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Expand Your Shows

Upgrade to 108 Marchers and 42 Sets.

Add More Instruments

Get trombones, saxophones, clarinets,
flutes, cymbals, and up to 6 bass drums.

Recruit Members

Decide how many marchers to put in each section.
Create full indoor shows for guard and drumline.

Realistic Guard Work

Switch to rifles & sabres any time in the show.
Over a dozen poses & spins, and 4 kinds of tosses.

Add More Color to your Guard

Change flags from set-to-set for each member.
Choose from 5 multi-color flag styles.

Make a Bigger Impact

Add up to 12 stand-up props in each show.
Choose from 30+ styles with custom colors.

Pick the Perfect Color Scheme

Use a palette of over 200 colors to customize your
musician uniform, guard uniform, flags, and drums.

Design Your Own Uniforms

Change the color of over a dozen uniform parts.
Choose from 5 hat styles and 3 jacket styles.

Freedom to Experiment

Store an unlimited number of shows in your "Freezer" to work on them later.

Extra Animations

More animations for musicians, including:
backfield turn, horn kneel, arms down,
high sticking & basses facing front.

Animation RipplesNEW!

Add ripples to marcher poses, guard animations, and tosses. Multiple ripples per set, up to 3 sets per show.

Floor ColorsNEW!

Customize the color of your indoor floor coverings to fit virtually any theme or mood. Over 200 colors to choose from.

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Customer Reviews

Kever Lewis:  It not only adds to the creativity, but it's actually fun... It feels like you're creating an actual show on the field.
bluesky94:  I love that I can design uniforms and create a show with my own color panel! It is worth it to be able to express yourself.
Jesse Stevens:  It's something about the different colors you can choose from that makes your creative juices start to flow... It is definitely worth every cent.

Common Questions

Q: How do I activate my subscription after I place my order?
You will receive your Subscription Key at the email address you entered on the order page, usually within a few minutes.

Your subscription will not begin until you enter the key into your Edit Profile page.
Q: Can someone else order it for me as a gift?
Yes. When they receive the Subscription Key (see above), they can send it to you. Your MML account info is not needed to place the order.
Q: Will my credit card be secure?
Yes. All payments are handled by BMT Micro, a payment processor that has been in the industry for over 15 years. Their payment system uses 256-bit SSL encryption, the same security used by banks.

Note: Despite having "Micro" in the name, BMT Micro and are two different companies. No one at will ever have access to your credit card information.
Q: Can I use my parent's credit card?
If a parent agrees to use their credit card, they must enter the order, not you.

If you use someone else's credit card without permission, or if a charge reversal is issued through the credit card company, your profile will be permanently deleted.
Q: How do I cancel my upgrade?
You may cancel for a full refund within 60 days of your order, by contacting us directly. When the refund is initiated, your upgrade will be removed.

Please do not issue a charge reversal directly through the credit card company.
Q: Is it available outside the U.S.?
Yes. You can order from anywhere in the world, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Subscription Questions

Q: Can I order another subscription before my current one ends?
Yes. The new subscription will be added to your current one.

For example, if you have 1 month left with your current subscription, and you order a new yearly subscription, you will have a new total of 13 months.
Q: What if I will be gone the entire summer for drum corps?
Contact me when you get back from tour, and I will extend your subscription accordingly. Please tell me your corps and section. I'll add an extra month if you send a photo of you on tour, showing some MML love!

Show Questions

Q: Which browsers are supported?
All modern browsers are supported, for Mac or PC.

For best performance, we recommend Google Chrome.
Q: Will non-subscribers be able to watch my shows?
Yes. Premium shows will be published and judged like any other show.
Q: Will I get to keep my Premium shows after my subscription expires?
Yes. All of your shows will remain on your profile indefinitely.
Q: What if I'm still working on a show when my subscription expires?
You will still be able to finish and publish your active Work in Progress.
Q: What happens to my "frozen" shows when my subscription expires?
They will remain under your Frozen Shows tab until you are able to re-subscribe.
Q: Can I use the "continue" feature to continue a Premium show?
You need an active subscription to continue a Premium show. When you re-subscribe, you can continue any of your past shows.
Q: Will I get higher scores with a Premium show?
It depends. Extra features are no substitute for good design, and most judges will vote accordingly. However, with more features, you have more options to "wow" the community.

Premium shows will not be treated any differently by the scoring system itself.
Q: If new features are added after I upgrade, will I have access to them?
Yes, but there is absolutely no guarantee that any given feature will be added in the future, so please only subscribe with the current features in mind.

Questions About MML

Q: How long has MML been around?
Micro Marching League was launched on December 4th, 2007.
Since then, there have been 60 updates to the site.

Here is the entire history of updates.
Q: Who runs the website?
MML was created by Joe Lesko, a game developer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Joe has designed over a dozen computer games, played by over 100,000 players world-wide, and has worked as a professional web programmer in Silicon Valley for over 10 years.

He is also an avid drum corps fan, and played snare in the Pioneer Drum & Bugle Corps in the early 90's.

The community is moderated by a volunteer group of adults who have varying backgrounds in education and music.

Still Have Questions?

Contact me and I will answer your question as soon as I can.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

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