Create Your Own Marching Shows

What's New

The most recent update was in November 2014

Update #60 -- Nov '14

- "Performed by" group name is now part of show info
- Design score is now displayed in tenths
- Critique link in Like section that posts to the user's Wall
- Show view count is now visible to everyone
- Fix header in mobile browsers
- Judge indicator light turns on less often
- Exhibition no longer available -- all shows go to the judging queue
- Misc user interface improvements

Past Updates

Update #59 -- Sep '14

- Added a 3 second cap for long sets
- Added Follow checkbox to the Like popup
- Fixed Demo mode for non-members
- Random Shows changed to Random Inspiration, with higher-scoring shows
- Premium members can now Freeze an unlimited number of shows

Update #58 -- Aug '14

- Added Awards
- Miscellaneous interface improvements

Update #57 -- Feb '14

- Major site design refresh

Update #56 -- Oct '13

- Fix gap bug with design challenge pins  (Thanks Starfruit1)
- Using page/up down to change sets no longer changes the web address
- Remove set indicator in preview record mode
- Larger show comments popup
- Move help link to top of page

- Added 4 new props, including keyboards

Update #55 -- Sep '12

- Changes to re-introduce Design Challenges

Update #54 -- Jun '12

- Copy & Paste Dots (Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V)
- Reselect Group (Hold down "R" and click)

- Added Dancing guard animations

Update #53 -- May '12

- Props can move!
- New shortcut: "P" to reset props for all sets. (to make them stationary)
- Added shading to props
- 12 props instead of 10

- All Basic members now have 81 marchers

- Wall comments are no longer restricted by XP. (Thanks hawk80)
- Brought back the Off-Topic forum.
- Fixed a Facebook Like bug

Update #52 -- Mar '12

- Tarp color can be customized. Scroll to bottom of color panel.

- Editor now remembers what set you were working on when you re-open it
- Show pacing is about 5% slower.  Indoor shows are about 10% slower.
- IE animation rate is now the same as all other browsers
- Page up/down in view mode now changes web address, so you link to individual sets

Main Site
- Overall site interface is more aerodynamic (not for IE, yet)
- Favorites are now visible to everyone
- Updated graphics for judging panel
- Fixed Feed Detail page in IE (Thanks Stradivarius)
- Prevent blank show titles
- Critique moved back to main forum, custom topic titles allowed
- All WIPs are public. (to prevent confusion, among other things)
- Private messages to captains no longer disappear (Thanks Justin Ekstrom)
- Fixed back button issue with judging page, and preview
- Numerous improvements to interface.

Update #51 -- Oct '11

- Set number now appears when hovering over setbar (Thanks Anthony V)
- Deleted Likes now only hide the comment (Thanks Justin Altrogge)
- When marchers are selected in order, a green arrow appears next to the "# selected" text (Thanks Jerry)
- Record mode.  In preview mode, press Ctrl-R, which removes the title bar (Thanks Vincent Pezza)
- If a member is ghosted, they no longer count toward the longest path. (Thanks Jennifer Spainhour)
- Miscellaneous graphic improvements

Help Section
- Six new tutorial videos

- Design Rating is now the sum of your top 10 shows, which is a much clearer gauge of your skill level.
- New patch graphics
- Short replies no longer count toward your "Critique Posts" count.

- Critique forum now open for WIPs and published shows
- Threads in subforums ordered by latest reply. Reminder: Do NOT bump your own topics.
- Category/circuit pulldowns when posting new topic in Competition forum
- Titles of Locked forum topics are now italicized

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Loading bug for certain premium shows
- Fixed Mr Metronome / change uniforms bug (Thanks Landry Kendrick)
- Fixed Wave Once from not animating in edit mode
- Fixed ripple flag toss glitch (Thanks Will Panter)
- Fixed checkboxes for email settings under Edit Profile

- Ripples are now limited to 3 sets instead of limited to "ripple steps"
- Popup warning appears when adding a ripple in a situation where it won't work (e.g. equipment changes)
- Longer ripples (20+ marchers) now animate faster

Update #50 -- May '11

- Added Mr. Metronome (Ctrl-M) - special marcher used for syncing only (see Help)

- Select All no longer selects props
- Fixed bug with ripple step counts - it now tells you how many remain
- Fixed bug where private messages to captains were invisible
- Fixed XP bug when multiple shows in queue (Thanks Balko37)
- Fixed blue highlight mouse-drag issue in Chrome (Thanks Jason Schmidt)
- Minor graphic updates in Challenge section

