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New Drill Writing Software

Sam Doss Jul '10

I came across this earlier, seems pretty decent. What do you guys think?
Keyo Wilson Jul '10
Haven't tried it yet, so I can't say.

However, personally I prefer Field Artist when I get it someday. It works a little similar to MML, especially with the update to FA 4. And it's also $95 (unless they changed it, which I don't think they would).

I'm sure Hugo is pretty good though. May try it out sometime.
Stephen Novak Jul '10
I'll let you know when I get this dang thing to install right...

Stupid technology...=P

edit: I give up. Anyone else have trouble installing this? I did everything it said and Hugo.exe still refuses to open.
madam Jul '10
Looks like Drill Pro for Windows...
rbbbcbande94 Jul '10
Stephen did you try saving it first then installing it?
Kyle Halpin Jul '10
I can't even download it..I even saved it first
Joseph Boboige Jul '10
It downloaded fine for me. That's weird. Just looking a little bit at it, I think field artist is much better (and cheaper. $150 for this?)
revharrison Jul '10
You bought it Bando?
Joseph Boboige Jul '10
I've downloaded the demos for both. Gosh no. Haha. I don't have the money for that. I was just saying that Field Artist is cheaper.

I had no problems downloading the program at all, I don't know what is happening with you guys.
Frick Nits Jul '10
oh my that guy's website layout makes me wanna puke.
Sam Doss Jul '10
haha yeah its pretty bad
tellz Jul '10
"Why Hugo?
Hugo this way!
Hugo that way!
and Hugo over here!"

I'm sold
Silver Shadow Jul '10  /  edited Jul '10
Matt Wasson Jul '10
LOL @ Tellesus!
Kyle Halpin Jul '10
He named it after the "LOST" guy...
revharrison Jul '10
I will buy it becasue he names it after a lost guy.

and i couldn't download it either
Nate Hoppel Jul '10
I got it to download...
Joseph Boboige Jul '10
Maybe your firewall or something is blocking it? Or something else? It downloads fine for me.
Silver Shadow Jul '10
Maybe you tried to download it before Hugo got off the Island?
Kyle Halpin Jul '10
now look what I started...
madam Jul '10
It's not that great of a program to be honest; it's awfully simplistic and...dull. I wouldn't waste the computer space to download it.
Splashes Jul '10
I like it !
madam Jul '10
it works, but after using pyware for so long, nothing can really compare. It's like Noteflight vs. Sibelius/Finale.
Sam Doss Jul '10
yeah, there's no doubt that pyware is on a wayy higher level than this. I just think that it might be better than field artist
Caleb English Jul '10
I cant get it to run.

..and this "band director" with zero credentials is stuck in the html stoneage..

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