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About Micro Marching League


Micro Marching League (MML)  lets marching fans design their own shows and share them online.

It's a great place to try new ideas, collaborate, and generally share your passion for the marching arts.

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Players:10,000+   (ages 10 to 60)
Site Launched:Dec 4th, 2007
Out of Beta:Mar 14th, 2009
Site Updates:60

In the Media

Halftime Magazine   July 2009   
"[Micro Marching League] allows anyone to take on the role of drill designer without buying expensive software."


MML is designed and programmed by Joe Lesko, a game developer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Joe has designed over a dozen computer games, played by over 100,000 players world-wide, and has worked as a professional web programmer for over 10 years.

He is also an avid drum corps fan, and played snare in the Pioneer Drum & Bugle Corps from Milwaukee, WI from '92 to '94.

In his spare time, Joe enjoys romantic walks on the beach and wearing his giant hamburger costume.