- Server upgraded for improved performance and more storage
- Fixed email deliverability issues

Update #49 -- Feb '11

- Marchers that are in overlapping ripples now count as one step (Thanks pedazos)
- Profile Feed now shows a (+) when new events happen
- Profile speed improved in most cases
- Moved challenge link to header, added thumbnails

- Fixed youtube link bug (Thanks Jenni)
- Fixed "U" bug (Thanks Jason Schmidt)
- Fixed right-to-left guard syncing  (Thanks bluesky94)
- Alert pops up when trying to continue a Premium show as Basic member (Thanks APHudson)
- Misc performance improvements and bug fixes

Update #48 -- Dec '10

- New shortcut: Copy Dots (Ctrl-C) and Paste Dots (Ctrl-V).

- Fixed shift-line in IE (Thanks Kyle Halpin)
- Fixed scroll wheel for guard animations (Thanks Casablanca)
- Fixed critique link for shows in judging queue (Thanks Gcntra12)
- Fixed links in DML (Thanks Justin Ekstrom & dcsfrontensemble)

Premium features:
- Added Ripples ("@" Key)
- 2 new guard uniforms: dress & half
- 2 new flag styles: flames, curved with gradient
- 5 new prop styles: door, arch, arched window, fence, chair
- Can now Shift-click the "change" link to cycle props in reverse

Update #47 -- Dec '10

- Added optional Critique link to the Like popup for Leads to offer feedback
- Added "How to Improve Your Shows" link to Show Results popup
- Drill Move Library (DML) is now hosted here
- You can now change your username via Edit Profile

- Line-select (shift-click) is a lot more accurate with small intervals
- Fixed rare bug with missing sets on some published shows  (Thanks Zach Crowley)
- Fixed disappearing guard for newly upgraded members (Thanks bando09swimmer)
- Removed scatter shortcut

- Lowered requirement to enter challenges from Pro to Lead (3,000 xp)
- Prevent duplicates in tour
- Revised the sidebar information on the Tour page
- Lots of minor user interface improvements

Update #46 -- Aug '10

- Preview now opens in same browser tab.
- Post-publish edit link now on the show page instead of on the profile
- Continue option moved to Start New Show menu to prevent accidentally deleting WIP
  (Thanks bando09swimmer)

- Orange animation bar is now translucent to see marchers underneath (Thanks Jenni)
- Shows published in Tour now show the designer name instead of group name
- Hide zero (X) vote if show designer is over 3000 XP (Thanks Jay Deucehimer)
- Prevent forum posting when logged into team account (Thanks bando09swimmer)
- Shift-S now toggles auto-save to 15 minutes instead of turning it off (Thanks EvanGregory)
- Show now immediately appears in Tour list after submitting
- Removed Freeze Show option if editing a published show (Thanks Sam Doss)
- Number of Likes for most recent show now stays up to date in profile
- Prevent accidental blue highlight in Chrome when clicking on design controls (Thanks Tellesus)
- Miscellaneous backend fixes and upgrades

Update #45 -- May '10

- Added Weeky Tour
- New corps/band profile page.
- Challenges moved to back page.  Increased requirements for entry.
- Timekeeper automatically deleted on published shows
- Critique moved to separate section at bottom of forum
- Lots of performance tuning on the back end
- Lots of miscellaneous interface updates

Premium members:

- You can now customize your micro band's uniform and profile formation.

Update #44 -- Apr '10

- Ctrl-clicking Play button now enables slow play mode (Thanks Ak42u)
- Prevent multiple Likes on one show  (Thanks musicloverrmm)
- Fixed bug with using "B" on single-file lines
- Update look & feel for design controls
- Misc interface updates

Premium members:
- New animations for musicians: backfield, kneel, arms down, high sticking, bass front facing
- Sets increased to 42
- You can now freeze your current WIP after subscription expires (Thanks Tellesus & McSuperFly)
- Updated clarinet playing pose

Update #43 -- Mar '10

- Added 2010 Member T-Shirt to the shop!

- Show Longest Path shortcut is now just "L" (Thanks Tellesus)
- Show Longest Path now shows the number of steps, and includes multiple marchers if applicable
- Added patch for High Score of 7
- Updated Forum sidebar
- Miscellaneous interface improvements

Premium members:
- Fixed quotes in bug WIP titles (Thanks Blakep & bando09swimmer)
- Fixed prop/caption bug (Thanks Tellesus)

Update #42 -- Feb '10

- Follow Player.  You can now receive a message when certain players publish a show.
Just use the Follow link in the upper right corner of their profile.

