someday, since I love that style of music, and i've already started writing songs of that genre.

That's me :)
Agogo Bell Jan '14
I'd prefer not to name myself.
I'm from Chicago, but live in Longmont, Colorado.
I've done three years in Longmont High School Trojan Band on "marching french horn" (bastardised mellophone), and next year will be my last.
My favourite corps are SCV 87 88 89, Star 90, 91, 93, and Cadets 84.
Hey guys, I am Tanner.
I live in Virginia beach VA. I am going into my third year marching, and playing in general. I only started in Feb. of 2012, no experience of any kind and I wanted to join my high schools marching band. I somehow made it onto the the drum line (bass 3) and turned out to be the best bass drum that year, also receiving a most improved award. My second year I had practiced enough to make snare drum, ( 2 snare that year ) and kicked major butt.

My all time favorite corps are Blue coats (08,12, and 13) Phantom Regiment (13) Carolina Crown (11,12,13) and Cadets (11).
CALewis71 Jun '14
Hello all, My name is Cody Lewis and I'm from Saint Augustine, Florida. I reside in the Pedro Menendez HS Falcon Regiment. From the 2012 and 2013 season I marched Flute, played in the Indoor Percussion as Marimba 1, and Jazz Band as Trombone 4 (Bass Bone). This year in 2014 I will be Drum Major! My favorite Drum Corps is Carolina Crown and the Phantom Regiment.

Freshman Year - Won the Rookie of the Year Award

Sophomore - Substituted as Drum Major for a competition[2013 season (I consider that an award)]. I won the Best Bandsmen award. Became Front Ensemble captain in our Indoor Percussion group. And for the 2014 season, I will be Drum Major!:)
Michael Timmons Jul '14
Who are you?Michael Timmons ( That's a given )
Where are you from? Maryland
Where and when did you march? NorthWestern High School ( hyattsville, md )
Who's your favorite band/corps? ^ my band ^

Every since I have been at my school, I have been nothing but excellent .
In concert band, wind ensemble, solo ensemble , etc, I have walked out with straight ones.
And in marching band I go home with all the trophies. =)
Joel Snyder Jul '14  /  edited Sep '17
nanni12 Aug '14
Hey there MML, So my name is Gianni, I currently reside in Illinois and completing my senior year at Grayslake Central High School. I'm currently the 3rd year drum line captain as well as partial guard choreographer. This is my 1st year on tenors but I've played 2 years on snare and 1 year on bass. My favourite corps will have to be the Madison Scouts cause they are boss and I hope to audition for their guard this fall. I also like to transcribe/arrange music and currently into arranging marching shows. I guess that's all MML :D
tokyo Aug '14
Hello all! My name is Taylor and I live in seattle Washington ( I just recently moved from San Antonio, Texas so I consider myself from there) and I marched four years at Claudia Taylor Johnson high school. I finished my first year of drum corps at the Blue Knights this last summer and fully intend to go back next summer on baritone. My favorite drum corps are: SCV, Blue knights, the Cavaliers, Bluecoats, and the Cadets my favorite marching bands are CTJ and Avon and Tarpon Springs :)
ouboomersooners Aug '14
Hello MML people! I'm Luis Hernandez and I live in Kellyville Oklahoma. I march for the Pride of Kellyville for a year and this is my 2nd year in the "Pride". I play Baritone before that Trumpet. My favorite marching band: University of Oklahoma, Ohio State University, Oklahoma State Cowboy Marching Band and my band(Pride of Kellyville). My full profile:
gwhit55 Dec '14
Hello! I'm a trumpet player from canton Texas! I was a cymbal player until the beginning of this year. I plan to try out for drum major for our upcoming marching year! Please enjoy my shows!
GreystrikeX3 Dec '14
Hey guys im Joey, I am an Alto sax player from Florida but im learning mellophone to audition for Boston Crusaders 2016!

My 5 favorite drum corps are Boston Crusaders, Bluecoats, Santa Clara Vanguard, Blue Devils and Cavaliers.
Rimenuir6 Dec '14
Im Sean, I am a drummer from Virginia. I did 2 years in front ensemble and this was my rookie season on snare. I also march snare for my indoor line.
My favorite corps are Bluecoats, Cadets, and Phantom Regiment (Kick butt hornline they have). Oh and Cavies and SCV percussion.
WalkingLunchbox Mar '17
My name's Thomas, I'm a percussionist (mostly Snare) and I live in the Denver area in Colorado. Been in my school's drumline since I was a freshman, but got involved in marching ensembles since 8th grade. Not really much to brag about. My High School's music program is tiny, naive and TERRIBLY underfunded :/ But we're growing fast, and we're all a great group of people. We also have some really cool connections with Ascend Performing Arts (the organization that runs the Blue Knights drum corps and percussion ensemble) and they've helped us out a ton, so huge props to them. I've been in marching band and winter percussion for a few years, and I really want to march Drum Corps or an independent percussion ensemble in the near future

Favorite corps are Cavaliers and Carolina Crown
sohs Mar '17
Hello! I am a sophomore trumpet player from Crestwood, KY. I march with the South Oldham High School Marching Band. Our band has always been generally in the "outstanding" category but the past three years have been difficult due to lack of percussionists, which lead me to joining the Winter Percussion program here to march a bass drum in the fall. We have connections to the Bluecoats, the Crossmen, the Blue Devils, and a bit of Carolina Crown as well. I hope to march a Top 12 corps after high school. Hoping to march Blue Stars or maybe even shooting for Carolina Crown.
darucker81 Sep '17
i am from Lynchburg Virginia , i go to heritage high school ,i am in the 10th grade
my shows need be in big league and get award from everyone in this marching league i am
rookie give me a break
royalDM Sep '17  /  edited Nov '17
Hi, I'm Laken from Indianapolis Indiana.I march Bari/Euph. I teach color guard/visual with George Washington Community School.
DCI: Indianapolis Ignition 15 (Soundsport)
DCA: Cincinnati Tradition 15,16,17
Blue Devils
Cincinnati Tradition
Blue Knights
Hawthorne Caballeros

I have won 2 DCA championships, 1 ISSMA Indoor Drumline Championship, 1 best in show award for Soundsport
Lithium Nitro Nov '17
Hello y'all my name is Dylan and I live in Oregon but I'm originally from Virginia. I swear I'm the only person with guard experience on this site. I've marched 3 years of high school colorguard and am currently entering my 3rd year of winterguard. I've marched with Westview High School and we won our class back in Fall 2016, also sweeping all captions. I plan to march with the Seattle Cascades this summer (colorguard). I received a contract for the Oregon Crusaders colorguard for the DCI 2017 season but was unable to march due to money and family issues.
OracleJorion Nov '17
Hi My name's Joseph. I live in Texas, and am a junior in high school and Euphonium player in the Clear Springs High School Band. We're alright I guess. Our school won 2nd place at the Channelview marching festival this year and won best brass, so that's pretty cool. My favorite Drum Corps is the Santa Clara Vanguard, which I hope to march with one day, but will probably march Genesis first. I'm not in a drum corps right now because of school and other things, but I plan to start after I graduate from high school and get more experience with marching. I am probably the most obsessed with this kind of thing in my entire school, but that doesn't bother me. I also have a musescore account, where I post marching shows I compose and arrange, which I have a link to on my profile if you're interested. so yeah, that's me.
FringeHit14 Nov '17
My name is Daven and I am from Broken Arrow. I play alto saxophone and this was my freshman year. We placed second at Grand Nationals by less then a point and my favorite band is Pride. My favorite corps is Bluecoats

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