Create Your Own Marching Shows

Profile Achievements

Experience Points

Experience Points (XP) indicate your overall participation on MML.

Gaining XP allows you to  unlock community features  and  advance in overall rank.

How do I get XP?

Judge Shows (2 XP)

Each time you cast a vote, you gain XP.

Design Shows!

RoboJudge will award XP based on how much work you put into each show.

Likes (1 XP)

• Each Like that you receive on a show. One per player per show.
• You only receive an XP for giving a Like if it is accompanied by a good comment.

Critique (1 XP)

For every detailed reply you give in the Critique forum.

Profile Ranks

Hall of Fame30000

Access to Features

Rookie (100 XP)

  • Post in forums
  • Add extra photos to profile
  • Veteran (1000 XP)

  • You're not a Rookie anymore!
  • Give Awards
  • Lead (3000 XP)

  • No posting limits in forum
  • Start competitions in the forum
  • Can leave feedback in the Critique forum
  • Your vote counts double
  • Pro (5000 XP)

  • Your vote counts triple
  • Cut ahead in the judging queue by about 10 spots
  • Star (10,000 XP)

  • Unlock all Awards
  • Cut ahead in the judging queue by about 25 spots
  • Legend (20,000 XP)

  • Cut ahead in the judging queue by about 50 spots
  • Hall of Fame (30,000 XP)

  • You're amazing!
  • Cut ahead in the judging queue by about 100 spots

  • Visit the Hall of Fame »


    You gain patches for reaching various milestones:

  • Completing your profile
  • Judging shows
  • Giving show comments
  • Attaining higher ranks (Star and beyond)
  • Getting a higher Design Rating (50+)
  • Breaking a new personal high score (7+)
  • Giving detailed feedback in the Critique forum
  • Regularly attending live Drillcasts
  • Providing a detailed bug report that gets fixed
  • Special occasions (e.g. MML Anniversary)