-  Quick-Select.  The show editor now remembers what groups of marchers you have worked with.
Hold down the "Q" key and click on a marcher to restore the selection for its current group.
You can also use it to select the remaining members of a section (like an inverse select).

- Select Line. Select one marcher at one end of a line, then Shift-Click the marcher on the other end
- Undo (Ctrl-Z) is now more predictable, and it includes your previous selections
- Relative Scaling.  Hold the button on a marcher to center on them while scaling
   (Thanks JessePHSpit & EvanGregory)


- Block shortcut (B) can now be used to clean existing blocks without accidentally changing the size
- Arc shortcut is less likely to "flip" marchers that are currently in an arc (Thanks Justin Ekstrom)
- Ctrl-Rotate is now more precise (Thanks EvanGregory)
- Fixed issue with circle shortcut re-scaling slightly
- Clean Curve (& key) no longer nudges marchers on the ends
- Pop-up warning if changing caption or equipment after first set (Thanks Tellesus & musicloverrmm)
- Animation (A key) now only affects one type of guard equipment at a time (Thanks Johnathan Doerr)
- Pop-up warning for certain shortcuts if marchers aren't selected in order (Thanks Zach Piner)
- Grid is turned off by default for Leads and above (Thanks Justin Ekstrom)
- Tenors are a bit wider now, to be more realistic.  (Thanks ducksoup4pa)
- New style for Like popup window.
- Ctrl-% now shifts the order of selection by one.


- Grid is now 1-step only.  (Thanks pedazos, Tellesus & fisher aza 5)
- Mouse wheel now Rotates.  Hold Shift to scale.  Hold Ctrl to arc.  (note: use ~ key for Safari/Chrome)
- Ability to manually create groups with Shift-click is removed.  (see above)

On the main site:

- Profile Feedback tab renamed to Feed.  Now has total Likes, Favorites, and Followers
- Profile Comments tab renamed to Wall
- Critique threads automatically lock when you publish a show, and auto-lock after 2 days
- Can now open hidden shows directly (Thanks Johnathan Doerr & Brad Becker)
- Profile image size increased to 1 MB (Thanks Chris Yashko)Update #41 -- Jan '10

- Thumbnails on home page
- Embed show thumbnails in forums via Share button
- Scatter shortcut (* key).  Hold Ctrl to do a "jam"-style horizontal scatter
- Preview mode should now run at same speed as Edit mode

Minor Fixes:

- Re-added Ctrl-Drag Select
- Safari/chrome layout glitches should be gone
- Popup confirmation when voting 1 or 10
- Judge page/back-button fix
- Message to disable popup blocker when opening Preview
- Reminder to remove timekeeper when publishing synced show
- Removed exit page warning on re-publish (Thanks EvanGregory)
- Removed superfluous Menu options in re-publish mode
- Numerous interface fixes
- Member patches only apply if you publish a show during that year

For Moderators:

- Separate page for managing Challenge entries
- Sticky, lock, and move forum topics

For Premium members:

- Rifles and sabres with 9 poses, 8 animations, and 4 tosses.  Use the "E" key to cycle from flags.
- 4 flag toss animations
- Pole-only flag style
- 12 new props, including one translucent backdrop
- Freezer increased to 20 slots
- Name WIPs when put into Freezer
- Can view (and link) directly to frozen shows
- Continue shows from Freezer (Thanks Santiago Hernandez, pedazos)
- Opposite flag animations (right and left) are synced
- Can use scroll wheel to cycle guard animations
- Auto-Freeze current show when clicking "Start New Show" from menu (Thanks Johnathon Doerr)
- Auto-update sprites to new version (Thanks Silverleaf)

Update #40 -- Dec '09

- Compliments changed to Likes -- comments are optional
- Full image for Magic Wand (Thanks cellis)
- Added Twitter to Share button
- Improved interface for profiles
- Updated home page options and layout
- Can now click marchers in wand-select mode to deselect them
- Starting a new show after publishing a show brings up group menu
- Challenges require score of 6 or higher

