Create Your Own Marching Shows

MML Mentors

A mentor is an advanced player who is willing to give personal feedback on your shows.

Things you need before seeking help:

  • Familiarity with all of the basic shortcuts
    - At least 1000 XP - At least 5 shows published
  • Watched all of the Tutorial Videos (top section)
  • Complete profile: logo, location, instrument, and About section
  • Willingness to take (and use) constructive feedback

    This is to make sure the mentor can focus on offering design-related feedback, and not just the basics that everyone can learn on their own.

    When working with a Mentor:

  • Write in clear English, with proper spelling and grammar.
  • Understand that can only help as their schedule allows.
  • Thank them!

    To get started:

    1. Choose a mentor below, based on their show style.
    2. Leave a message on their profile Wall, asking politely for their feedback.
    3. Tell them where you feel you are stuck, and which show is your best so far.

    Only contact one Mentor at a time.
    You can contact someone else only if you don't receive a reply within 24 hours.


    Johan D


    Justin Altrogge



    Craig Juergens

    Willie Careri

    fisher aza 5


    Jason Kaz



    J Doerr

    Justin Ekstrom

    Connor Parrish

    Want to help?

    You need 10,000 XP (Star) to become a Mentor, but until then, you can help out in the Design Help forum!