Create Your Own Marching Shows

How to Leave Good Comments

1. The Golden Rule
First, think about the kind of comments you like to receive for your own shows.

2. No Criticism
If you want to offer constructive feedback, please only do so in the Critique forum. This way, you are giving criticism to people who have explicitly asked for it.

3. Be Specific
Everyone loves getting longer, more specific compliments. It also shows that your appreciation is genuine.

4. Encourage the Newcomers
There will always be new members on the site, making the same mistakes that we did when we first started. Please welcome them to the site and be generally encouraging.

5. Let "Bad" Shows Go
Sometimes a player just wants to blow off some steam and throw together a random show. Or maybe it's their first show and are still trying out the features. Don't assume that they are doing it to waste your time -- just give it an appropriate score and move on.

6. You Suck!
If you leave a sarcastic comment or insult for a friend, it will probably be misinterpreted by everyone else. Those might be okay on other sites or in real life, but they are not appropriate here.

Q: Why can't I leave criticism in the comments?

  • Based on past experience, it's too easy for misunderstandings and arguments to happen.
  • Some designers might not actually want your criticism. Unbelievable, but true!
  • Simply pointing out common mistakes (e.g. collisions) isn't as useful as providing specific tips on how to fix them.
  • It's annoying when people criticize others just to show off. Don't be that guy.

  • Thanks for cooperating!