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed ability to save show after connection to server is lost and regained
- Ctrl-O to align circles to 12 o'clock position (Thanks pedazos)
- Ctrl and Arrow keys should now work for Chrome and Safari browsers
- Flags no longer pop out behind props (Thanks Sean Smit)
- Props are not included in box-select or wand-select after Set 0 (Thanks Tellesus)
- Fixed bug where deleted guard pose in the last set was preventing publish (Thanks bluesky94)
- "Leaving Page" warning no longer appears when publishing show
- Fixed bug with one-hour publish limit

Fixes for Premium members:

- Made Wave Once animations the same (Thanks backslash)
- Can now change captions during any set, affecting all sets
- Can now add props during any set, affecting all sets
- Can now add Bass 6 during any set

Update #39 -- Oct '09

- Arc should no longer "bounce" back when trying to flip it the other way. (Thanks Justin Ekstrom)
- Arc shortcut no longer takes up a lot of steps in the Undo history.
- Fixed black outlines in guard when coming out of ghost mode. (Thanks Backslash)
- Fixed bug where props would reappear after being deleted. (Thanks Ryanb234)
- Hurry Up link no longer shows up if there are no shows to judge. (Thanks Feliciano)
- Select Box no longer appears if in Magic Wand mode.
- Play button in IE now lets you click anywhere on the button, not just the text.

Fixes for Premium members:

- Prevented some confusion when upgrading old flags to new spinning version.
- Made Add Props / Add Bass #6 links more visible.

Update #38 -- Oct '09

- Press 'G' to ghost selected marchers.
- Magic Wand Select.  Hold down "!" and wave mouse over marchers to select them. Great for curves.
- Set by Set View.  Page up/down while watching *any* show to flip through one set at a time.
  You can also press Space to stop/play.
- Stars (10,000+ XP) can now "Hurry Up!" when judging Rookie shows.
- Cut in Line. Starting at Pro level (5,000 XP), members can cut ahead in the judging queue.

Minor Changes:
- Hold Ctrl during arc mode for finer control. (Thanks Tellesus)
- Label for "N marchers selected" auto-hides when cursor is near it. (Thanks Ak42u)
- Set pins toggle key is now ":" (colon) instead of "P"
- Ctrl-Space plays set 3x slower in edit mode. This should help troubleshoot collisions.
- Shift-F to reverse the direction of Follow-the-Leader (Thanks Rob Esrock)
- Ctrl-# creates a vertical guide line.
- You can now edit forum posts. Replies can be edited in an hour. Parent posts can be edited indefinitely.
- Added Google option for search. This should help search content in the forum better.
- Show limit changed to one per hour instead of N per day.

Minor Fixes:
- Arc shouldn't screw up if you add/remove marchers.
- Circle shortcut should no longer rotate the marchers.
- Drummers now animate during halts.

For Premium members:
- Props.  10 props per show.  Choose from 11 multi-color styles.
- Spinning Flags. 8 animations accessible with "A" key.  Also, 4 new diagonal poses.
- Bass #6.  Boom boom.

Update #37 -- Sep '09

- Set pivot point for rotation by holding mouse button over marcher
- Showcases renamed to Challenges
- Challenge shows now ordered by score
- Patches for high scores of 8 and higher
- Design Rating and related patches added to profiles -- see the help link
- Email notifications when shows is done being judged

- Two new jacket styles - horizontal stripe, and military
- Freezer shows now ordered most recent on top

Update #36 -- Jul '09

- Added Micro Band profile pages
- Showcases are now only created by appointed coordinators
- Added possible workaround for Tellesus bug
- Fixed hidden shows in community picks (Thanks revharrison)
- Filter hidden shows from search
- Fix set blocks in Firefox 3.5
- Smoother registration process
- Removed underline in tabs for IE8 (Thanks DPJenius)
- Fixed profile comment bug (Thanks FreakoftheArts73)
- Fixed invisible Play button after playing (Thanks Wade Quinn)
- Fix IE8 graphical line bug -- top and bottom borders only (Thanks Maarten Walraven)

Update #35 -- Jul '09

- Added showcases.
- Share button on shows to post the link to Facebook, with custom thumbnail image.
- Firefox frame rate increased. (animations should be smoother)
- Guard equipment no longer "hides" behind marchers when mousing over them.
- It now asks for a confirmation if you leave the design page without saving the show.
- Change label to "top pick" for Designer Pick shows (thanks Ak42u)
- Now can click anywhere on Play button for IE
- Number of favorites are re-calculated when someone removes them (thanks Ak42u)
- Need only to tab once to submit button in show comments (SoMbAaron)
- Reduced server load on profile & home page. (XP may have shifted a bit)
- Extra backups are now being sent to a separate data center 1000 miles from the main server.
- Added more debugging info for Tellesus bug.

