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This is a privately run website, developed and run by Joe Lesko in his spare time, and moderated by a small group of volunteer adults (the Captains), many of whom are educators.

Understand that we run a tighter ship than most websites, and have been running it this way since 2007. If you are a member of other communities, please don't assume that what is okay elsewhere is okay here.

While we can't track everything that is posted here, we do our best to keep MML a positive, high-quality site, where everyone can be creative and generally share their passion for the marching arts.

Warnings / Bans

There are an infinite number of ways for a person to be disruptive (even unintentionally), so there is no definitive list of rules. Every situation is a bit different, so we do what we think is right. That might not seem fair, but it's an appropriate level of involvement for a marching band website.

In general, we try to give everyone a fair warning (via profile Wall), but realize that we are decisive about banning accounts if it's clear that someone is no longer a good fit for the community.

Bans are permanent. So if you get a warning, take it seriously if you want to keep using the site. Take a deep breath and relax. Most banned members had a fair shot at turning things around, but instead made things worse by getting angry about it.

For Teen Members

We expect you to act mature and put your best foot forward.

We don't waste time with punishments or ultimatums. If you are a teenager, realize that, unlike your parents and teachers in real life, we don't have to put up with anything we don't want to. There's no safety net here, so play it safe.

Keep the drama on the field, and out of the community. The best way to do that is to stay out of cliques that gossip about other members.

Also, there might be a time when the novelty of MML wears off for you. It just means you're ready to move on or take a break from it. It's okay to move on. MML is not obligated to keep you entertained for your entire life. Just don't be that guy that hangs around talking about how everything sucks now, and it was way better when you first joined.

For Adult Members

While there are many other adults here, most of our members are in high school or college. Please set a good example.

Also, it's important to keep your boundaries. For everyone's protection, it's best to avoid socializing with minors outside of MML, at sites like Facebook. Rule of thumb: You can be friendly, but not Friends.

An incomplete list of things you should NOT do

  • Swearing.
  • Lying or being dishonest.
  • Constant complaining, sarcasm, or being that guy with an "everything sucks" attitude
  • Start sensitive topics like politics, religion, and narration
  • Bash any group or individual -- corps, staff members, bands, classmates, etc.
  • Spread rumors about individuals, even if you think it's true.
  • Provoke other members with extreme opinions (a.k.a. "flamebait")
  • Announce to everyone that you're leaving the site, just to fish for attention, or become a martyr over something silly.
  • Ridiculing, insulting, or excessively criticizing another player, or their shows
  • Be annoying or creepy.
  • Dishonesty

  • Attempting to cheat or take advantage of loopholes (e.g. XP system, voting system, etc)
  • Attempting to log into another player's account or running multiple accounts.
  • Taking credit for someone else's work
  • Show Content

  • Sexually explicit content or innuendo.
  • Swastikas, no exceptions. Even if you think it's done tastefully or as part of a WWII theme.
  • Glorification of drugs or alcohol.
  • In general, if it's not appropriate for a real show, it's probably not appropriate here.
  • Serious

  • Insults or slurs based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc.
  • Intimidation, stalking or harassment of any kind
  • Trading or offering to trade copyrighted files without permission from the copyright holder
  • Using the site with the intent to engage in any illegal activity

  • Banned Accounts

  • All data related to banned accounts may be deleted at the discretion of Micro Marching League.
  • Banned members may not participate in any event related to Micro Marching League, online or offline.

  • Content and Privacy

  • By adding content to this site, you grant Flea Circus Games a perpetual, unlimited license to distribute or modify the content.
  • Flea Circus Games reserves complete control over the level of accessibility of content on the site, and how it is presented.
  • Flea Circus Games is not liable for any content that is posted to the site by its users.
  • Users under the age of 14 are not allowed to participate in any discussion/chat/commenting system on the site, or at any related site.
  • Programmatically fetching data from the site (i.e. "scraping") is prohibited, with the exception of public search engines.
  • Flea Circus Games may collect data for purposes of metrics and quality assurance, including but not limited to, visitor IP address information.
  • We collect age information, which is kept completely private, and is used for statistics and moderation purposes.

  • Limited Warranty

    You agree that the owner is not responsible for any harm that occurs as a result of your participation on this site.

    We do not warrant that your ability to use the site will be uninterrupted or error-free.

    The courts of the State of California, USA, shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any action or suit brought
    against Flea Circus Games.

    The Terms of Service are a work in progress. They can change without notice.