For subscribers:
- Two new multi-color flag styles.
- New hat style: aussie without plume.
- Sewing ladies are now 5x-10x faster.

Update #34 -- Jun '09

- Added shop link in the footer with new t-shirt
- Profile comments go away after 30 days (thanks EJ Rowland)
- Fixed caption form bug (thanks Andrew Piner)
- Reversed scroll wheel direction for scaling (thanks EJ Rowland)
- Prevent all caps usernames
- Really old shows no longer auto-populate for new members (thanks ak42u)
- Uploaded gifs are no longer converted to fuzzier jpegs
- Fixed design menu "Loading..." bug (thanks Jordan Nelson)
- Added patch for completed profile
- Added patch for WIP replies (thanks ak42u)
- Allow rookies to add photo gallery
- New users now only have access to smaller corps and outdoor shows
- An upgrade warning appears for users of IE6
- Set pins reverted back to "P" shortcut (thanks VinnyE)

For subscribers:

- Design Studio is no longer shown in post-publish mode

Update #33 -- May '09

- New scoring system.
- Added Favorites.  Each show costs 5 XP to "buy"

- Darker green flag (thanks Tim Devino)
- Clear selection group - shift-click again
- Lowered profile and show design limits for new players
- Cleaned up shortcuts
- Prevent auto-save if someone leans on space bar (thanks VinnyE)
- Get credit for comments on your show that were deleted
- Increased shows per day to 3
- Link to this page in suggestions forum (thanks Landry Kendrick)
- Lots of improvements to user interface

For subscribers:

- Select by flag color
- Increase Freezer to 10 shows

Update #32 -- Apr '09

- Neutral background color for indoor shows.
- Group select.  Shift-click your selected marchers to make them form a group for that set.
Then, whenever you double-click one of those marchers, the group will be selected.
- Longest marcher path.  Press Ctrl-L to auto-select the marcher with the longest path.
Shorten this marcher's path to make the set go faster.
- Fixed disappearing orange or purple flag when stripped (Thanks Backslash/Jason Schmidt)
- Misc interface improvements
- Allow tenors and snares to change animation when selected as a group (Thanks Tim Devino)

For subscribers:

- Added aussies as a hat style
- Added curved flag style
- Cleaned sprite details
- More realistic color blending in sprites
- Fixed palette bug (e.g. when selecting a flag color from the guard section)
- Fixed bug when double-clicking marchers that have changed captions (Thanks nickerson)

Update #31 -- Mar '09

- Fixed indoor/outdoor re-publish mixups
- Fixed old shows showing up as premium
- Fixed situation where it wouldn't let you easily pick different show types
- A couple of secret captain-related things
- Fixed judging link in getting started tab (for new members)

New for subscribers:
- Added helmet and no-hat options for custom uniforms
- Fixed bug regarding number of shows in the freezer
- Removed open/close link in studio

Update #30 -- Mar '09 -- MML Leaves Beta!

- Added pages to Help section: Hall of Fame, etc.
- Include all Forums link on Latest Post page in forum
- Added Views on show pages.  These are visible only to the designer.
- Show editor now displays the number of marchers you have selected.
- Scroll wheel to scale selection.  Hold Ctrl for rotation and Alt for arcs.


- Added premium subscription!
- 108 marchers and 40 sets.
- Band instruments: sax, trombone, clarinet, flute.
- Press "C" to change a marchers's caption (section).  Right now you can only change this on your first set.
- Custom musician uniforms.  You can recolor over a dozen parts.
- Custom guard uniforms.  Just like above.
- Custom flags.  Four flags per show.  You can't pick different flag shapes YET.
- Freezer.  You can freeze your active show to work on something else.  It holds up to 5 WIPs.

Update #29 -- Feb '09

- Shift-arrow to scale on either X or Y axis. Hold Ctrl for fine adjustments
- Clean Curve with '&' key.  This cleans the intervals, not the form itself
- Hold Ctrl to make a perfect square with the 'B' shortcut (Thanks BlStrsPhntmRgmnt & Yoyoyo)
- Hash shortcut aligns to selected marcher's feet, if cursor is hovering over a marcher
- Marchers snap to hash, if activated (Thanks S Rutherford)
- Fixed bass offset (thanks Yoyoyo)
- Fixed minor set pin bugs
- 'W' shortcut available to everyone now
- Many code changes regarding the loading of shows
- Many interface updates
- Updated instructions

Limited browser support:
- Page Up - jump to next set.  Hold Ctrl to go to the final set of the show
- Page Down - jump to previous set.  Hold Ctrl to go to the first set of the show (Set 0)

Update #28 -- Jan '09

- Added baritone
- Fixed trade sets
- Trade sets now works with any section
- Automatic junk show filter now only applies to rookies
- Added pages to Instructions:  What's New, Videos, Judging FAQ
- Stop & Vote only available on shows designed by rookies
- Added 'Cancel' link to save message, in case it gets stuck (Thanks mattwhiz)
- Arc endpoints no longer snap (Thanks MSeltz)
- Fixed XP for WIP replies (Thanks uncleyuppa)
- Fixed double favorite bug (Thanks Justin Ekstrom)
- Featured shows now sorted by date, most recent on top
- Improved marcher graphics
- Lots of enhancements to the site interface

For experimental players:
- Can now change flag color for each guard member, per set.
  Shortcut: "E" for Equipment.
- Can now change the caption of each marcher with "C" key.
  Some restrictions apply. See Instructions.

Update #27 -- Nov '08 -- "Monster"

- Bigger field. From 420 x 720 to 450 x 864, or 10 more yards
- Delete marchers (Delete or D key). Hold Ctrl to to undelete
- Disable auto-save with Shift-S
- 3-to-1 snap
- Lead is now 3000 xp, Pro is 5000 xp
- Main profile image increased to 150 x 150
- Private message to / from Captains
- Continue - start new show with first set of previously published show
- Photo tab in profile
- Up to five "Designer Picks" of your best shows
- List of the top 5 shows that you voted for recently
- List of deleted shows
- Custom Micro Corps badge
- Non-corps shows worth less than full corps
- Forum topic title included in search
- Publish date listed on show page
- Rookie and Underrated shows listed on the "more shows" page
- Need to be a Veteran to post in forum
- Limit of 2 judged shows per day
- Limit of 2 new forum topics per day
- Limit of 6 forum posts/replies per day (non-Leads)
- Automatically prevent certain low-quality comments, show titles, and forum titles
- Starting Competition forum topics require 3000 xp
- Starting Show Design forum topics require 3000 xp

Update #26 -- Nov '08

- Minor bug fixes

Update #25 -- Oct '08

- Ctrl-Arrow - Nudge 9 pixels. Equivalent to one step in 8-to-5 (Thanks MSeltz)
- Lowered the votes counts to speed up the queue
- Compliments. Both the complimentor and complimentee now receive 1xp
- Captains can now edit show titles and descriptions, and delete shows

Update #24 -- Sep '08

- Lots of security and performance fixes
- XP only scores. You now receive a message at the top when your score comes in
- Changed upload image limit to 500k (image is resized)
- Latest compliments added to profile
- The profile link is starred when you get a new profile comment
- Seamless playback in editing mode. No more pausing at each set
- Translucent highlight
- Ctrl-backspace to do a Forward Reset (thanks MSeltz)
- Ctrl-I (line) to prevent it from snapping to right angle (thanks Adrian Caswell)
- Each set now has its own Undo/Redo history. You can undo/redo any time

Update #23 -- Aug '08

- Hash marks on the field!
- Show performance - up to 50% less overall CPU
- Toggle Hash (# key)
- Show scores are now only visible to the designer
- Icons on front page to denote show type
- Stop and Vote Now for higher ranks
- Tweaked score weighting. The more XP you have, the more your vote counts
- Updates to the editor interface
- Terms of Service page

Update #22 -- Jul '08

- Removed Yardline Snap from Menu (use the "Y" shortcut instead)
- Fixed Undo
- Preview link is automatically added to WIP posts
- You now get 1 XP for replying to a WIP topic
- New URLs for preview and judge pages
- Red box highlight instead of the oval, when hovering over a marcher
- XP now links to a page that explains the system
- Lots of back end changes

Update #21 -- Jul '08

- Solid rectangles for marcher highlighting
- Can now add a set anywhere in the show
- Minor performance and interface fixes

Update #20 -- Jun '08

- Look and feel of the site updated
- "www" is no longer a part of the site address
- Clean URL's for the shows, profiles, and forum
- Link to archived topics in the forums
- Preview is launched in a separate window
- No more delay to get Veteran "powers" after reaching 1000 xp
- Now impossible to save a show if you have another account open in another tab

Update #19 -- Jun '08

- Added sopranos and contras
- Added plates/cymbals to indoor drumline
- Updated uniform graphics
- Fixed group deselect

Update #18 -- May '08

- Group options: Brass Only, Indoor Drums, Indoor Guard

Update #17 -- May '08

- Added profile comments.
- Registration process is much smoother
- Tons of tiny details updated

Update #16 -- May '08

- Upgraded to PHP5. Enabled FastCGI, which should give a boost in page load times.
- Email and password can be changed in the profile
- Judged Today count now links to a page with your recent votes
- Pre-activated users can start working on a show while waiting for e-mail

Update #15 -- Apr '08

- Scores are now only on the individual show page
- Appointed Captains
- No more "hedgehogs"
- Access changes. Certain areas of the site are now locked for new players

Update #14 -- Apr '08

- Double-click the field to select all marchers
- Double-click a marcher to select all members of that section
- Ctrl-Double-click a marcher to add/remove his section from the current selection
- Split Select (% key)
- Added profile views
- Adjustments to vote system

Update #13 -- Apr '08

- Color guard!
- Fans (100 XP) start with a smaller corps

Update #12 -- Apr '08

- Ranks. (Rookie, Vet, Lead)
- Custom photo, about section limited by rank
- Show views are now displayed.

Update #11 -- Apr '08

- Lots of site performance fixes.
- IE6 transparency bug (e.g. boxes) fixed
- Show titles with html entities now display correctly in various pages

Update #10 -- Mar '08

- Added drumline.
- Can now change horn position
- Added 5:1 snap interval
- Misc performance fixes

Update #9 -- Mar '08

- New marcher graphics with silver horns
- 3D perspective in final view mode
- Trade sets between two marchers ("T")
- Insert Set (menu) - copies the current set and inserts it after the current spot
- Preview Show (menu) - see the show in 3D perspective before publishing it
- Slightly more realistic (i.e. slower) pacing
- Show now auto-saves before it's published
- No auto-save if show hasn't been changed
- Check for truncated save data (thanks Matthijz van Houten)
- Handle vote more gracefully when server is unavailable (thanks trumpetz09)
- Popup message when toggling Yardline Snap and other actions
- Miscellaneous forum fixes

Update #8 -- Feb '08

- Added Integrated forum

Update #7 -- Feb '08

- Addition of Experience (XP) system.  This is going to be a work in progress
- Removed deleted shows from search (Thanks Trumptez09)

Update #6 -- Feb '08

- Block shortcut
- Increased max show descriptions to 1000 characters
- Improved undo (still needs some work)

Update #5 -- Jan '08

- Shows can be edited up to 24 hours after they are published
- Shows can be removed from your profile
- Exhibition shows
- You can now use the tilde key in place of Ctrl.
- Judge Shows tab now displays the number of shows you can judge
- Finer level of rotate and scaling (hold tilde)

Update #4 -- Jan '08

- Drag Select
- Undo (Ctrl-Z) / Redo (Shift-Ctrl-Z)
- Multiple levels of undo.
- Preview Show (Public and Private)
- Reset selected marchers (Backspace)
- Set Pins
- Show Description

Update #3 -- Jan '08

- Owner of show can delete comments
- Time-based standings
- You can now flip the arc direction

Update #2 -- Jan '08

- Search
- Comments
- Uniform colors
- Finer rotation
- Clean Line tool
- Toggle snap-to-yardline
- Recover lost marchers
- Follow the Leader
- Set Pacing (Halts and Slower pace)
- Continuous play
- Line to Arc
- Horns up/down
- Maximum sets increased to 32
- New set navigation
- Removed intro help for designers with > 2 shows
- No auto-save while playing show
- Fixed publish/auto-save bug
- Alert when unable to save show (server unresponsive)

Update #1 -- Dec '07

- Player Registration. Now all of the shows you create will be listed under your own profile
- Community-based Judging. It's up to everyone to decide which shows are the best
- Saving. You can keep one show saved at a time. Auto-Saves every 3 minutes
- More Set Commands. Delete Set / Reset Set
- Magic Shortcuts. Rotation, scaling, nudge, circles

★ Initial Release -- Dec 4th, 2007